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  1. smAsh

    Android Can a (unresponsive) touch screen prob be really rectified ...

    @virat0202 Goto the mobile repair shop and ask them to change the digitizer. Repair shop will charge you 150/- to 250/- Do not attempt to change it by yourself. Do not even try to remove any plastic film from it. Digitizer is a very delicate part and it breaks in an instant. PS:- Visit...
  2. smAsh

    FS: Others Garage sale : Razer mouse + GPU + Router + Switch

    The router received in excellent condition. It is working great. Thanks.
  3. smAsh

    FS: Desktops Intel i5-2500K processor for sale - Price Dropped

    Interested in mobo. Please PM me best price including shipping to Lucknow! Thanks
  4. smAsh

    FS: Others Garage sale : Razer mouse + GPU + Router + Switch

    Hi. Interested in N14U. What will be the shipping to Lucknow, UP?
  5. smAsh

    FS: Mobile Realme 3 Pro (Sealed)

    My relative is interested in buying grey one. Check pm.
  6. smAsh

    Budget 5-10K Sub 10-k Camera phone

    I am in the same boat. Budget 10K max. Don't want to spend more than that. Honor 9N and Asus M1 Pro are the only 4/64 combos available under 10K but these seems like ancient now ! What I want is good front and rear cam, 4/64, Good display, Good Battery and terardrop notch. The only mobile fits...
  7. smAsh

    Budget 5-10K Sub 10-k Camera phone

    So! Which phone you bought?
  8. smAsh

    WTB:- AMOLED Phone

  9. smAsh

    Amazon India lightning deals

    Audio Technica M50x @5999/- + 10% additional HDFC discount. Audio Technica ATH-M50x Headphone Not on Amazon though.
  10. smAsh

    WTB:- AMOLED Phone

    Bumpty Bump!
  11. smAsh

    WTB:- AMOLED Phone

    Hi all, I want to buy an AMOLED display phone. It should be in great condition, minimum 3 Gig RAM, 5.5" or above fhd screen and good battery backup. Max budget 12K. Galaxy, Note or Edge is what I am looking for. ~Ashish
  12. smAsh

    is Airtel cheating with their Rs 99/- Plan?

    Get MyAirtel app from playstore. Today I recharged with app, I got 84 days validity for 399/- recharge, while It was showing 70 days validity on airtel website and amazon pay. I also got 8 coupons of 50 rs (valid till 2020) and rupees 51 Amazon gift card.
  13. smAsh - Feedback Thread

    This one looks cool but it is costly . PC Cooling Fan RGB Quiet
  14. smAsh

    Budget 51-70k Where to buy used Macbook Pro 2015

    Somebody is selling MB Pro and MB Air 2013 model on Erodov for 61K and 47K respectively .
  15. smAsh - Feedback Thread

    So I have sent him three messages for tracking number but no reply. I suspect foul play. Should I "Open a dispute" now? Update:- Finally he gave me reply when I told him that I am going to open a dispute. He gave me tracking number with today's shipping date.
  16. smAsh - Feedback Thread

    The seller is saying he has reshipped the order but I can't see any tracking number or shipping details. It is just 2 hours since he replied so I will wait for one or two days then ask him about the tracing number. A little bit off topic but was a good source of many Chinese/DYI...
  17. smAsh - Feedback Thread

    So after 12 days of waiting, seller cancelled my order without any reason. Earlier it was showing as shipped by seller. Now what should I do???
  18. smAsh - Feedback Thread

    Sent him a PM. Still waiting for his reply. Let's see what happens...
  19. smAsh - Feedback Thread

    Guys, I need some info. I placed my order with AliExpress Standard Shipping method but tracking info showing that my order is shipped with China Post Registered Air Mail. What should I do?? Should I contact the seller about this or wait for the package ? How mush time will it take to reach the...
  20. smAsh - Feedback Thread

    ^ Thanks man!