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  1. harshalzz

    Storage Solutions External hard drive suggestions ?

    yes even i am also prefering this sites they provide good price and services... nowdays the prices of EXTERNAL DRIVES are bit low as compare to previous... May i know how is WD ultra according to you.?
  2. harshalzz

    Budget 5-10K Nokia 525 Alternative

    you can also try xolo q1100 if u prefer xolo brand but its beyond your budget...its competative to moto g..
  3. harshalzz

    Budget 5-10K Nokia 525 Alternative

    you can have a look on nokia 625 if ur need is gaming... its screen is quite good big 4.7inch but highly reflective.. windows are for xbox gaming and most of all are paid one... camera quality is also good..
  4. harshalzz

    Storage Solutions External hard drive suggestions ?

    is the both drive have any heating issue..?? the feature i need is their in WD passport and the difference of bugs is not much in both.. what about the performance can tell me speed of transfer 2.0 usb & 3.0 usb..? my need is portable size,great performance,good servicing from seller (if needed)
  5. harshalzz

    Storage Solutions External hard drive suggestions ?

    Hello friends i want some suggestions and advice for buying external hard drive... i have short listed some drives- 1.seagate expansion 1tb 2.western digital elements 1tb 3.western degital passport 1tb canvio 1tb my most preference is to western digital.. BUDGET-4K AROUND my queries...
  6. harshalzz

    eBay India - Coupons & Deals

    hmmm thankyou as the seller feedback is 99.9% so lets see how the works....!!
  7. harshalzz

    eBay India - Coupons & Deals

    Hmm I used that 100 rupee coupon it's Upto 24march and not allows cash on delivery...!:( May I know about handling shipping, secure payment,after sale service is it safe because it was my first time with ebay..!;)
  8. harshalzz

    Bsnl broandband & fiber

    Fiber...! :p
  9. harshalzz

    FS: Mobile Brand New unused 2 cases for LG G2

    Yo are not supposed to publish your cell no. On thread please use personal message for all this.. Sorry to interrupt your thread Free bump.....!
  10. harshalzz

    HMT discount sale in HMT Showrooms

    Any show rooms in Mumbai..?
  11. harshalzz

    FS: Keyboard and Mice wireless Mouse SOLD

    <this post was lost due to a crash in which we lost 3 days of posts>
  12. harshalzz

    BSNL EVDO - have some queries about speed and charges

    And wat is the new concept" EVDO" can anyone explain plz.. Is it an normal 750 unlimitedplan or else..
  13. harshalzz

    BSNL EVDO - have some queries about speed and charges

    Hey guys do you have any idea of BSNL broadband 3g plan,prices.. am from thane district Mumbai....!:rolleyes:
  14. harshalzz


    12 times service.....!!:eek::eek:.
  15. harshalzz

    Android Never buying a SONY phone again !

    Sony phone are too bad those xperia u,p,sola line up are having most of issues.. My experience with xperia u.. Xperia u issue :calling problems :lagging :wifi issue :slow response etc I am using xperia u last from 9month First 2-3 month phone was on GB it was fine after using much it starts...
  16. harshalzz

    The Fitness Thread !

    I agree with you instead of using those poisons its better to go natural even I have put down 2-3kilo with in month with normal gym exercise and cardio but not controlled much on diet. From now will give good attention on diet.. Nice to see your results good keep gooing. Ya protein diet help to...
  17. harshalzz

    WTB Want to buy Headphone, LED Monitor, car stero with speakers & media player

    Go for sansa clip zip..! Best in range good audio out put..! Ipod are craps..! ;)
  18. harshalzz

    Aadhaar card

    Hello mate it take 6month or more in some cases I have heard It may go more then a year.. U dont have that receipt...? till your adhar come to you have to use that receipt when needed..! Some time post man puts the adhar card in post box of building instead of delivering it to home... Lazy...