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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    yamaha RH-5Ma $55 ImageShack(TM) slideshow
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    R4i - Nintedo DSi Query

    CycloDS Evolution is very good. if u want a cheaper one get -- supercard DS one or acekard 2i OR wait for supercard DS two..which will be the BEST ever flash card !!
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    DS Lite <3

    No didnt got the screen guards...I think its not required...maybe for PSP. Took me a long time to choose between PSP and DS.DS was a better choice for me.
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    DS Lite <3

    My new Nintendo DS lite Silver :P Slideshow at --> ImageShack(TM) slideshow Damage :- Nintendo DS lite silver --- $129:hap2: Logitech DS case --- $7 :cool2: React - Guitar Hero: On Tour Protective Case --- $2.99 Bestbuy :P Supercard DSone ( To do homebrew stuff ) --- $30 from...
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    Graphic Cards Can I play fifa 09

    try out PES too
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    PS2 , 360 related problem...

    lol.. plz dont play 360 on that TV
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    Audio Nuforce or Soundmagic

    Soundmagic has amazing built quality. I have a PL-12 .....I extremely abuse it like a 100bucks iball headphone :P , still it works perfectly.(using it since 5 months)
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    Laptops New sony laptop running very slow !!

    my dads 80k Sony had the same problem...installation takes 2 hrs...Even SP3 took 8 I checked using everest software...the processor was underclocking itself
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    God of War III - Discussion thread

    Re: The God of War III thread! This game is too BLooDy for me.... Just completed watching the whole walk-through on youtube!... The game is amazing :hap2:
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    Chaos got married?!!

    congrats !.... What kind of speakers u planned for receptions ?? :P
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    OMG ! It's a gurl amidst the geeks ! Hello.....

    Hiya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!! :D
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    Filmfare 2010 Nominations

    The highest bidder wins the award :P
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    How's the name 'Laksh' ?

    lol...why ask here ??... go to a astrologist !
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    PC Peripherals Suggest a gaming mouse under 1.5k for gaming cafe

    intelli mouse -- it will last long MX518 -- to attract customers :P
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    Apple launches 'iPad'

    its a netbook made by apple.....for $500 its perfect !
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    BioShock 2 India Price revealed...

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    share ur fav. internet radio station

    :P Live365 Player Window - "Hindi Goody Bag" Coming Up
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    Veer Movie Review

    This Movie is going to be EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . FAIL !!!!!!
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    13Rs Mineral water @ 30.00 Rupees at Inorbit Mall Vashi

    This is called looting. Over here at Chicago Water is free at IMAX,AMC theatre etc. the best way to tackle is either complain or avoid it,remain thirsty ...LOL.... I use to go out of theatre have good samosas,pepsi from local vendors outside the mall and get back in :P