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  1. boogeyman

    Android Install different versions of same app together, possible ?

    I have a parallel question to this. Say I have a Dual-SIM phone with both numbers active. Can I have Whatsapp on both numbers? Or would I need to install 2 different Whatsapp versions/flavours?
  2. boogeyman

    Internet could reach its limit in just eight years, say scientists

    Looks like the inquisitr is really inspired by FOX News/India TV
  3. boogeyman

    Budget 0-5K Please Suggest Handy phone with dual sim and whatsapp

    You can try using some cards (SBI, i think has an offer on going) which brings the cost down. I had bought it for 4.5K in exchange offer. I gave my nokia 5800 XM in return. Or else you can also try entry level Samsung Galaxies. Another family member using Star. Working decently since past 2...
  4. boogeyman

    What is this song in the Renault Lodgy advertisement?

    From the Youtube comments section of this video:
  5. boogeyman

    Budget 0-5K Please Suggest Handy phone with dual sim and whatsapp

    Moto E. Got one for a family member (1st gen). Working flawlessly.
  6. boogeyman

    Kenstar KSM55.WN1 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split Air Conditioner

    I'm also interested in this. Wikipedia says that Kenstar is a subsidiary of Videocon. If that's the case then I fail to understand why Videocon AC's of similar specs are priced so much higher?
  7. boogeyman

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Source and damages?
  8. boogeyman

    How to download 1080p vids from youtube?
  9. boogeyman

    Graphic Cards How is Sapphire R7 240 with 1GB DDR5?

    Okay. Are there any power and temperature comparisons between R7 240 with GDDR5 and R7 250 with GDDR5. I searched, but couldn't find any.
  10. boogeyman

    Graphic Cards How is Sapphire R7 240 with 1GB DDR5?

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I would think it is less powerful due to the low power consumption. But, what I'm asking is does it satisfy my requirements mentioned in the bullet-points? I'm not necessarily looking for an "upgrade", just a replacement for the 5670. When I bought the 5670 almost 4...
  11. boogeyman

    Graphic Cards How is Sapphire R7 240 with 1GB DDR5?

    Hi Guys, My Sapphire 5670 1GB GDDR5 is finally giving up. So many times I end up losing my display while the machine is on and I have to turn it off, remove the card from its slot, re-insert it and then start it again. It's served me quite well for 3.5 years and I think it should be reason to...
  12. boogeyman

    Leak reveals Nexus 6 specs, QHD display & Snapdragon 805 in tow

    I hope its not an "exclusive launch" on Flipkart like Motorola's other recent phones. Also, waiting to see how the camera is on this one.
  13. boogeyman

    Good ISP for Mumbai surburbs - dont want to pay more than 1200/month.

    Try below options in the order mentioned: 1. Local cable operator. Also check if can get you a DC++ hub 2. Reliance Broadband (1800 300 7777) 3. You Broadband 98927 78787 4. Tikona 1-800-20-94276
  14. boogeyman

    Storage Solutions SSD : budget 5-6k

    It was awesome. Received it the next day. No shipping charges. It could be due to the fact that I'm in Mumbai and so is Prime. The Samsung box itself has foam surrounding the drive so no real need for additional packing but there was still a good thick layer of bubble wrap in prime's packing...
  15. boogeyman

    Budget 20-25K Dual Sim with 2GB RAM and 5.5" Display

    I think there was a I9502 version of Samsung Galaxy S4. Maybe you can source it from US/Europe.
  16. boogeyman

    Storage Solutions SSD : budget 5-6k

    Bought this:
  17. boogeyman

    Hai fellow tech enclavians

    "Hai" Rukmini, Welcome to the forums. May I ask what all happened after the marriage? :p
  18. boogeyman

    Storage Solutions SSD : budget 5-6k

    Any idea about the Sandisk Ultra Plus series?
  19. boogeyman

    Which Brands to Consider For Split AC

    Any particular reason why no LG, Samsung?