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    DS Lite <3

    My new Nintendo DS lite Silver :P Slideshow at --> ImageShack(TM) slideshow Damage :- Nintendo DS lite silver --- $129:hap2: Logitech DS case --- $7 :cool2: React - Guitar Hero: On Tour Protective Case --- $2.99 Bestbuy :P Supercard DSone ( To do homebrew stuff ) --- $30 from...
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    Laptops netbook owners.

    Hi, planning to buy a netbook.Not decided which one. I am more concerned about the EYE STRAIN. especially for outdoors. My usage will be around 4-6 hrs daily. Netbook owners need ur view on this one. should i consider a laptop with 15-16inch display ? price is not a concern. thzz
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    Ps3 160gb 18.5k HURRY !!!!

    Hi, Selling SONY PLAYSTATION 3 160GB version on behalf of my friend. Bought it from DUBAI , no bill. condition :- 4-5 months old. Sorry ,only Local pickup from Mumbai. Interested member can PM me. If any one is interested to checkout the console personally before buying ,would be very...
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    Audio Edirol or Behringer 2.0

    Hi, I need speakers for my laptop(will buy later).Going to US after 2-3 weeks.Initially I was going for the high end speakers from Logitech,creative etc.But bumped across these speakers. I dont like Bass.Looking for clarity.A little Bass would be good though. I dont understand the spec etc...
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    Laptops AMD Netbook !!

    Finally , AMD will be introducing its low cost netbooks(not actually). Gateway Launches Athlon-powered Netbook - Tom's Hardware Here are the spec, ------------------------ *AMDAthlon 64 L110 single-core CPU (1.2 GHz, 800 MHz FSB, 512 KB L2 Cache) *ATI Radeon X1270 graphics coupled with...
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    OC & Modding DeskMOD !!!!

    hi , checkout this Desk mod. source and specification Liquid-Cooled Computer Mod ? Quad Core 1-kw Desktop Case Computer Mod - Popular Mechanics
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    FS:Component cable PS2/PS3/WII/xbox

    hi, Selling these All in 1 component cable for PS2/PS3/WII/Xbox360. Working gr8 with my PS2. Cant confirm with the rest of the console , since i dont have to test it on them. Rs- 600 Mumbai member only.
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    Laptops Laptop truth !!

    hi, check out this article about laptops. You have all heard of National Brand laptop's on the market today; such as Alienware/Dell, HP, Toshiba, Compaq and Sony. It may be surprising but none of these companies actually manufacture their own laptop's. These National Brand companies purchase...
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    which SUPERHERO are you ?

    Hi , check out which SUPERHERO are you. Which Superhero are you? Quiz My result: --------------------- You are Green Lantern Green Lantern 85% Hulk 75% Wonder Woman 70% Superman 65% Batman 65% Spider-Man 60% Supergirl 60% The Flash 60% Iron Man 60% Robin 57% Catwoman 40%...
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    WTB:cheap PS2 games

    Hi, Need PS2 games at cheap price. PM me the list of games u have. Mumbai member plz. thzz
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    WTB : Speakers < 1.5k

    Hi, Looking for a good 2.0/2.1speakers under 1.5k ready to increase the price depending on the model. new/used/in-warranty/no-warranty problemo;). No specific Brand, even an intex might will be fine .:P Mumbai members only. thz :)
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    FS : xfx 8600gt256mb XXXRs2500

    Hi, [ MUMBAI MEMBERS ONLY] Selling the xfx 8600GT 256mb GDDR3 XXX edition . it has 1yr and 10 month remaining . Bought it on OCT2007. The good news is that , I had a 8600GT normal edition ,which went kaput recently , Hence I got this NEW XFX card in the month of november from RASHI .Its...
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    FS:1GB(promos) Transcend 667

    Hi, selling this transend 1GB 667 RAM has a promos chip .got it at around rs2000 .....selling at Rs 500. very stable , never OC.need to sell it fast. Mumbai members preferrred. with Bill[from Nagpur].bought it at sept2007.will provide 3 days DOA if required. [ the sticker contain...
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    Storage Solutions what it is called??

    Hi , Tomorrow going to LAMMI , i really need this stuff urgent....... just wanna know what it is called ???:ashamed: i dont think its called HDD casing.In nagpur ,its called OPEN casing :P :P . whats its called in LAMMI ?? Where to get in LAMMI ?? eBay India: USB 2.0 to IDE Hard Drive CABLE...
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    FS:few games n STUFF

    Hi, selling this games and other stuff. Sorry , ONLY LOCAL PICKUPS here in MUMBAI ================================= Tribes vengeance --- Rs250 Railroad Tycoon 3 --- Rs 150 Rise of Nation Gold edition ---Rs 250 [ Rise of nation, thrones and patriot ] King Kong --- Rs 150 Tony Hawk Underground 2...
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    FS : m-audio revo 7.1 soundcard

    Hi , Currently using this soundcard. Got it for Rs1500 from a member.Sorry cannot sell this awesome card for rs1500:P . Hence will be interested in a TRADE .Trade would be for any Peripheral you have (nothing in my mind now reason :: this is an audiophile card and i am no...
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    FS:combo + HDD

    hii, looking for a quick sale.Local pickup preferred.[Andheri(w) area ] 1. logitech mouse + logitech NAVIGATOR keyboard +80mm LED FAN(blue) Rs 500/- SOLD 2. Samsung 40GB HDD SP0411N + local HDD cooler +80 LED BLUE mm fan Rs500/- SOLD Since all are out of warranty ,will...
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    GRE counsellor in mumbai!!

    Hi, I am planning to do my masters in US. can anyone tell me any Good counsellor here in mumbai ?
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    WTB:soundcard rs.1800 +

    Hiii, i need a sound card for my system. around Rs 1800 - Rs 2200 MUMBAI sellers only.....Local pickup would be better for me. Conditions :: SHOULD BE WORKING :P .......nothing bill prob !:) ****************** HAVE A NICE DAY ******************
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    batman xbox360

    check out ....looks cool ..... The Dark Knight XBOX 360 |