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    CCTV Network with multiple HDMI displays needed

    Hello All, I require your guidance in helping me set a network of CCTV with displays in various areas. Background: Thieves made good of valuables in our locked neighbor’s house ending with making away with his Santro too. The houses beside his, has watchmen who had drunk and slept off failing...
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    PCI/PCIe Wifi Card needed

    I want to get the WiFi PCI/PCIe card for multiple computers. They should connect the WiFi network of D-Link 2750U Have seen models of ASUS and D-Link. Earlier had Linksys, which is good except they required tweaks and drivers on Win 7 64bit.
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    Budget 0-20k 24 x 7 Home use & DLD Rig - 12.5k min

    What is your budget? 12.5k. Prepared to shell another 2.5 if warranted. What is your existing hardware configuration? This is gonna be a new one. My earlier one was used in my home and used by Parents & Granma 24 x 7 CPU - AMD X2 5600. Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H GPU - Onboard RAM -...
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    Budget 21-30k Office PC - Server and 24 x 7 use

    What is your budget? 30k What is your existing hardware configuration? This is gonna be a new one. My earlier one was intel Sandybridge i5 based. Which hardware will you be keeping? This PC is apart from the one I have been using. Have a spare WD 500GB Blue which I am using here. BenQ G2220...
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    Ultra teaser of the New World

    Hi TE Happy that the world is still revolving and life goes on:) This is my teaser. Guess what product is this? Easy, though a sloppy clue. :) Will post the entire show off by today evening. Just held up that's all. Just noticed: Hip Hip Hurrah. My 500th Post on TE and its a Show Off...
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    ASUS/ Lenovo Laptops & others from Taiwan

    Hi, Another surprise. My Uncle is visiting Taiwan in Oct. Wanting to buy ASUS or Lenovo laptops. ASUS is home to Taiwan rite? Will they be cheaper to buy from there rather than USA. Even so If they are cheaper than Indian Prices its fine. Where to buy them from? Any other things that...
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    ? Goodies can be bought from Indonesia ?

    Hi, My Uncle is going on a business trip to Indonesia, Jakarta. Let me what items can be bought for cheap there. Am interested in electronics, computer items etc., Thanks in advance
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    Storage Solutions SSD Suggestion for Old Inspiron 1525

    Guys Another helping hand needed. My father has this laptop and thinking of upgrading the SSD on it. Dell Inspiron 1525 2009 model CPU - C2D T6400 Ram - 4GB DDR2SDRAM Current HDD - 160GB SATA Running Vista. Going to get the Win 7 64bit Upgrade option. Thought of upgrading the HDD to...
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    Suggest some Sufi and Kishore songs

    Guys, Want help. Suggest some good Sufi songs and songs by Kishore. Songs - Album. Planning to purchase from flipkart or cd if available. Thanks
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    Good 3G Dongle & 3G plan in Pondicherry

    Guys, I need your help on this. This is my first time using 3G. Requirements: 1) Best 3G Plan for use in Pondicherry and Tamilnadu. Usage - heavy browsing and mail, some minor downloads. 2) Good dongle for longer usage. Prefer to buy them in Chennai or online. Budget ~ 1k . 1k More if...
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    Airtel Smartbytes is always popping up - HELP

    This tactics of Airtel is ridiculous. Whenever i end up opening couple of tabs after sometime i get this stupid banner from Airtel Smartbytes. The trouble is even after I select obvious option, after cple of minutes it pops up again. This is irritating. Also I get logged out of TE or similar...
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    QWERTY - Bar Phone - 20k max & 10k max - Father

    Guys, Want to gift my father a good QWERTY phone @ 20k. Considering the E6 at present, but confused with Nokia Asha 302 priced so low, yet specs are high. Never mind the touch part. Want to buy another QWERTY for me @ 10k. Or should I go for BB. Got many doubts on BB. Questions:- 1. Q...
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    WiFi Router for Printer & PC Sharing

    I have 3 Computers with WMP54G adapter and 2 laptops I also have a HP 1020 Laserjet. Also I have a Beetel 220BX modem from Airtel. Req: A router for interlinking all of them providing, 1) Internet through the Beetel modem. 2) Need WPA2 security system 3) File sharing among them 4) Ability to...
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    Domain Queries

    I am planning to get a .in domain for a site. 1) What should I look out when purchasing a domain? 2) .in domains don't support Whoisguard right. So what are the steps should I take in order to protect the sensitive information. 3) I am planning to pay through eBanking, any dealers I have...
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    PC II - Off - Special Criteria - Budget & Req inside -

    PC II - Off - Special Criteria - Budget & Req inside - TEMPLATE: 1. Q: What is your budget? 25K. Though welcome to stretch it wee a bit more if absolutely neccessary. 2. Q: What is your existing hardware configuration New purchase and irrelevant. 3. Q: Which hardware...
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    PC I -Home-Games & HD Content - Budget & Req inside -

    PC I -Home-Games & HD Content - Budget & Req inside - TEMPLATE: 1. Q: What is your budget? 25K. Though welcome to stretch it wee a bit more if absolutely neccessary. 2. Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) A very old...
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    Device: Media Player + Record from DTH / Cable

    Guys, This is for my mom and dad. So simple and easy to use solutions preferred. I dont mind tinkering it but since they use it they should feel comfortable in the event of any problems. Existing Components: 1) Samsung 32" LCD 2) Sun Direct DTH and in future maybe back to Cable TV, thanks to...
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    Uninterrupted Power Backup for Home for Max 6 hours

    Guys, I really need your help. Throw in some cautions and advises over here please. Am totally confused with Inverter/ Home UPS/ Online UPS etc., My Parents are in need of a backup solution for the frequent powercuts back home. Power Requirements: Basic Computer config: Proc: AMD X2 5000+...
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    D Payne in Newspaper "THE HINDU" on 08 Feb 2011

    TE Folk, Our Own D Payne in today's edition of supplementary of The Hindu. The Hindu : Arts / Art : Framed by passion
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    Video Medicos Help - Good Blood Pressure Monitor

    Guys would like to buy my dad the blood pressure monitor for his birthday. Requirements: Easy to Use. Digital model, as it is easy to get the info we need. A easy to carry one. Battery based, like AA or AAA, which is easier to get rather than the Bios Battery types. A reputed Manufacturer...