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  1. arnuld

    Budget 31-40k Laptop vs Desktop for writing code 10 hours day

    I have been using desktop computers since the beginning, when laptops where "thing of the riches" and even today when every college students carries a laptop than having a desktop. I understand it got lot of mobility. I am thinking of whether to build a new desktop or buy a laptop. There are few...
  2. arnuld

    Frequent Restarts (even with brand new APC UPS)

    I have 6 years old computer with following config: AMD Athlon II X3 440 Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H MOBO Antec 430 Watts PSU (titled Earthwatts) non-PFC Kingston 2x 2GB Dual-Channel DDR3 RAMs 1 TB Samsung HDD intex 19" LCD monitor I have used it a lot, almost 10-20 hours a day in last 6 years...
  3. arnuld

    UPS, GPU and PSU confusion

    I am building a rig and I already have a 3 months old APC Back-UPS (stepped-sine wave). I want to build the rig with Rayzen 3 and with a graphics card. I read here about UPS and PSU problems: OP on that thread...
  4. arnuld

    CPU/Mobo computer will turn ON half the time

    Hi There, I have this weird problem with my friend's computer. It wont turn on half the time while other half the times it does. Not turning on means it will turn on, motherboard LED will get power and system fan will turn on but no graphics/BIOS on monitor will show up and then it will keep on...
  5. arnuld

    Android Phone without internet

    If I buy an Android phone is it possible to not let its apss access internet ? Does android always accesses internet even with default apps ? I am not an app lover but I want to use an android phone and I do not do anything related to internet on phones. BTW, I like XOLO A500
  6. arnuld

    Which Camera to buy ?

    I know this question has been asked a lot of times and I have searched this forum and all I led to was people asking for advice on the basis of budget alone. I did not see much posts (may be I saw one) about someone explaining his requirements for buying camera along with budget. So here are my...
  7. arnuld

    In-Ear earphones

    I ant to buy some good quality in-ear earphones. I have PHILIPS RaGa mp3 player and have normal hard plastic earphoens with them because of which I feel uncomfortable after some time. I think those in-ear earphones have soft rubber on them so they will not hurt after listening for an hour. Check...
  8. arnuld

    Mobile within 7K

    I want to buy mobile (whether CDMA or GSM) with these features (budget 7K at maximum): 2/3.2 MP camera (must be very good in quality) Bluetooth Good battery backup software/hardware must not have any bugs. Bar type (no flaps/sliders/QWERTY) single SIM
  9. arnuld

    PC Peripherals Pentium 4 Heatsink and Fan

    My friend has old Pentium 4 on Intel D845 GVSR mobo. It hsays the socket type is mPGA4788. His fan is making a lot of sound these days and systems shuts down because of extremem temperatures. So he wants to buy a new fan. I think he needs a new heat sink too. Any recommendations ? (open to...
  10. arnuld

    ABCD keypad or QWERTY

    I have other post where I asked for an advice on buying a QWERTY phone. My friend had NOKIA E72, I tried typing an SMS on it. Whne you type your fingers move automatically without any intentional direction (e.g. your hand moves away if someone puts a burning paper on it even when you are...
  11. arnuld

    Sugegst a QWERTY Music Phone

    I want to buy a QWERTY phone. Can someone suggest a single SIM handset with these features, price upto 7K. Please suggest both CDMA and GSM handsets (no dual-mode or dual-sim handsets): * Music Phone with 3.5mm jack (with dedicated volume keys) * Heavy texting (not just forwarding, but...
  12. arnuld

    PC Peripherals Heat Sink and Fans suggestion

    I read in the Antec 300 manual that I must put 2 front-side fans for system to work in a cool environment. I need two 120mm fans for that. Can anyone recommend some. After looking at the price/quality combination of CM's cabinets, I don't trust them anymore :( 2nd, want to put a heat-sink on...
  13. arnuld

    PC Peripherals Case Cooling Mechanisms

    I am buying this rig and very much want to keep my case running cool. Any suggestions before I buy: CPU Cooler: I was thinking of buying this one (does that include 2 fans or they just show in the picture for advertisement). I liked Hyper 212+ because it seems like it takes air from one side...
  14. arnuld

    PC Peripherals A Cabinet of my choice ?

    Recently I saw my friend's Dell Computer. Its has its heat-sink alomost 2-3 times larger than what we usually get whe we buy AMD or Intel CPUs. The interesting thing was the CPU fan, which was not on the top of heat-sink but onto the side of heat-sink (and in the front side of the cabinet)...
  15. arnuld

    PC Peripherals Recommened a PSU

    I was planning to buy APC 650VX UPS and for that I was going for a Corsair VX450 but from PSU guide I see I need to buy a none/Passive PFC based PSU for Stepped Sine-Wave UPS . Hence, APC 650VX (Stepped-Sine-Wave) does not fit with Corsair VX450 (Active PFC). Any advice on buying good quality...
  16. arnuld

    Linux Machine (budget 30K)

    My old post is here. That was June and now is September, my budget is increased too and I have cash in my hands right now :hap2: , plan to buy this in first week of next month (October). I have searched extensively this forum and finally at least decided on PSU, Corsair VX450: What is your...
  17. arnuld

    A Linux Box under 23K (already have monitor)

    What is your budget? 23K (+/- 3K) Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) Monitor - Samsung SyncMaster 2243LNX (1680x1050) LG DVD Writer SONY DVD ROM Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component...
  18. arnuld

    CPU/Mobo AMD 4850e/5050e available ?

    Hey guys, Are these processors available in India ? I kind of like their 45W usage :)
  19. arnuld

    CPU/Mobo The AMD Myth

    I am starting this thread only to shred the heat-myth behind which most stupid (or fool) Intel users stand. I am not syaing Intel users are stupid, well most computers users are stupid anyway :ohyeah: : I am running my AMD Athlon 64 1.8 GHz from last 2.5 years without any problem. I don't know...