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    Reliance wireline auto login script

    Is there any script that is working nowadays? I have tried the ones posted before, but they dont seem to work. Thanks
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    FS: Mobile iPhone SE 16GB Rose Gold - 7 day old

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: iPhone SE 16GB rose gold Expected Price: Rs 33500 Source and Time of Purchase: July 2016 RMA/Servicing history: never serviced Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: 11 months and 20+ days Reason for sale: Want to buy the space...
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    HiFiMAN HE-350 for 100$

    Mass drop is selling HiFiMAN HE-350 for 100$ + 15$ shipping to India. Seems like a good deal.
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    Suggestions for a microwave oven

    Looking for a microwave of 28+L capacity. Anyone have any recommendations? Need a brand that has good after sales service. Stores seem to be pushing IFB a lot. How is it? Budget is around 15k but can be extended if required.
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    CPU/Mobo processor + motherboard combo around 15-16k

    Can anyone please recommend a processor + motherboard combo around 15-16k. I can stretch the budget if its really worth it. Would be replacing a 2500k and p8z68v board. I dont plan on overclocking.
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    Android [Alpha] Android 5.0 Lolipop rom for mi3

    Ivan uploaded a Android 5.0 Lolipop rom for mi3, its in alpha so think twice before flashing.
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    CPU/Mobo New motherboard for Intel i5 2500k

    Hey guys, I have a i5 2500k along with Asus p8z68v motherboard, the board is dying and is no longer in warranty. Does Asus repair out of warranty boards? What could be a decent replacement for this board?
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    Android Getting chinese notifications on Mi3

    Anyone else getting chinese notifications which takes you to a chinese web page?
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    Graphic Cards Artifacts and glitches on Sapphire R9 280x

    So i recently bought a Sapphire r9 280x from the TE market and after a while of running it noticed some artifacts both ingame and while not gaming. I sent an email to aditya group but those guys don't seem interested in replying. What should i do in this case? Sent the card to aditya group...
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    FS: Mobile Motorola Defy digitizer with frame

    Product Name: Motorola Defy digitizer with frame Expected Price: Rs 1000 Shipping charges: Free Description if any: Brand New, unused. Reason for Sale: Friend got this through a local repair guy for his cousin, by the time this arrived his cousin got it fixed from somewhere else. Product...
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    FS: Storage Hardware WD My Passport 500 GB External Hard Disk

    Product Name: WD My Passport 500 GB External Hard Disk Expected Price: Rs 2,800 Shipping charges: At Actuals Manufacturer page URL: Reason for Sale: Raising funds for SSD Product condition: 9 out of 10.Has a few hard to see scratches due to...
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    [IC] ScreenMate Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    Hey guys we were planning to import screenmate tempered glass protectors for the indian market and would like to know if you people as a customer would be interested in buying it over normal screen guards. They are available for limited phone models and the whole range can be viewed via the...
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    PC Peripherals Dell u2311h query.

    I currently have a ST2320L monitor from dell. I wanted to buy a IPS panel monitor and decided to contact dell if it was possible to upgrade my monitor as i was ready to pay extra. But they refused as it was not under their policies. Instead they asked me to sell my current monitor and buy a new...
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    Gaming pc in 35k

    Q: What is your budget? 35k Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) Something prehistoric. Not worth mentioning. Q: Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) His ancient speakers which sound...
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    PC Peripherals Razer blackwidow issues?

    I am thinking of getting a blackwidow, but recently read that they have various issues like not getting detected or frequent dissconnections. Can anyone using it confirm if he faced a similar issue? Or should i go for tvs gold instead? Looks dont matter to me.
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    2 x LG Optimus 3D P920

    For Sale Product Information Product Name: 2 x LG Optimus 3D P920 Expected Price: Rs 24000 Shipping charges: As applicable Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Bought by two of my friends two weeks ago. None of them are liking the 3d interface...
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    Samsung Focus

    Hey guys. Looking for samsung focus in good condition. Leave me a message with your quotes. Regards Faraz
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    Brainwavz M3

    Hi guys. Selling brainwavz m3 on behalf of a friend of mine. These are just like new got back recently as the original piece was DOA. Bought on 1/12/11 from pristine note. Everything that came with this is available in pristine condition. Price: 3.6k shipped...
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    1st gen core i7 processor.

    Hi guys. Looking for a 1st gen core i7 processor. Pm me with your offers. Sent from my Optimus 2X using Tapatalk
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    Need help upgrading.

    Hey guys. My cousin wants to upgrade his pc. He wants a new processor, motherboard, ram and ssd. Q: What is your budget? 40K Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - C2D E4500 Motherboard - Asus P5B-mx/wifi-ap GPU - MSI GTX 260...