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    FiiO E7

    Would also appreciate it if anyone can point me to where these can be purchased in Chennai.
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    Graphic Cards Released: NVIDIA Linux Display Driver 1.0-8756

    NVIDIA Linux Display Driver - IA32/AMD64/EM64T Version: 1.0-8756 Operating System: Linux IA32/AMD64/EM64T Release Date: April 7, 2006 Size: IA32 - 12.4MB AMD64/EM64T - 9.5MB Release Highlights: Adds support for GeForce 7300, GeForce 7400 Go, GeForce 7600 and GeForce 7900 GPUs. Added...
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    iTunes: 1 billion and counting...

    For Alex Ostrovsky from West Bloomfield, Michigan, the sound of Coldplay's â€Speed of Sound†just got a whole lot sweeter. The teenager, purchasing the track for under a dollar as part of Coldplay's "X&Y" album, became the lucky owner of the One Billionth song downloaded from Apple's...
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    NS-2 Network Simulator -- Help Needed!

    Hey all, I'm planning to use a network simulator for implementation of a project. Someone mentioned that NS-2 is a good simulator, but he didn't know much about it. At this point, I just need to know if it is feasable to use NS-2 for my project, which involves firewalling, & would greatly...
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    AOL, Yahoo offer to bypass spam filers for $$$

    AOL, Yahoo offer to bypass spam filters for $$$ AOL and Yahoo, two of the world's largest e-mail service providers, plan to charge a fee to send email directly to user inboxes, without passing through junk-mail filters. Senders have to pay from a quarter of a cent to 1 cent per mail, to have...
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    Bharti to offer IPTV

    Bharti is set to enter the niche "Internet Protocol TV" (IPTV) segment where video content would be offered through its telephone lines. UTStarcom, which is the the technology partner of Bharti in this venture of 'Triple Play', has installed a digital headend in Gurgaon where the trial run is...
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    Graphic Cards Radeon Omega Drivers 3.8.205 (Cat 6.1)

    What's New in Omega Drivers? v3.8.205 Based on the Catalyst 6.1 Official drivers. [+] Starting from this set, I will use my own version internally for the Catalyst drivers, instead of using 6.1, 6.2, etc, I will be naming them 6.01, 6.02, etc, this will make the Cat versions less confusing...
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    Graphic Cards Sapphire launches X1600Pro AGP

    Now shipping: Sapphire Radeon X1600 Pro. -offers complete support for DirectX 9.0 and Shader Model 3.0 and utilizes ATI's Avivo Technology. -12 pipes -256MB DDR2 800MHz vRAM -core speed: 500MHz -memory interface: 128 bit Source >>
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    PC Peripherals Space wars Episode 1 : Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD

    Looking over the HD-DVD and Blu-ray specifications, i was surprised to find that both use lasers of the same wavelength: 405nm. Surprised, because (as every Tom,Dick n Harry knows) Blu-ray offers 40% more storage then the equivalent HD-DVD (25GB vs 15GB resp. for single-layer media). This left...
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    Toshiba Samsung develops Blu-Ray Drives For PCs

    Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Corp. has completed the technical development of its Blu-Ray disc drives for PCs, according to Richard Aguilera, western regional sales manager for optical disc-drive products at Samsung. The first incarnation of the drives, to be launched in March by Samsung...
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    Goldminer - addictive flash game

    check it out :hap2:
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    Windows back-door rumor laid to rest

    The Issue Most netizens will now be familier with the Windows WMF vulnerability. A rumor, instigated by "security expert" Steve Gibson, via a "This Week in Tech" podcast and on his own web site, had it that this was an intentional back-door created by Microsoft. Slashdot got hold of the story...
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    AMD licenses Innovative Silicon's SOI memory

    Microprocessor company Advanced Micro Device Inc. has signed a technology license for "floating-body" silicon-on-insulator (SOI) memory developed by startup company Innovative Silicon Inc. AMD said it is interested in the Z-RAM (zero capacitor) technology for use in its microprocessors. The...
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    Cisco patches a number of products

    Cisco Systems Inc. has patched a number of security vulnerabilities affecting its routers and Call Manager software, some of which could be used to launch a DOS (denial of service) attack against the products. The router bug affects all Cisco devices that use the company's IOS (Internetwork...
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    Apple ships a million iPods a week

    Apple's figures for its most recent quarter have shown that the company sells over a million iPods a week. Apple shipped 1,254,000 Macintosh computers and 14,043,000 iPods during the last quarter of 2005, representing 20 per cent growth in Macs and 207 per cent growth in iPods over the year-ago...
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    First WiMAX Products Officially Certified

    The first fixed WiMAX products have received official certification from the WiMAX Forum, the trade organization said Thursday. The approvals are something of an anti-climax since more than 150 deployments and trials of WiMAX have already been launched, the trade group said. Still, the...
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    Rocket Scientist Seeks Job Via eBay

    Frustrated because hunting for work the old-fashioned way proved fruitless, a recent engineering grad is seeking a new job--and asking prospective employers to bid on his salary--via an auction on eBay. "Hello, I am seeking an employer for my engineering services," John Davis wrote in his eBay...
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    Simple Worm Makes Great Strides

    A worm that debuted Tuesday had quickly climbed the malware chart to the number three spot by Wednesday, a Finnish security company said. With a variety of names -- F-Secure calls it, Symantec dubs it Blackmal.e, McAfee labels it MyWife.d -- the worm, said Helsinki-based F-Secure, is a...
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    Feds after Google data

    The Bush administration on Wednesday asked a federal judge to order Google to turn over a broad range of material from its closely guarded databases. The move is part of a government effort to revive an Internet child protection law struck down two years ago by the U.S. Supreme Court. The law...
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    F-Secure issues patch for critical flaws

    Flaws in the way F-Secure software handles ZIP and RAR data compression archives could allow an attacker to execute remote code on users' systems and also to bypass F-Secure's antivirus-scanning capabilities. Vulnerabilities were found in 19 versions of F-Secure's antivirus products for...