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    Buying from US - Best Deals - Discussion Thread

    Sorry. It is about using Direct DC option, where some DC is not working on International Sites. I tried SBI DC ( Don't remember which one) back in 2018 & Kotak DC for the same transaction on Amazon USA. Both failed.
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    Buying from US - Best Deals - Discussion Thread

    Same here, Cleared payment. Paid using Paypal India linked DC. Just make sure your DC supports international shopping sites.
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    Zomato, Pune Eatery Fined Rs. 55,000 For Serving Chicken Instead Of Paneer

    Even I was served chinese chicken manchurian instead of gobi manchurian gravy. Settled with a refund and my friend took it off my plate. Good punishment though I suspect they will appeal, else they will begin to lose to others. However kudos to the hotel to owning up their error. Zomato...
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    Mozilla firefox extensions bug certifications error!!

    Installing or upgrading to v 66.0.4 fixes the issue. Also make sure you upgrade the extensions after doing the ff upgrade.
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    SBI multiple account issues

    Simple Solution. Login to the netbanking site, under profile you have to give full transaction rights to the new a/c no. (needs her profile password & OTP) I don't remember the the correct menu choice, but it should be from right top menu. Give it a try, else I will confirm.
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    (IC): NATO straps for watches

    I am interested in 3 pieces. As usual great initiative. Time for new wraps for the HMT Pilot.
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    FS: Others Amazon USA gift cards - Email Only

    Fast and prompt dealing with you. Thanks.
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    Airtel BB - Chennai plans upgraded to combat ACT

    My parents to changed to the new V-Fiber plans. Nice Router but lousy speeds. They said 40Mbps first and then will be upgraded to 100Mbps. But so far range of 16 to 20 Mbps. We earlier had 16Mbps for a year or so. Also do note the FUP is now data, earlier only downloads were counted for FUP. Now...
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    CCTV Network with multiple HDMI displays needed

    Of course, but the question of ease of use is hanging on my parents. Also one should have an idea rather than getting ripped off. Ex: I received a quote for Cplus HD cam at INR4900 each by one contractor while other said INR2100 for the same. So true CCTV is installed not as a deterrent of...
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    CCTV Network with multiple HDMI displays needed

    Guys bumping this thread. Help out please.
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    CCTV Network with multiple HDMI displays needed

    Hello All, I require your guidance in helping me set a network of CCTV with displays in various areas. Background: Thieves made good of valuables in our locked neighbor’s house ending with making away with his Santro too. The houses beside his, has watchmen who had drunk and slept off failing...
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    Budget 5-10K "Compact" phone

    Gosh the world is growing like anything ....Compact means 5" phone. My nokia phone is mini compact phone then. My Mother uses Moto E2 which should suit you. Its rock solid and heavy enough for better grip. Though you can add better covers too. She uses in a rough manner and has seen bite marks...
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    Special Delivery from Hong Kong

    You write a letter and add a seal for privacy. It like old style of confidential letter.Watch Harry Potter part 1 movie where hogwarts sends out multiple letters to Harry and you see H seal on the letter which Uncle Vernon recollects as Hogwarts. Also you can send out customised thanks/greeting...
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    Special Delivery from Hong Kong

    Nice one mate. Thanks for the info and the detailed pic sets. I always wanted to seal my letters using this mode. But couldn't get it done. Now I have one.
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    Black Friday 2015 deals in the USA

    And dont forget on amazon. Its +1/2 rs more than the bank rate.
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    Business idea to make some side money ?

    And the pooh fella must guard his life too....Nowadays ATM robbery don't take place, rather ATM murders. Nice to see the beast being awoken atlast.
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    FS: Movie and Music Bloodborne, Blu-rays & Steelbooks

    Have received the goods. Thanks a lot mayankcse10.
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    Storage Solutions Which Under $100 SSD to buy ?

    I would suggest you to wait till the BF sales. Noticed in the past SSD sales from Samsung are on Amazon and others are on newegg. I would go Intel>Samsung.
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    Western Digital to Buy SanDisk in $19 Billion Deal

    I dont think so. All I remember was how WD & Seagate monopolized the HDD market. And the aftermath of the Floods led to rise in price and fall in quality. Now they are on to SSD. Beware consumers.
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    Budget 51-70k Lightweight and durable laptop [max 60k]

    Just remember Asus one has only 4gb ram which you cant upgrade and Core M processor which will lag when you do multiple tabs,processes. Atleast stick with 8gb ram. Else wait for the Skylake revisions.The MBA is good so far.