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    Hindi Series Discuss (neflix, amazon prime, youtube, etc.)

    Not even a single mention of Made in Heaven in the whole thread!! Probably the best written series in the post Ekta Kapoor era. Nope. The release has been pushed back to August to give some space to Leila.
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    BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

    Yes. 2014 was also the same. This will last one year max before BJP is back to its divisive agenda. Given the toxicity displayed by all parties on the first day of parliament itself during oath taking, I would rather not have any hope.
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    BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

    ^^ Let the economy go to the gutters, concentrate on defence, which India is good at anyways. And how much effective Amit shah would be, that only time will tell. Time and again this administration has shown that its more talk and less substance.
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    BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

    EC's claim that the data was approximate does not absolve them. They should not have posted inaccurate data in the first place.
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    BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

    I do not believe that such large scale EVM tampering is possible given the huge mandate NDA got. But yes the advertisement has helped him a lot. BJP did not leave a stone unturned to feed the people their propaganda and add that to a divided opposition, you get a landslide win. I hope INC gets...
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    BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

    I agree that BJPs foreign policy is overall better than UPA. But what is the use of fending off neighbours if your house is on fire? Also, he claimed that he sent emails of digital camera images in 1988.
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    BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

    You understand that NSSO is a govt agency with statisticians working for them and has been publishing these reports every year. Why would a govt agency compile a report that would embarrass the govt. Not everything is a conspiracy.
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    Refrigerator energy consumption

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    BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

    So another NSSO report (after the 1st one revealed that jobs are at 45 years low) has shown that NDA govt. fudged GDP numbers when they 'tweaked' the GDP calculation formula. Apparently, 37% of companies' output that was used to calculate the numbers are not traceable.
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    Refrigerator energy consumption

    I have the LG 260L model that I purchased last year. Basically this model (but no WiFi)...
  11. P - Feedback Thread

    It was delivered today. The sticker with address was damaged such that the last digit of Pincode was not visible, which is probably why it was misrouted.
  12. P - Feedback Thread

    I clearly mentioned the Pincode as 500084 but the package was sent to post office for 500081. This is sheer incompetence.
  13. P - Feedback Thread

    Still no delivery. The package was sent to wrong post office and again re-routed. It seems it will land back in China.
  14. P - Feedback Thread

    No idea what's going on. I have received multiple packages from Aliexpress over the years, never the tracking was this convoluted.
  15. P - Feedback Thread

    The delivery is in Hyderabad so it might take some more time. Still don't understand why it takes 7 days to reach Mumbai from Kolkata.
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    High Dividend Paying Stocks

    ^^ Owning direct funds instead of 'regular' funds cuts out the middleman which means that you do not have to pay anything while withdrawing, apart from taxes. I would recommend using any of the apps like Groww, ETMoney, PayTm Money, etc. instead of going through old platforms like Zerodha. The...
  17. P - Feedback Thread

    Mine is still stuck :(
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    ^^ Mine is stuck from past 1 week. Are all customs now being handled at Kolkata. Earlier I have received parcels from Mumbai & Chennai customs and it was pretty quick.
  19. P - Feedback Thread

    Ordered a cable from Aliexpress. Shipped on 16th April via China Post, the package reached Kolkata on 21st April but there is no update on IndiaPost website since 22nd April. The destination is Hyderabad but the tracking shows next office as Mumbai. Not sure what's going on here.