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    WTB Office 2016

    Hi, Looking for a genuine office 2016 license key, thanks.
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    Reading and modifying Android code

    I have just stepped in the world of home automation and need your help, I have wifi enabled bulbs and an app to control them, now I want them to do more such as turn on at a specific time etc etc. Hence would like to know if it is possible to modify an existing android app. I have knowledge of...
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    PC Peripherals PSU Query

    Hi, I am based in Navi-Mumbai, Please suggest a good 550 to 600 watt psu online or offline. I know antec and seasonic are the preferred brands here, I am however getting corsair vs series on amazon for 3560, is it any good. Please recommend as need to purchase soon. I am open to purchase it...
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    WTB PSU 550-600 Watts

    Looking for a PSU ( preferably from Antec or Seasonic and under warranty) .