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    FS: Storage Hardware WD HDD's For sale

    Selling Coz upgraded to a 4TB HDD as need to upgrade to a CM H500P Mesh which only accepts 2 HDD's of 3.5" All disks are working flawlessly. 2 TB Blue - 2.5K 1 TB Black - 2200/- 1 TB Green - 1.5K
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    FS: Video Card Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB G-1 Gaming Graphics Card

    Selling my (Recently RMA'ed) Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB G-1 Gaming Graphics Card I am upgrading to a GTX 2070 Super. Original Box Available.
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    FS: Processor AMD Ryzen 1600 Hexacore Processor (Sold)

    Selling my AMD Ryzen 1600 Processor as upgrading to Ryzen 3600 Processor. The Wraith cooler is Brand new and was only used for 2 weeks as i was waiting for my AM4 bracket from coolermaster.
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    PC Peripherals Mid Tower RGB Case Suggestion

    I am looking to change my Antec Gx 505 Case to something a little bigger and more spacious with a little more Bling to it. I Loved the Cooler Master H500 Series and almost bought but noticed it only has option for 2 x 3.5" HDD's . I have a lot of data and i currently use 4 x 3.5" HDDs and 1...
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    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Corsair RM 1000X 1000W 80Plus Gold PSU (sealed pack) Fresh RMA'ed

    Hello People, Up for sale is a sealed pack (fresh RMA'ed) Corsair RM 1000X 1000W 80 Plus GOLD PSU Bought to create a new rig but dropped the plans. It was RMA'ed approx an year ago and has been lying ever since. It was purchased from Amazon India 2 years ago and still has 8 years of warranty...
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    Gigabyte 790/890/990 Motherboard / AM3 Processor

    As title mentioned i am looking for Either 790/890/990 FXA/GX motherboards preferably from Gigabyte lineup. If someone wants to sell the combo of AM3 processor, Ram and motherboard , i can consider that as well. Please hit me up with offers..
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    GTX 1060/1070/980TI / R9 390X

    Hello Guys, I am looking for either GTX 1060 or GTX 1070 or Even 980 Ti if possible. In absence of these even R9 390x /290X can be considered. Please hit me up with the offers.Anyone?
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    Graphic Card

    I am looking for a used Graphic Card. I have recently Sold my Gigabyte 770 4Gb OC card and looking for a used better performing card. Please hit me with offers.
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    PC Peripherals Confused regarding buying a new Cabinet

    Hello, I am looking to buy a New/Used Mid-tower cabinet. I am currently using CM690 since several years and but it is now broken and given up. I have being searching on the internet for several options like Corsair Spec- 01 , 200R , Antec Gx505 Etc but i am still confused. My budget is not...
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    CPU/Mobo Suggest an AM3+ Motherboard

    I am looking to change my existing Gigabyte 790-UD3 motherboard coz i have a broken Pci slot and 2 of the Ram slots are suspected bad. I am looking for a VFM Mobo arnd 6-7K Max . Shud have Crossfire capability and 4 DDR3 Ram slots supporting atleast 1600 Mhz sticks. Even a used mobo will do...