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  1. banda

    FS: Laptop Lenovo Thinkpad T470 Laptop (Almost brand new)

    What am I selling? Lenovo Thinkpad T470 Laptop (side note - Lenovo india's pricing is crazy. This model is at Rs 1L even without the FHD option!) Why am I selling? Has been sitting unopened in it's box since I purchased it 6 months ago. Tested for a couple of hours but I think I have a...
  2. banda

    FS: Desktops Gaming PC

    What am I selling? Cabinet - Cooler Master CM690 (non USB3.0 version) 4+yrs old but in good condition Motherboard - Asus P8Z77M Procesor -- i5 3550 3.7GHz RAM - 2 x Corsair 4 GB DDR3 xms3 PSU - Corsair CX500 Graphics Card - Sapphire HD 7850 OC Edition 2GB Why am I selling? The PC has been...
  3. banda

    FS: Storage Hardware Dlink DNS-325 Network attached storage device

    What am I selling? Dlink DNS-325 NAS 2 x Western Digital RED 2TB Hard drives SOLD Why am I selling? Overkill for my parents' needs, whom I bought this for. Purchase history and condition of the items The HDDs are practically unused (used for <24hrs!). Both the NAS and the HDDs were purchased...
  4. banda

    FS: Home Audio Video Panasonic TH-42A410D 42 inch TV - Brand new

    Bought this TV less than 2 hours ago. Unboxed it, and put it on the tv table only to realize the base of the TV is just a bit too big. Paid 41.5K (after negotiating hard), willing to let it go for 40k. The TV hasn't even been powered on yet. All accessories - remote and power cable are still...
  5. banda

    Just Cause 2 - PC game - Rs220 @ Amazon direct download

    Link -- Just Cause 2 [Download]: Video Games Make sure your bank does not charge you for paying in $s. I played this game last year and liked it very much. Its open world like GTA.
  6. banda

    Budget 21-30k processor+RAM+mobo for rendering

    processor+RAM+mobo for video editing my budget = 25-28K I am looking to build a computer after some time. I have a few components from an old build that I haven't used in over an year and will be using these in the new build. What i have -- Cabinet -- CM690 PSU -- CM 600 & corsair VX450 HDD...
  7. banda

    free shipping to India from Help: Super Saver Delivery to Other International destinations Associates Blog: launches FREE Super Saver Delivery to Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa until 15 May 2011 min spend £25 ~INR2000 valid till -- 15 Jan 2012 EDIT-- looks like...
  8. banda

    internet penetration in India

    was wasting some time on Google Public Data Explorer (Did not know this even existed an hourr ago) this is what i came up with -- LINK LINK alternate Link with comparison to GDP/capita on other axis Not good at all :no: Well i really shouldn't be wasting my time on the internet at all...
  9. banda

    APC rs1000 ups, Lan switch, samsung home theater, 650i mobo, proccy, ram, etc

    SOLD product --APC BR-1000-IN 1000VA UPS best thing for people who like to have 100% uptime, uninterrupted downloads etc Can actually run 2-3 computers simultaneously condition -- 10/10. used with only one pc so max load was never over 300w Bill available -- yes bought on --3 june 2010...
  10. banda

    Samsung wave - s8500- 4months old

    Selling my samsung wave phone With bill + box + pouch+ 2gb card+ all standard accessories that came with it Its been protected with a good screen guard from day one. No damage or scratches anywhere on the body. Date of purchase - 15/08/2010 Warranty left - upto 14/08/2011 Cost - 14K if...
  11. banda

    asus p52f

    Can somebody please point me to a review for this laptop? or let me know if they have seen the model in indian market. Google isn't giving me any good results From the pictures it looks just the kind of laptop i want-- slim and light but i dont want to go ahead without seeing a review first...
  12. banda

    Backpack for 17inch laptop

    I am looking for a backpack for a 17 inch laptop. I have a shoulder bag which came along the laptop but its very uncomfortable.:( Please make offers if you have a bag lying around (new/used). Suggestions also welcome for products available in the open market.:cool2:
  13. banda

    Sigma 17-70 f2.8-4.5 or similar lens for cannon DSLR

    I am looking for a zoom lens for my 350D. Will be used for landscape as well as indoors. I don't need a lot of range, just good IQ at wide angles. This will be my walkaround lens so extreme wideangle (10-22 etc) are not suitable. My research tells me the sigma 17-70 fits the bill perfectly (and...
  14. banda

    Get a free pizza for every pizza you buy from Pizza Hut

    got this offer in the email but its open to all i guess. not sure if non tech offers are allowed here but anyways make use of the offer if u feel like having a pizza. heres the link Pizza Hut (mods, please remove this thread if it violates any rules)
  15. banda

    asus 1000h triple boot-- OSX + ubuntu + win XP

    so i installed and tweaked three different operating systems to work smoothly on my little asus 1000h have had this setup running for the last three weeks with no issues in any of the 3 OSes booting is controlled by grub just wanted to share some pics.. i hate the eeepc branding hence...