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  1. ronnie_gogs

    Scuba Diving. Any scuba divers here ?

    Any scuba divers here ? I started last year and absolutely love it. I got my open water last year and have 10 logged dives till now. Going for advanced PADI open water next month and 18 dives booked in the next 2 months in Indonesia Dived in Malaysia only till now. Plan to dive in Thailand...
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    My 3d printing journey with my first printer

    Haven't started a thread in a long time. So here goes something really interesting for me. So after months of should I or shouldn't I finally caved in a bought by first 3d printer. After looking as so many options available starting from completely DIY kits to full assembled printers , I...
  3. ronnie_gogs

    Time to paint : Airbrush Unit Sparmax Arism

    Something which I wanted for a long time ... I finally bought myself my first airbrush kit.. I know its just a tool but this unit is absolutely gorgeous.. Sparmax Arism and DH 103 airbrush set Arism (1 of 5) by ronnie_gogs, on Flickr Arism (2 of 5) by ronnie_gogs, on Flickr Arism (3 of 5)...
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    My Home Server Build Journey (Log)

    This thread is to keep a track of my build log for my Homeserver. Lets call it the my first journey into building something which is reliable and doesn't resemble the DIY monster under my bed home server which I have now. First up choice of Hardware I wanted to pick up a Silverstone DS380 with...
  5. ronnie_gogs

    New Place Upgrade Part I : Fasssst Internet Connection (1 gbps)

    Well not really 1 gbps realistically. Getting average of 600+ for local servers. Below is the best I have so far on a wired gigabit connection Router : Asus RT-AC68U .. Wanted to get the RT-AC87U but it was out of stock and I was a bit impatient :p DSC01531_1 by ronnie_gogs, on Flickr...
  6. ronnie_gogs

    Sony Alpha A7 full frame upgrade together with my lens and camera collection

    Finally upgraded to full frame camera. Was looking for a good compact camera for travelling light. Was thinking of switching to m4/3 or nex range when I decided to try this one out and fell in love. Sony A7 full frame E mount lens. Can mount almost any lens in the world with adapters. Pictures...
  7. ronnie_gogs

    Time to mine

    Better late than never Asrock H81 BTC Corsair RM1000 Corsair HX520 CPU - G3220 Gskill 1600 Mhz - 4 gb WD 500 GB Graphics cards Sapphire 7970 x 2 Sapphire 7950 x 1 More cards coming as I plan to expand to 6 cards Mineaway (1 of 1) by ronnie_gogs, on Flickr Now onto building the baby... :)
  8. ronnie_gogs

    RC Madness

    Dunno how many in TE are interested in RC but here goes. Got time to post some today. Early Christmas courtesy Hobbyking Hong Kong IMG_0688 by ronnie_gogs, on Flickr Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver (Mode 2) (v2 Firmware) Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver...
  9. ronnie_gogs

    Camera Upgrade : Sony Alpha A57 (Comparison with a Canon 650D)

    Finally got a APS-C sized sensor camera.... Wont call it a SLR as its a SLT Model : Sony Alpha A57 Gold rated on dpreview (Link) Untitled by ronnie_gogs, on Flickr 50mm SAM f1.8 Untitled by ronnie_gogs, on Flickr Dry cabinet for humid Singapore weather Untitled by ronnie_gogs, on Flickr...
  10. ronnie_gogs

    Hostgater Promotion 40% Off Ends IST 10:30 AM 23rd October

    Hostgator is having a promotion on the occasion of its 10th Anniversary 40% OFF all hosting plans and $5 domain names sale, for one day only till 23 Oct 10 : 30 AM IST Hurry up if you want to use it Sorry got the name wrong as I was sharing it fast can some edit the title to HOSTGATOR...
  11. ronnie_gogs

    OC & Modding Project Kraken : Water Cooled Monstrosity (Worklog)

    Code Name : Project Kraken This is going to be the most expensive rig for me. Every part has been selected after considering all possible options available. It took a lot of time and well money. So here is a teaser for all you guys in text :bleh: . Picture of each individual component would...
  12. ronnie_gogs

    Camera Olympus OM-D E-M5: New Camera Everyone is Going Crazy for Now

    Well everyone in the photography forums and people all over the world are going about some new camera.... But I see no one even interested in it in here... But lets see if anyone is as excited as I am about this camera as I am.... Geared towards : Street Style photography Olympus OM-D E-M5...
  13. ronnie_gogs

    Timelapse Thread : Post your own time lapse videos

    Ok lets see if people do post videos and experiment more with their cameras... This is my first time lapse video ... Hoping to see more videos and people sharing tips on improving.. I can make a instructional post as how this was shot and edited if you guys want it
  14. ronnie_gogs

    User Guides Guitar Care : Installing Schaller Straplock

    A guide I made on how to install a guitar strap lock to prevent it from falling accidentally while playin Installing Schaller Straplock
  15. ronnie_gogs

    NGD My first Electric guitar: Epi Les Paul Standard Vintage Sunburst Plain Top

    I am really happy today... Got my first Les Paul 2nd hand from a guy who was looking to clear out his guitars ... Bought 1 year before in 2011 but not played much and it looks brand new... Damages : An Unbelievable 400 SGD (lucky me) Spotless and OMG gorgeous.... I am seriously in love with my...
  16. ronnie_gogs

    Singapore Comic Con 2011

    I know its a bit late but I thought I would share it with you guys... Event : Singapore Comic Con 2011 When : August 2011 Camera : Canon SX 110 IS First up Cosplay Untitled by ronnie_gogs, on Flickr Untitled by ronnie_gogs, on Flickr Untitled by ronnie_gogs, on Flickr Untitled...
  17. ronnie_gogs

    My Humble Recording/Podcasting setup

    Guys so I had recently created a thread for making a home recoring and podcasting setup... Didn't get much help as it seems not many people are interested in recording... So I had to do my own research...
  18. ronnie_gogs

    Audio Home podcasting/recording/video rig recommendations

    Hi, I want to setup a home podcasting/recording/video rig for myself... Present h/w is Macbook pro 13 + Shure 440 for monitoring Will use garageband and audacity for recording and playing Things I plan to get in a month 1) Guitar Electric guitar.... I am a beginner and have a acoustic at...
  19. ronnie_gogs

    Apple + Aizen + Marcus Phoenix + Shure + Razer Deathadder

    Untitled by ronnie_gogs, on Flickr Untitled by ronnie_gogs, on Flickr Untitled by ronnie_gogs, on Flickr Untitled by ronnie_gogs, on Flickr Untitled by ronnie_gogs, on Flickr Untitled by ronnie_gogs, on Flickr Untitled by ronnie_gogs, on Flickr Untitled by ronnie_gogs, on...
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    Film SLR with Lens (Nikon, Minolta, Canon)

    Want to try out Analog photography Looking for working old film cameras... Full manual control preferred Nikon Preferred due to lens compatibility Nikon > Minolta > Canon > Rest Also looking for a good prime lens.... 50mm or 35mm f1.8 PM me your offers Models preferred : Nikon F3, FM2...