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  1. craige

    FS: Games NEW PC Games --- Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5 & The Division 2

    Latest PC Games: RE2 – Rs. 2000 Devil may cry 5 – Rs. 2500 Division 2 – Rs. 2500 All Digital Codes. Any doubts, Lemme Know :)
  2. craige

    FS: Headphone Klipsch S3 - Barely Used

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Klipsch S3 Expected Price: Rs. 1500 Rs. 1300 Time of Purchase: June 2012 Remaining Warranty period: Yes, 2 years from purchase date. Reason for Sale: Not comfortable with in-ear design, lying unused right after purchase Purchase Invoice...
  3. craige

    Seagate 2TB Internal HDD - Latest Model for SALE

    Product Name : Seagate 2TB Internal HDD Expected Price: Rs. 4900 Time of Purchase: May 2012 Remaining Warranty period: Upto May 2013 Location: Mumbai Reason for Sale: Upgrading to 3TB Preferred Courier: No Shipping Charges: Rs.60 Payment Options: Bank transfer only...
  4. craige

    Seagate Internal 1TB & 500GB HDD -- 7200RPM

    For Sale Product Information Product Name: Seagate 1TB Internal HDD (7200RPM Drive) Expected Price: SOLD Shipping charges: Rs. 175 Reason for Sale: Upgrading Product condition: 10 out of 10 Purchase Date: N/A Remaining Warranty period: 15 Months (Frm Seagate) Warranty available in: India...