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  1. Rockfella

    FS: Home Audio Video 2.1 Speakers Swans M50W

    Hi All, Always used with dignity but sparingly. Condition: 9.5/10 only because of dust and general wear and tear (nothing serious). Works fine, sounds great. All accessories intact. LOCAL BUYERS ONLY AS I don't have the box to courier it. The sub is big and weighs a lot.
  2. Rockfella

    User Guides Bluetooth Madness

    Just sharing my recent new found fascination with Bluetooth. After always avoiding it for years I finally like it now and wanted to share my journey from a Bluetooth hater to now fully on Bluetooth 5. It started while I was watching Hot Fuzz [2007] and could not hear vocals on my Swans M50...
  3. Rockfella

    Aadhar and your gmail !

    Hey All! With all the Aadhar linking to everything and your email account and OTPs sometimes being sent to email accounts hacking emails is hacker’s dream now. Just a humble reminder to set up two step verification in your "default/banking" Gmail account. Two of my team members at work have...
  4. Rockfella

    CPU/Mobo How to clean desktops, or wash it.

    A friend's 6 year old HP desktop's PSU finally gave up, so I was the one to rescue. First I had to make sure it was the PSU which died nothing else so I connected the tower with my corsair vs350 and it booted. Post that my itch to clean it took off.. Some "before" pics On arrival: Testing...
  5. Rockfella

    PC Peripherals Need inputs buying an Office chair.

    Hey all, Was looking for a chair online as my primary chair in my room for all desktop work. Have no idea about chairs. Someone in family just bought one from snapdeal for around 4k. Chair seems good, durable but dosen't good robust enough. I want one with padded arm rest. Any inputs are...
  6. Rockfella

    Anothe G-Shock in the house.

    Got this 2 days ago! Loving it to the core.
  7. Rockfella

    Whey Protein, where to buy!

    Hey guys, I just found out a very good source of very good (in fact the best if you ask me) whey protein in India. Contact Person: Kshitiz Jain I just bought flavored...
  8. Rockfella

    Android GPS Locking issues on Moto G 2014 and Lollypop.

    Hey all! I just bought the Moto G sec gen and love the phone. However it came with lollypop not kitkat as I was hoping. I'm facing some issues with the GPS locking while navigation so started this thread. I'm no mobile expert so was looking for some good tips on how to sort this out. I also...
  9. Rockfella

    FS: Processor AMD PHENOM II X2 560 3.3GHz & AMD 760g USB3 Motherboard [COMBO]

    Selling as a combo. Price is negotiable but don't get unreasonable. CPU Details: AMD Phenom X2 560 3.3 Ghz Motherboard Details: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 USB3 (with USB3 header onboard) HDMI, DVI and VGA on...
  10. Rockfella

    Windows Windows 10 Technical Preview.

    Hey FMs, Wanted to share what I recently installed on my main machine. This OS is a beauty. All the goodness of 7 (Start menu) and feels even faster than 8.1. I will use it as default OS for now.. Regards. PS: No games installed as of now. No problems with media players and MS Office...
  11. Rockfella

    All OS Question about charger.

    Hi, I just got my first android phone - Moto E. Yes I am running late by a decade ... nevertheless. The default Moto E charger takes like 3 hours for the phone to charge from 0 to 100% Yesterday I charged it with a Lumia 525 charger and it took less than half time to charge it fully. I...
  12. Rockfella

    FS: Home Audio Video Asus Xonar DX sound card.

    Hey all! Selling my Asus Xonar DX sound card. Official Site product link: Reviews:
  13. Rockfella

    FS: Home Audio Video Edifier DA 500o Pro.

    Selling these Edifiers wooden 5.1 speakers. Local buyers only, can't courier s they are huge. Product Link: Regards, Vivek. Location: Gurgaon/NCR.
  14. Rockfella

    To download 24x7.

    Hi, As it says I want to buy a laptop/netbook/any new contraption to download 24x7. VFM and cheap. Please throw in your suggestions. Tia.
  15. Rockfella

    My HTPC TV Enclosure/table/stand?

    Some recent headbanging.. :)
  16. Rockfella

    Audio 5-10 Meter High Quality USB3 Extension Cable.

    Hey guys, I am hunting for a high quality "branded" 5-10 meter USB3 cable for my FiiO E10. I know E10 works fine with USB2 but I prefer USB3 as it is backward compatible. Need suggestions on brand and where to buy from. Can buy from international sites as well. Thanks much.Yaar kuch to...
  17. Rockfella

    APC surge or Belkin 8 pin Ultimate?

    Hi all. I have been using APC 650 UPS since 3 years. The original battery (which was a local one) that came with the UPS died within 6 months. I purchased a local battery which never worked properly from day 7. Got it checked at the shop and it worked there. Long story short it does get charged...
  18. Rockfella

    Panasonic or Phillips LED 39/42”?

    Will buy LED TV soon as I know someone with over 5Tbs of real good quality stuff. Have to decide between Panasonic & Phillips. Size: 39 or 42. I won’t go higher so please don’t suggest. Prerequisites: IPS Panel (178 degree viewing angle) Full HD (Obviously) Minimum 2 HDMI ports. Black...
  19. Rockfella

    WP HERE Maps Vs Google Maps??

    After always being paranoid of getting lost driving in Delhi/NCR I finally bought the new Nokia Lumia 525 on 26-1-14. Lumia 625 was on my mind but it is shaped like a soap and the higher models were out of budget/huge/not needed so settled with 525. Yes, wanna know real world/in the trenches...
  20. Rockfella

    Buying GPS Phone in 2 days ... shooot...

    Hi, I am buying a new phone just for using GPS! Please suggest a non-samsung, full fledged GPS enabled phone for as low as possible. Camera with flash would be great. TIA.