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  1. kvikram

    Budget 51-70k Should I wait for B450 motherboards?

    I was looking forward to building a new computer this month and had almost finalized a build with a Ryzen 5 2600, a Gigabyte B350 motherboard, G.Skill 8GB 3000 Mhz RAM and a GTX 1060. However I'm having some last minute doubts on whether I should wait for B450 motherboards. Some models were...
  2. kvikram

    CPU/Mobo Need a new motherboard

    Six years ago I bought a Dell Studio XPS 7100 desktop PC. Although I regret not having built one myself, the old computer still serves me to this day for basic gaming, browsing and work. However the stock motherboard has pretty much no control over the fan speeds (no control from BIOS or any...
  3. kvikram

    Audio Audiophile earphones under 5k

    I've come down to the following choices. Soundmagic E80 Audio Technica ATH-CKX9 Other alternatives like the Ostry KC06A and the Hifiman RE-00 don't seem to be easily available in India. I'm almost finalized on the Soundmagic E80. However I would prefer the AT pair because of the earhook...
  4. kvikram

    VFM computer desk chair

    I'm looking for a standard computer desk chair -- the kind which is black in color and has a netted back. Something you'd find in a Bangalore startup office. I know there are a lot of options out there and some of them are crazy, unreasonably expensive. What are some of the more VFM options?
  5. kvikram

    Identify This Mystery Rock Song

    I found this really awesome rock song on my hard drive. The filename says "Oasis - Layla" but it's obviously a different song with different lyrics. It isn't even recognized on SoundHound. What song could it be?
  6. kvikram

    Monitors Dell U2410 Color Problem

    All right fellow U2410 owners, can you do a little experiment for me? I've always stuck to sRGB color preset mode despite the dull colors, because it always had minimal eyestrain on me. Then I recently switched to Game mode and Multimedia mode, I was startled at the super-saturated colors on...
  7. kvikram

    Video Should I buy a 4K TV right now?

    Hi guys. Back to TE after a long time. I dropped out during the early days of the era. :P My parents are considering buying a new TV for their bedroom. Currently we have an old Sony 40-incher, and we are considering a new super high-end TV at 55 inches. Budget is around 1 lakh. 4K...
  8. kvikram

    Android Please Post Your OnePlus One CPU Temperature

    Please download the CPUTemp app from here: ... and post your temperature during normal usage and while gaming on the OnePlus One. I got my OPO just yesterday, and it gets really hot with normal usage. On checking the temps...
  9. kvikram

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Nexus 16GB

    Hello I have my Samsung Galaxy Nexus on sale as I am buying a new phone. The Galaxy Nexus still holds up as a great phone and is installed with a latest Custom ROM (Android 4.4.4 Kitkat) which makes the phone quite fast and gives a one-day battery. Device has endured some wear and tear around...
  10. kvikram

    WTB Need a USB microphone urgently

    Guys I need a USB microphone. It can be either a desk mic or a headset mic, but it MUST be USB. I REALLY need one ASAP. So please contact me if you have one!
  11. kvikram

    Audio Basic microphone for voice recording

    Hi guys. I'm looking for a basic microphone that can record my voice clearly in my home office, a relatively noise-free environment. I'm mainly going to be using this for speech-to-text using Dragon Naturally Speaking, and I may also use it for recording my voice on YouTube videos. Budget is...
  12. kvikram

    Storage Solutions WD Hard Drive arrives without packaging :|

    Today I got the WD20EZRX 2TB internal hard drive that I ordered from Oddly, there was no official packaging. The only packaging was this anti-static cover protected under a load of bubble wrap in the box. There was no official WD box or anything like that. Here's the Amazon link to...
  13. kvikram

    Age of Mythology Extended Edition - Discussion Thread

    Holy crap this looks so awesome. :eek::eek::playful::playful: One of my favorite games of all time, remastered in HD! Releasing May 11th on Steam.
  14. kvikram

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Discussion Thread

    First reveal trailer is out!
  15. kvikram

    How I dramatically improved the stability of my internet connection

    My ISP is BSNL. My home is located outside the city and is at a distance of more than 5 km from the nearest exchange. As a result, I'm getting an SNR value of 6 and line attenuation of 55 (too low and too high respectively). So, my connection is extremely unstable, and my internet disconnects...
  16. kvikram

    Linux Any precautions to take before installing Ubuntu over Windows 8 64-bit?

    I thought installing Ubuntu was simple, but my friend who recently installed Ubuntu on his Dell laptop ran into a lot of problems with his files, many getting deleted and inaccessible if written to by both operating systems. After doing some research, it only seems that the problem could only...
  17. kvikram

    Budget 21-30k Home PC for 23k Including Monitor

    This config is for a friend who is looking for a basic home PC at 23k. What is your budget? 23K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) None Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) None Which...
  18. kvikram

    How do I share a set of speakers between two computers?

    I've been using a Windows PC for a very long time, and I recently got a Mac Mini from my brother who no longer had any use for it. I decided to try the Mac and soon fell in love with the interface, and starting using the Mac alone for basic daily operations like web browsing, writing, document...
  19. kvikram

    Amazon Prime Air

    This will quite literally be the future of shipping, very far in the future. o_O
  20. kvikram

    Bittorrent Sync - The Dropbox Killer?

    If you've been using Dropbox or Google Drive or some other alternative to sync your files across computers, Bittorrent Sync could change all that. With Bittorrent Sync, your files aren't stored on any central server, but is synced across computers using the torrent technology, similar to how you...