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  1. Doremon

    Budget 10-15K Time to replace Moto G3, after 3 yrs legacy & love

    Dudes, its time to upgrade by replacing old Moto G3, a true legacy of 3 yrs behind!. Gifted by wify on bday and G3 is still running without a single leg!....... Super performer, loving it but now multitasking, loads, storage and speed are the prime requirement and hence tickling this post to get...
  2. Doremon

    Android Default storage change

    Guys, I have Moto g3 but all media files saved to internal storage by default. This is annoying as every two weeks internal memory gets full. How can I change default settings to SD card? I tried but excuse my limited knowledge on phone. Thanks
  3. Doremon

    Windows HP Pro book not logon

    Friends, My HP Probook lappy could not log on when switched on. Model - Probook 4460s, Windows 7 I have run HP security by F1.....F10 (Lol!) and sparing much time to restore this lappy. When switched on , only HP logo appears on screen and blinking on and off, on and off constantly. Guys...
  4. Doremon

    Bluetooth Headset

    Guys, I wish to gift my daughter a decent Bluetooth headset. She is using soundmagic pl-11 and like most. Budget around 3-4k and she's fond of bass (not loud) and clear vocals, most of the time listening western music. Wish to gift today on birthday... Very little time but thought to connect...
  5. Doremon

    Windows Pavillion Lappy almost dead!

    Hello Friends, HP Pavillion Lappy, I5 windows 7.1, is not working. When switched on, it takes 5 minutes to boot and after main screen appeared, it again keeps on hanged. Pressing escape & F5 keys, after two minutes, it again process next step (e,g, file opening etc ).... After again it goes...
  6. Doremon

    Android LG Q6 issues

    My wify's phone LG Q6 behaves unpredictable:p from last couple of days. Intermittent internet connectivity, out of reach status to caller, prolonged time to connect outgoing call, sometime no calling even signal symbols shows 3-4 arrows! abnormally heating. It's on VoLTE. Done home work like...
  7. Doremon

    Audio No sound from soundmagic headsets!

    Dear Friends, I purchased 2 soundmagic ES11S wired headset with mic in Dec 2016. I brought from Flipkart. All of sudden, sound stop from left side speakers in both headsets. The condition of headset r still good. Wondering what to do as I love this headset. Pl suggest
  8. Doremon

    FS: Mobile Lenovo Vibe K5 plus to sell

    Hello Folks, Wish to sell Lenovo Vibe K5 plus (Gold) to upgrade new high end phone. # Original purchase price-Rs. 8499/- # Pur date-29/7/16 # Desirable price-Rs.5500/- # Condition-Excellent (even no single scratch, very often usages by single hand). # Invoice available-Yes. # 4 Photos attached...
  9. Doremon

    Budget 15-20K Upgrade phone to Moto G3

    I'm using Moto G3 from last 8 months and all about happy. Wish to upgrade speed, cam quality and storage. Moto G4 plus is my blind choice anyday but I'm looking for premium look phone with good build body. Any existing or upcoming phone or should I go with Moto G4+…? Budget can streach upto...
  10. Doremon

    Android Jio voice calls not working on Lenovo Vibe K5 plus

    I have Lenovo Vibe K5 plus. Jio 4G voice call not functioning , only internet works fine. Pl regret m if this seems basic/ noon question. Pl advice.
  11. Doremon

    Audio Sennheiser HD 180 or Sony MDR ZX 110A

    Guys, confused bet sennheir HD 180 and Sony MDR ZX 110A.... It's under lightening deal , only 3 hrs left.... Which one to go? Both had good reviews....
  12. Doremon

    Audio Headphone during Flight

    I fly frequently and looking for a bluetooth audiophile headphone. Love to hear both deep bass and sharp treble with clear vocal. All three- Bass, Treble and Vocal should be balanced with clear hearing of low notes even. Good Notice cancellation to avoid flight noise. Budget 1500 can be...
  13. Doremon

    Android Help Needed Phone gets locked

    Friends, My son buggled with LG 90 phone and changed unlock pattern and back up pin password too. He forgot the same what he changed!.. How to solve this? .. This is my daughter phone. Pl suggest...
  14. Doremon

    PC Peripherals Printer for academic purposes

    My son 9th STD need a printer (only print but open for copy also) for school project work. Self also some time required to take print. USB port must since they exchange study stuff by pen drive/memory card. Better if printer is WiFi or / and BT enabled. I don't see worth to spend more than 4k...
  15. Doremon

    Budget 15-20K Camera Phone for Daughter

    My daughter using old LG mobile but her curiosity is now climbing up in photography. She keeps editing photos, takes photos of nature, daily life's, colours, shapes, selfies and so on. I observed that old LG phone won't be able to match up her desire and interest on photography. It's time to...
  16. Doremon

    Which iPhone to get?

    Instead creating new thread I thought better to reopen this one. I wish to gift iphone to my daughter. I am confused which iphone series would be best i.e. 4 or 5 or 6? She is highly inclined towards photography and wish to learn and make her passion. Kindly suggest. Wish to buy immediately.
  17. Doremon

    Budget 5-10K Dual SIM office phone

    Questions:- 1. Budget? A: Not more than 10K. Company gives 7k .. 2. Preferred display size, type and resolution? A: 4.7"-5.5", IPS LCD/AMOLED, FHD and above. Though not liking VERY BIG screen... Should be easily accommodated in pocket. 3. Preferred operating system? (Android (with version)...
  18. Doremon

    Other Need help : Lost contacts in Blackberry

    Hello Friends, Facing a strange issues in Blackberry I changed another number SIM to Blackberry and found all contacts lost (stored for previous SIM). Not sure but I am assuming is it due to enterprise E mail account I need to activate on BB? If yes, then I also not aware which mail id...
  19. Doremon

    Android BT,WiFi and Hotspot not work after lollipop?

    Hello Friends, Facing problem in my new XPERIA ZR Sony phone. BT, WiFi and Hotspot not starts though trying from setting menu in addition to shortcut buttons. I am wondering this as recently android lollipop upgrade received from SONY. Phone upgraded from kitkat to lollipop now. Any...
  20. Doremon

    Windows Office Outlook Mails configuration

    can I copy/align my office outlook mail to my existing hotmail id? or any other mail service-yahoo/gmail etc? This require to access data/all mails of outlook account. Pl suggest thanks.