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  1. H purchase Debit card trouble

    Am not sure if this is the right place, but I did not know where else to put this. I am trying to purchase from but it always says the same thing "Hello We're writing to let you know that the payment for your order has been declined. The issuing bank may have declined the charge if...
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    WTB 2500k + corsair psu + corsair cooler + mobo

    Hi guys, looking mainly for a 2500k + mobo + corsair hydro cooler in 15k including shipping. Please pm me with reasonable offers. I am NOT interested in locked processors. So do not pm me with offers like i5 2400 or similar. I am genuinely interested in a good deal, not just trolling around...
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    [Solved] ASUS Motherboard RMA Issue - Need Assistance

    Hi dear friends, after unlimited harassment from Asus India and no prompt reply from Asus USA, I have finally decided that I would like to try the legal option. I would not like to go into details of what happened but you can trust me on the fact that I have tried everything on my part...
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    PC Peripherals Refillable Reliable Monochrome Laser Printer

    Dear Friends, After consulting forum mates on this topic, I have decided I need to buy a basic monochrome laser printer. I need to print 50 pages minimum daily. Therefore it needs to be refillable. The idea is to minimize Cost Per Page. Is it true that lower end laser printers get over heated...
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    WTB Dell Ultrasharp 2312 or 2412

    Hi guys, was interested in a Dell Ultrasharp monitor, 2312 or 2412 preferably in warranty. Please PM me your offer. I am from Navi Mumbai if that helps, I understand most people find it difficult to ship monitors.
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    PC Peripherals Laser printer power hog ?. Laser vs Inkjet

    Hi guys, I was looking for a printer for my office work. I already have a TX 121 with a Ciss but its not totally reliable. Random leaks and the printer paper mechanism is also rubbish. Can't hold the 100 pages specified and randomly pulls 2-3 pages together. I can't afford such a headache...
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    Urgent : Which cheap CDMA feature phone ?.

    Hi guys, I urgently need a CDMA feature phone which has good battery life because I talk a lot daily, 30-40 calls daily. Also it should be able to hold a minimum of 1000 contact numbers, more would be even better. I do not care about looks or features, my primary purpose is calling so I need...
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    ALFA IRLA Mumbai , Anyone ?.

    Hi guys, I was looking to buy a nice 32 or 40 inch LED TV but have a modest budget. So started looking around for Grey Market in Mumbai for Televisions and only found Alfa at Irla in Vile Parle. So has anybody ever bought a TV from here?. How much of a price difference can I expect from them ...
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    Graphic Cards HTPC - inbuilt vs discrete GPU

    Hi friends, I read somewhere that discrete GPUs are better for watching Full hd or blu ray movies than inbuilt GPUs. Now one of the most popular HTPC cards out there is the Sapphire HD 6450. But when I compared it my inbuilt HD 4000, HD 6450 has half the performance. So how is the HD 6450...
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    Database, where to start?.

    Hi guys, I wanted to learn about databases in detail. Not for some exam or as a necessity, just for knowledge. Please tell me from where to start. I would like to go as deep as I have interest in this subject. I hardly do only one thing at a time, but this would be one of the things...
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    PC Peripherals CISS for Epson TX 121

    Hi guys, please help me find a CISS system for Epson TX 121. I need to print approximately 300-400 pages every month and the cartridge bills are now hurting. I am from Navi Mumbai. Thanks
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    Mac OS Hackintosh - possible?.

    Hi friends, I have a spare PC with me now. Wanted to experience mac OS since long but never had the opportunity. I wanted to know if Hackintosh is possible on it. The processor is quite slower than the i5's and i7's so am not sure. Here is my configuration, 1. Gigabyte E350N USB 3 ( amd fusion...
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    Car & Bike Hero MotoCorp Totally unresponsive , anyone got some contact detail which can help?.

    Hi friends, I bought a Passion Pro and since then I am having a serious headache. I have called the helpline given in the official website of Hero MotoCorp many times. Some say they cannot do anything about it, some give me a number which is dead or no one would pick up the call. I have...
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    CPU/Mobo How long did you CPU last and what are the tips to increase life.

    Note: I did not know where to put this so put it up in General talk. Hey guys share your experience with your CPU's so we can know what to do, what not to do and which brand and model has been very reliable. The reliability of Stock CPU's has always amazed me, they seem to last for ages...
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    Car & Bike Passion Pro or Honda Shine ?

    Hi friends, I am in a dilemma here. I need a bike to travel around some 10% urban and 90% rural roads and a mixed bag, but mostly it will be rural uneven roads. I test rode both and both seemed fine to me. A couple of local mechanics say Shine is much better in terms of maintenance and Pro is...
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    CPU/Mobo How to increase VRam allocation for HD 4000 in Asus Maximus V Gene

    Hi guys, I tried to search a lot on Google and even explored the bios. I can't seem to find the option to increase the VRam for HD 4000. Default allocated ram is 256Mb, however I heard it can be extended to 1Gb. Please someone tell me how to go about it . thanks
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    The new Karbonn A30? Worth it ? Please share your view

    Hi guys, I have been a huge lover of huge screens always be it TV or mobile. But sadly cant get something like a Note 2 or HTC or Ipad . But this new Karbonn A30 is a bit over range but still can stretch if it is worth it. What do you guys think from its specs and this review, KARBONN A30...
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    How to do this , please help.

    Hi guys, I need some help from you all. Am not sure if this comes under hardcore programming or some basic thing. I have a document which I want to convert into a sort of template or blueprint which I can fill and print. I would explain it with an example: 1. Consider writing down quotations...
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    Budget 21-30k PC from a friend , suggestions needed

    Hi guys , you helped me a lot in choosing my PC , so need your help in helping out a friend to choose his PC because he has asked for it . ALPHA17 , Jakob , cyberwarfare Also sorry for the big note below the template but trying to explain it properly . Q: What is your budget? 25k , max...
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    Pantaloons Retail Higher ups contact details

    Hi all , for some strange reason am not able to access the pantaloons india website , someone said its the problem with our provider . Now going to cyber cafe also did not help as even they use the same net provider . So asking for help here . Does anybody here know any senior contact in...