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    FS: Headphone RHA - MA750 Wireless Earphones

    RHA - MA750 Wireless Earphones excellent condition used for 1 hour only 3 years warranty available amazing sound quality unboxed , all original box contents available . Like new condition with original box, bill etc no low balling please...
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    FS: Home Audio Video Echo dot 2 under warranty

    Selling echo dot 2 around 7 months warranty left price 1999 plus courier charges as applicable, please pm only and no low balling......... And please no crap on thread
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    WIFI electrical on off switch for air conditioner

    hi need an wifi enabled electrical switch for turning off and on via wifi , for my air conditioner , my office is upstairs and sometimes i forget switching AC off , or need to cool off office before i enter my room any recommendations thanks
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    Wireless mouse stutter issues

    Logitech wireless mouse stutters suddenly when there is a spike in processor usage for no apparent reasons, can anyone help?
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    Oil filled heater buying advice

    Need to buy an oil filled radiator heater, should I buy online and hope it's not broken? Paytm has good deals but never bought 10k worth electronics from them
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    Motorised standing desk

    Ok i am thinking about autonomous motorized desk, but if possible will like something which is available in india though not very likely and it's gonna be pricey. It's price is around 200 dollars with single motor plus shipping if 200 dollars, what should be expected duty? And do I need a...
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    Monitors 4 monitor stand needed

    Hi, need 4 monitors stand immidiately please share company website or link or online links Don't need fix type stand, base type stand needed Regards
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    CPU/Mobo i5 6th generation problem

    i am told by a dealer that on i5 6th generation windows 7 cannot be installed out of the box , some tweaking needed is it a fact ? which is the latest i5 which supports windows 7 installation without any tweaking , just out of the box? i am told its i5 4460 , 4th generation . please reply...
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    Graphic Cards 4 monitors setup

    Ok straight to the point, I need 4 monitors setup and I think a normal non SLi, motherboard with 2 non SLi gpu 's, will be able to give me 4 monitors output, and then I can use these 4 monitors as extended desktops, just like a dual monitor setup works, in this case it will be a quad monitor...
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    Budget 41-50k Workstation pc

    Need to buy 4 monitor pc setup with 16 gb ram and GPU with 4 monitors output, with i5 processor, I am not good with pc building at all, please guide I don't play games on pc, budget is for pc only monitor extra Regards
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    Monitors Monitor Vesa Mount support

    Can't find monitor with vesa mount support at all, no lg, samsung or any other good brand. Need probably 4 monitors for quad monitor setup, anyone know any model please?
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    Mid brain activation program

    First thing first, till now I don't believe it at all But there are some confusing evidence that it might just be true......... I don't know, I am not a believer type One of my relatives came today he says his kid can do this. After this program kids of the age of 5-15 can read books and...
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    Cordless phone buying

    Need a cheap and best branded cordless phone with hands free feature Also what is a DECT phone? What other features I should really looking for when buying? Please suggest phones also thanks
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    Suggestions needed for purchasing Usb charging cable.

    Original Samsung cable had gone bad. Now even so called bandridge cable has gone bad in 1 year on my note 2, only . 1 amp current charge it gives. Now which cable to buy? It's insane that cable are going bad like this, even old galaxy s 1 cable is working flawlessly till now, but these...
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    Gifting money abroad

    Marriage of my NRI USA cousin coming in September. How do I gift money them? What are my options? With full safety and least transaction costs? Thanks
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    Power saving devices - do they work ? anyone can suggest that these things work? anyone using this or any other alternate at home?
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    CPU/Mobo Machine ID issue

    Ok, I have a software and there is a plug-in that I bought for the software and initially I was kept In the dark about the plugin and its working only on single pc. The thing is that the plug-in thingy is based on c+++ dll based security feature, i cannot use the PLUGIN on another pc at...
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    Monitors vertical line issue

    a vertical red line appearing on monitor .sometimes flickering sometimes stable . could it be monitor or hdmi cable ? its LG 27 inch only 2 months old monitor .............could it be something else?its on visible all the time , as of now its gone too
  19. T pricing is final?

    dont know how and why i had seen this item for 11k few days back , maybe i am confused with some other thing . now can i take it as final amount after import taxes ? or anything still may add up later?
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    Mobikwik OTP issue

    For last 3-4 instances i am not getting otp on my registered mobile while buying on eBay, hence loosing 300 rs cashback opportunities quite a lot MobiKwik cannot find the issues and responds with standard reply........... Could it be because of DND? Although I don't think so The otp while...