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  1. abr

    3 questions about 2TB Hard DIsk and Windows 7 Home Premium?

    Hi, I set up a new machine (thanks to ALPHA17 and Hades) and I have a 2TB Sata Western Digital Hard Disk that I want to install Windows 7 Home premium on. Questions are: How should I format the hard disk? FAT 32 etc? Do I need to partition the 2TB for it to run well? What is the best...
  2. abr

    Budget 21-30k Desktop Upgrade - Core Components

    Hi, I have an old PC that I would like to upgrade. The main use for this will be to run photoshop to do photo editing. And download stuff Q: What is your budget? Around 30k. Willing to push may be another 5k more. Not including the OS Q: What is your existing hardware configuration...