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    Advice about HDFC Account

    I had a salary account in HDFC. I left job and it got converted to savings account. I am not using that account for a long time and have lost its debit card, cheque book etc. I went to bank to close my account and they told me that you need to pay 800 as demat charges, 2500 for minimum balance...
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    C++ platform dependent and Java Platform Independent

    Guys, I have lot of confusion about same basic concepts. I am posting whatever I feel is right(might be entirely different from reality) It would be great if someone could explain We have been taught that C++ is platform dependent since .exe generated in windows can't be run in linux. But...
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    Work Permit Canada

    One of my friend is in very big confusion related to Work Permit of Canada. My friend has got admit for MS in Canada at University of Victoria. His Study permit states Program of Study: Computer Science Length of Studies: September 04, 2013 to September 2014 (Minimum) or September 2018...
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    Laptops Macbook pro early 2011 RAM Upgrade

    One of my friend has Macbook pro early 2011 specs i5 2415m 2x2GB DDR3 320GB HDD Apple officially supports 8GB RAM and intel website also shows that max RAM supported by i5 2415 is 8GB. But, some people have mentioned that it is capable of supporting upto 8GB...
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    Confused about transfer of vehicle from haryana to pune

    hello guys! I am thinking about transferring my Honda Activa from Haryana to Pune. I will be using it for only six months. I talked to the agent and he told me the following things :- 1. Get NOC from Haryana 2. pay road tax for maharashra. 3. Get your vehicle registered in pune. He told me that...
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    Help needed in finding accommodation in Pune

    Hi I believe there are lot of people on TE from Pune. I need help in finding accomodation in Pune near Gultekdi, Market Yard. I need 1BHK apartment. What can I do besides searching on sulekha, quickr? Some people are wary of bachelors and try to keep a check. I need a place which is open...
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    Is NOC required for using vehicle in other state for 6 months?

    One of my friend is relocating from Faridabad(Haryana) to Pune for six months. He wants to take his Activa with him to Pune. Is NOC required for using it in Pune? If yes, What will be easiest method for it? I am reading so many horror stories on web.:scared14:
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    Guidance for learning web development

    Hi! I am a 2011 passout from Electronics and Communication Engineering. I have good knowledge about C/C++ but want to get into web development. I am confused that from where should I start. One of my friend told me that I should have good understanding of HTML, PHP, JavaScript and CSS. He also...
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    Voip on Atrix 2

    Guys I have Atrix 2. I need to make voip calls over wifi to a iphone 3GS. I have tried various apps:- 1. Viber- It works fine but call quality is not that good. It's fluctuates every now and then. 2. Skype- I fail to understand skype's crappy performance on android devices. Playstore is filled...
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    English TV shows on youtube

    Today I checked TV shows tab on youtube and many English and Hindi Tv shows were available for free.(you have to change language) Some Hindi movies are also available for free. :hail:You must already be aware that there are official channels of Eros and T series which upload new music videos and...
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    Reliable Hospital in Pune

    One of my friend is facing some problem in his ear. He is hearing some mild sound in his ear. He went to one of the hospital and doctor completely seemed to be bogus. He did not check ear at all. He neither went for cleaning of ear. He said that you will have to undergo some hearing tests and if...
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    Book Suggestion for SQL

    I am making this post on behalf of a friend who is preparing for GATE 2013 Suggest me a SQL book I need a SQL book for GATE which has less theory and more problems / queries. For theory I Already have books by Navathe and Ramakrishna Gherke. So suggest me some good books so that i can master...
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    20-24k Cheapest Reliable laptop

    What's your Budget? 20-25k What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? Eclipse, android emulator and other programming stuff like running geany in ubuntu, surfing, reading pdf, movies(No gaming at all) What size and weight considerations do you have? 14-15.6inches Any...
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    Laptops Vostro 1510 Hot GPU

    I have dell vostro 1510 with following configuration C2D T5670 1.8GHZ 4GB RAM 256MB DDR2 8400m gs I just got my fan replaced. Fan is working fine now and cpu is lot cooler but GPU is running way hotter(reaching 100c on load). Earlier it never used to go beyond 85-86 on stress test. But guy...
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    Camera New P&S for friend

    One of my friend wants to get a point and shoot camera He has shortlisted 1. Nikon coolpix I-26 and I-25 2. Sony cybershot dsc-s5000 3. Olympus vg120 any suggestions?
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    Java book recommendation

    I already know C and C++. I am looking for a book to grasp basics of core java. I don't need a book which goes too deep. I just need a book which gives basics and can be finished quickly. I would be reading it on my own so would prefer book which has simple language and explains things in basic...
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    Android for 22k

    Questions:- 1. Q: Budget? A: 22K I was basically looking for cheapest android device which has 4inch screen but increased budget as dell venue is running froyo with virtually no custom roms. If there is any other device please let me know 2. Q: Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A...
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    HP 430 2ng Gen PDC First Impressions

    I was looking for a entry level laptop for my mom( basic net surfing, skype etc). My budget was around 20k. Fellow members suggested me some great options(thanks a lot) but I ended up getting this http://www.flipkart....6f-0fb24d7aef8e Why? It was actually for mom. For my own usage I would...
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    Stylus for iphone

    One of my friend needs a conductive stylus for some particular apps on his iphone 3GS. We searched a lot but only found this Will this work with iphone 3GS? Will any any conductive stylus work with any capacitive touch screen...
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    Laptop for 20k

    What's your Budget? 20k What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? Web Surfing, MS office, Skype and occasionally movies What size and weight considerations do you have? 14-15 inches Any brand that you prefer, or any brand that you detest? I would like to stay away from HCl...