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  1. vaibhavyagnik

    Need legal advice

    In a Recent robbery at my home 20gm of gold was stolen. police has caught the thief but they told us that the thief has sold all the gold to a jeweller who has melted it, and they have managed to get us 7 gm of gold. They want us to accept it in court and close the matter. What should we do ...
  2. vaibhavyagnik

    FS: Networking Gigbit N300 Router, RAM, Blu ray player

    Item 1: Netgear JNR3000 It is a gigabit N300 router. Gigabit is the keyword. Superfast transfers over wired LAN Price: 1200/- Item 2: 1 GB DDR2 RAM x 4 nos. Price: 220 Each Item 3: 4GB DDR3 x 3 Price: 1350 each Item 4: Philips 3D blu ray player Price: 4000/- This has excellent playback...
  3. vaibhavyagnik

    Mac OS Successful Sierra Installation, However only safe mode boot working

    Friends, My configuration 1. Intel Core i7 860 2. DFI Lanparty P55-T3eh9 3. Intel 180 GB SSD 4. ATI HD7770 1GB So I tried the following things and this is the result: 1. Boot from clover USB, select partition with sierra, the OS starts booting and after some time, the TV screen turns black. The...
  4. vaibhavyagnik

    Budget 15-20K Upgrading from Moto G3

    1. Budget? A: INR 20k 2. Preferred display size, type and resolution? A: 5"-5.5", IPS LCD/AMOLED, FHD and above 3. Preferred operating system? (Android (with version), iOS, Windows Phone etc). A: Android 6.0.1 and above 4. Preferred connectivity options? (4G, 3G, 2G etc). A: 4G VoLTE 5. Do...
  5. vaibhavyagnik

    FS: Movie and Music LOTR, Bourne Ultimatum etc DVD for Sale

    Lord of the Rings Extended Cut DVD Set - Each Part has 4 Discs and Maps - Also comes with a very long Movie poster with all the characters - A collectors item Individual cost - 500Rs Bourne Ultimatum - 200 Rs Rest all - Just pay for the shipping Buy all for 750
  6. vaibhavyagnik

    FS: Mobile Brand New Unopened Moto E3 Power for sale

    Brand New Unopened Moto E3 Power for sale VoLTE support Android 6.0.1 5" HD display Quad core CPU 2 GB RAM 16 GB storage 8 Megapixel back and 5 Megapixel front camera 3500 mAH battery Liquid Splash and dust resistant Bought from flipkart Original price 8000/- Selling price 7500/-
  7. vaibhavyagnik

    CPU/Mobo CPU cooler suggestions

    Need advice a CPU cooler for Core i7 860. I am looking for a good air cooler since I have been noticing throttling of CPU even with a fresh coat of arctic silver thermal paste and stock intel cooler. Budget is 3K. I would like the cooler to be compatible with LGA2011 as well if i decide to...
  8. vaibhavyagnik

    Linux Ubuntu 15.04: Enabling Hardware acceleration in browsers

    Long story short, I am trying to setup ubuntu as my primary OS. Hardware is as follows Core i7 860 DFI Lanparty P55 board Ati HD7770 I installed ubuntu 14.04. got a upgrade notification to 15.04 so did that. My Led TV serves as my monitor so had major overscan issue. To solve that, I installed...
  9. vaibhavyagnik

    Windows Remote NDIS driver fails to install : windows 7

    I have been trying to tetther my Moto G3 to my desktop computer. It shows up in Device manager as a Remote NDIS device but has a error 10: the device cannot start. The network adapter shows up as disabled, enabling it does not help. I tried uninstalling the RNDIS driver, and again installing it...
  10. vaibhavyagnik

    FS: Others Casio Edifice Watch

    Up for Sale Casio Edifice watch which was gifted to me. The watch is too big for my wrist and Metal band with hairy arms is not a good combination. The watch was lying inside the box from the date of gifting. Removed it, replaced the battery in Titan showroom as the battery was dead. Overall the...
  11. vaibhavyagnik

    FS: Others Groupon for Desert Safari for 4 in Dubai

    For Sale: Groupon for Desert Safari for 4 in Dubai Reason for Sale: The Travel Agency could not honour the groupon during my stay in Dubai as they were fully booked. Hence booked another one from different travel agency. Hence this one is spare Purchase price: 249 AED Selling price: 200 AED...
  12. vaibhavyagnik

    Opinions and experiences about Sterling holidays Vacation ownership plan

    Recently I was briefed about the sterling holidays 7 days holidays for next 25 years at the cost of 265000 plan. (its actually 3,05,000 but I was offered 27,000 prepaid gift card, 4000 rs food vouchers etc). I have payed the initial down payment of 27K. After the welcome Kit came in, I noticed I...
  13. vaibhavyagnik

    Special Employee Discount: Reliance Introduces LYF 4k smart TV in 65", 50" and 43" size

    Reliance JIO has introduced three 4K smart TV which are 65", 50" and 43" size. The TV boasts of superior A+ panels from LG and run android 4.4. Besides the 4K panel the Hardware is a MTK5508 chipset which is a dual core Cortex A17 running at 1.3GHz. RAM is 2GB and ROM is 8GB. User available...
  14. vaibhavyagnik

    Need to buy a product from US. Help needed

    Need to buy this deal from I have a SBI credit card which I tried for making payment but the payment got declined. I then made a paypal account but that is going to take a day or two for my documents to get verified. Meanwhile if anybody can help me out for making the payment, I...
  15. vaibhavyagnik

    Wifi to Wired ethernet Possible?

    I have got unlimited 4G for 3 months and I intent to make full use of it. My setup includes a Gaming PC, a Netgear ReadyNAS and a couple of phones. currently the PC and ReadyNAS are connected to a Netgear JNR3000 router for internet. Phones connect through Wifi The 4G connection I am getting is...
  16. vaibhavyagnik

    Android Samsung Galaxy Core I8262 Problem

    My Wife's Phone has started giving problem. Phone was working at night. This morning the phone wont start. Connected the phone to charger but there was not display that its charging. Removed battery and re inserted it. Samsung Logo appears for a second on plugging the phone and then the screen...
  17. vaibhavyagnik

    Goibibo goCash 2000 for sale

    For sale: 2k goibibo cash Reason for selling : expires on 20 October and I have no use for it now This goibibo cash can be used for bus air or hotel booking on goibibo Asking price: giveaway. Free Buyer will be given my account details for booking ticket from my account.
  18. vaibhavyagnik

    FS: RAM Transcend 1 GB X 2 800 Mhz RAM

    Up for sale 2 Sticks of Transcend 1 GB DDR2 800 Mhz RAM. Both RAM stick with shipping price is 1100 Rs. Individual stick selling price is 500 Rs + Shipping extra Cant post cpuz screenshots as I dont have a DDR2 motherboard. Buyer gets 15 days testing warranty
  19. vaibhavyagnik

    FS: RAM Corsair DDR3 1333Mhz 4GB X 3

    Up for sale are 3 - 4 GB sticks of corsair DDR3 1333Mhz Desktop RAM. Each stick is priced at 1700/- Now 1300/- per stick Buyer pays shipping for individual sticks Buy all 3 for 5100 shipped (I bear the shipping charge)
  20. vaibhavyagnik

    Windows One Laptop, 2 Hard disks, 2 separate boot loaders

    Hi, I have a laptop with one hard disk. This hard disk contains windows 7. I intend to keep work and personal use separate. So is it possible to install a separate hard disk and install fresh windows 7 on it without it affecting the bootloader on my current hard disk? I will select the hard disk...