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    Need a dead redmi note 3 32gb phone

    Hi all, I need a working redmi note 3 motherboard 3gb ram with 32gb rom, kindly send your offers
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    Budget 10-15K Repair Redmi note 3 or import Redmi 4 prime

    Hi All, I bought Redmi note 3 last year, since then I am very happy with phone performance but had two bad instance because of its large footprint once screen got damaged while riding bike with phone in pant pocket after 2 months of owning and due to crappy service of mi in India had to replace...
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    Android Redmi Note 3 Mac address stuck at 02:00:00:00:00

    Hi All, I have Redmi note 3 recently got an OTA update and updated it, but after that phone started acting wierdly whenever I switch on WiFi it wouldn't show the available network and after 2-3mins phone restarts and WiFi not working, this happened for two days and now the Mac address is stuck...
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    Budget 41-50k Need a Laptop for CAD and CAM Application Within 50k

    hi all, my friend need a laptop to work on Solidworks , the rig should be able to handle large assembly models without lag. have no idea about current models and their pricing will be a big help if you suggest some models. TIA
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    PC Peripherals Need the Best Budget Gaming Mouse.

    Hi all, my 6 yrs old deathadder is on its final phase scroll has gone mad and some clicks are not registering , so need to replace it. Must have a side 2 buttons and other things don't bother me as I am not into gaming. Budget as low as possible and size should be similar to death adder.
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    Need wifi range booster or extender for UTstarcom bsnl modem

    hi all, need a WiFi signal booster or extender for my Bsnl UTstarcom WA3002G4. WiFi signal drops to single bar in adjacent room ,so need a powerful one.
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    WTB GTX 750ti

    hi, looking for graphics card particularly zotac gtx 750ti 2gb preferably with extended warranty. pm your offers.
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    WTB 2-3tb hdd with contents.

    hi all, I need a internal 3.5" HDD with full contents like good series, movies(collectable), stand-up comedy and documentaries. The more the collection the better, So anybody selling pm me. HDD must be in warranty.
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    WTB WD 1tb My Passport PCB

    Hi all, am looking for WD 1tb My Passport external HDDs PCB as my HDDs PCB went bust and looking to recover data as much as possible. Also if you have any 1tb WD my passport working HDD can also send your offers
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    Storage Solutions wd 1tb mypassport woes

    hi all, I have 1tb my passport HDD bought last year which is used for backup only , today I plugged in the HDD my PC started acting wierdly by not responding and became very slow. HDD detects and I can browse main folders but as soon as I go into sub folders PC stops responding. Tried coping...
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    WTB GTX 750ti

    Hi, as title suggest looking for a gtx750ti, preferably in warranty. And zotac with extended warranty will be preferred.
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    FS: RAM Gskill RipjawsX 4gb*2 Ddr3 1600Mhz

    Plz don't crap the thread , any queries & suggestions please use PM.
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    FS: Motherboard Intel Pentium G3220 + Gigabyte GA-H81M-S1

    Plz don't crap the thread, will sell individually if I find buyer for both. Any queries or suggestion please use PM.
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    FS: Desktops c2d combo(sold)

    Hi all, want to sell my CPU cabinet consisting of Intel C2D E7500 2.93ghz(Sold) Gigabyte G41M-S2PT Mobo(sold) Transcend 2gb ddr3 1333mhz ram(sold) Seagate barracuda 1tb HDD Note:- This HDD is taken out of external...
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    FS: Storage Hardware WD 1.5tb green in warranty sold

    Hi all, want to sell WD 1.5tb green 3.5" HDD. This HDD was used for data backup and lightly used. Prefer local buyer. Any queries PM me. Plz don't crap the thread.:)
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    WTB 80mm high performance silent fans

    hi, as title suggest in need of 80mm high CFM and silent fans, prefer noctua if you have any similar performing fans can pm your quote shipped to Bangalore.
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    WTB Core 2duo proccy

    hi, want a core 2 duo proccy in Bangalore. @itzmydamnlyf , proccy is working great.
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    FS: RAM Gskill RipjawsX 4gb*2 Ddr3 1600Mhz Dual Channel Kit

    hi all, I want to sell my Gskill RipjawsX 2x4gb dual channel kit. URL:- Prefer local buyers. Pics:- Thanks for looking
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    FS: Motherboard Gigabyte G31 mobo + dynet 2gb ram ddr2

    Hi all, want to sell gigabyte G31M-ES2L motherboard with dynet 2gb ddr2 ram. URL:- All items are out of warranty and will provide 5days testing warranty. Prefer local buyers but shipping is at buyers risk. Pics:- thanks for looking.