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    Airtel v-fiber: Slow broadband speed from non CDN servers

    Hello All, I am using Airtel v-fiber for the last 6+ months on 100 mpbs plan in Hyderabad. I get >100 mbps speed with most video streaming services such as Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hotstar etc for regular shows. The challenge is with live streaming, example live sports on Hotstar...
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    Budget 15-20K Need Good Camera with Dual VoLTE

    Hello All, I am looking for a suggestion for a phone with the following basic requirement. Decent Front and Rear Camera (need not be the best as they will seldom be used for printing). Dual VoLTE mandatory Gorilla Glass 5 or 6 Stock Android (no skinning, no bloatware) Smooth UI user experience...
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    IPL on Hotstar - Heavy Pixellation

    Hi All, I am on 100 Mbps Airtel BB connection. I consistently get 90Mbps+ on the 5 GHz band and 70Mbps+ on 2.4 GHz band on Wifi. I have noticed that IPL on Hotstar is very heavily pixcellated. All other Live programming like Football etc and streaming videos have no issues. Have you noticed...
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    Planning to visit Manali in April. Need Suggestions

    Hello All, I am planning to visit Manali in the 3rd week of April 2019. I will be going to Manali from Delhi. I am thinking I will take a bus to Manali from Delhi. I am wondering about the following. I would like to spend around 4 to 5 days over there. We are a family of 4 adults. What would...
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    Airtel GPON HG8145V Supported USB file system formats

    Does anybody know about file systems the GPON device supports in USB mode. Can someone please help me get the user manual?
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    Pl Suggest a Webhost for Email

    Hi, I am currently with Hostdime for the past 6 years. Their pricing has increased and they no longer offer shared hosting. I am now looking for a new webhost. I was on Hostgator prior to moving to hostdime. I am not able recall why I moved out of Hostgator. My requirements: Host emails. I...
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    Making Outgoing Calls with active Plan using Jio

    Hi, In Airtel, I do not subscribe to any prepaid monthly plan. Instead I just have a top up (talk time) and use it a-la-carte for making calls. My talk time balance reduces depending on the call rates to the called number. Is there something similar in JIO where I do not need an active plan? I...
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    Moving to Airtel VFiber from ACT: Questions

    Hi, I am from Hyderabad. I am planning to move to Airtel's Vfiber from ACT. What has been your experience with Airtel's VFiber? How good is the 100 mbps plan. Do you really get 100 mbps on both download and upload? The same question for the 40 mbps plan too. The primary reason I am moving to...
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    Video Amazon Fire / Android TV: Youtube playback problem for certain Videos

    Hi All, Calling Amazon Fire TV / Android TV users for help. Since last week, whenever I try to play certain videos using either Fire TV stick or nVidia Shield TV I get a message that the uploader has not allowed the video for playback in your country (I do not remember the exact message). I can...
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    FS: Consoles nVidia Shield TV with Remote & Controller(Joystick) - 16.2K

    Selling brand new sealed nVidia Shield TV with remote and controller. Bought it in US on Amazon. Bought one extra due to order duplication. I am selling it at my cost price which includes currency exchange rate + local taxes and local shipping in US. No bargain whatsoever. Fixed Price 16.2K...
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    Broadlink wifi remote controller

    Hi, Does anyone know if the broadlink remote software has built in codes for devices? My remote for my AV receiver is broke due to battery leakage (Amazon Basics battery that was valid until 12/2027). I am particularly keen to know if Marantz SR7001 AV receiver codes are available from the App...
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    Video Which 4K Android TV Box for Prime Videos and Kodi?

    Hi, I have a friend coming from US who is willing to get me an Android TV Box. Which one would you suggest? The following are my requirements. 1. Smooth Playback 2. Easy remote interface 3. Amazon Prime Videos at high resolution 4. 4K Video playback 5. Kodi support 6. Regular OTA updates 7...
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    Suggest a good Travel Logger (Travelogue)

    Hi, I have recently returned from a tour of Israel wherein I have taken many pictures and videos. I would like to log my learnings and observations and photos and videos day wise. I need some tagging for easy search. Are there any Web and Android apps that you think I should use? One time...
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    Yet another invasion of Privacy by the GoI

    So, the GoI now wants to build its own Cambridge Analytica alternative so that they can find out how many people watch Hindu Spiritual Channels and how many Islam and Christian Channels. They can further divide us on the basis of our caste, language by slicing and dicing the data that we all...
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    Why aren't Airtel and Jio releasing their TV apps on Fire Stick?

    Hi, With BB becoming affordable, I am wondering why Airtel TV and Jio TV are not on Fire Stick? In fact Jio TV does not even allow you to cast to Chormecast. Any idea why? What is the point in limiting to a tiny mobile screen. Does anyone have any idea what the rationale is? I would be happy...
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    Anybody using Airtel V-Fiber?

    Hi, Any using V-Fiber in Hyderabad? They have laid new underground Fiber cables in our locality. How good is it? The plans seem to be better than ACT. After speaking to their technical person, I understand that the telephone connection that you get with it cannot be split. So, basically you can...
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    Wifi Smart Plug

    Hi, Does anyone have Wifi Smart Plugs? How good and reliable are they? What is your opinion of this one? Thanks, Srikanth
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    Airtel to Jio: Do new Ported Numbers get Prime?

    Hi, I have been an Airtel postpaid customer for 12 years now. There network coverage in my residential area is very poor and they are doing nothing about it. So, finally, I have decided to move away from from Airtel. My wife has Jio which has great signal inside our house. My phone (Moto X...
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    How and where to dispose used Electronics Stuff

    Hi, Do you know of any service that would provide pickup of used stuff such as Treadmill and Dishwasher? I am looking for such a service in Hyderabad. Thanks, SrikanthAny inputs please?
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    Video Airtel Launches Hybrid DTH STB

    Airtel has launched Hybrid DTH STB for 5K. The best part seems to be it has Chromecast builtin which in itself is a 3.4K savings if one is looking for it. Apart from this it has native support for Netflix and Youtube (probably due to Chromecast) and you can install apps from Play Store. I wonder...