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    Need to upgrade TV after 10 years (1-1.5 lakh)

    Hello guys, I bought a Sony HDTV (the first Full HD TV in India) about ten years ago. Paid a premium for it. Now though, it is time to upgrade. Please give suggestions. Also, any trade-in deals? Anything goes as far as suggestions..... 1. Budget: 1-1.5 lakh 2. Viewing distance: A good...
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    Budget 31-40k Best laptop under 40k and one from 40k-50k

    Hello, Just the overall best laptops in these two categories: 1. Budget: 40k 2. Budget 50k Windows 10 is preferred instead of Linux. Bring on any and all suggestions. I'd love a 6th gen i5 but a 5th gen i5 will also do in that budget. Thanks, Sahil
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    Best portable charger and multi-plug USB outlet?

    Hello, What is the best portable charger and multi-USB wall plug I can buy today from somewhere in Delhi or preferably Amazon/Flipkart? Budget for portable charger: 3,000 Budget for multi-USB wall plug: 1,500 Thanks, Crazysah
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    Budget 15-20K Query Best smartphone under 20k?

    Hello, Again, as the title says, best smartphone under 20k? Preferably running 6.0 but if not, at least one that would be upgradable to it in the future? So one with 5.0 therefore. Priorities: Good phone and decent battery life Thanks, Crazysah
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    Budget 51-70k Best laptop for 70k?

    Hello, As the title goes, looking for the best laptop one can buy in India for 70k. Has to be Windows 10 and has to be relatively light. Those are the only requirements. Thanks, Crazysah
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    Best dongle for New Delhi?

    Hello, While I wait to get my broadband service setup, I'd like to purchase a dongle. Preferably a Wi-Fi dongle. What's the best service and plan that I can get? I'll be using it mostly in the Vasant Kunj area of New Delhi. Thanks, Crazysah
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    Average Broadband Speeds in India

    Hello, Is there anyway to figure out a per state average broadband speeds in India? Or are their any reports on this? Thanks, Crazysah
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    Wi-Fi Router under 5k

    Hello, So I have one router already, an ASUS, but looking at the range and output, it seems less. Signal is weak in some places in the house. I want a router for downstairs. Which routers do you recommend under 5k? I'll mostly be using it for streaming and gaming. Also, possibly communicate...
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    A high definition monitor

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a high definition monitor with at least one HDMI port and preferably some other good features. Should be over 20" and below Rs 25k. Usage: Mostly Xbox One and movies/tv shows from my hard drive. (I have a WD TV player and a Roku for that and a laptop). Bring on the...
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    Bought an Xbox One in the USA

    Hello guys, I bought an Xbox One from the USA as it was far cheaper. I think the only thing that has to be done to use it in India is purchase a power supply right? I called up Xbox support here and they said it isn't available yet and to check back next week. Are there any other alternatives...
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    New DVD Player/BluRay Player

    Hello guys, I'm in the market for a DVD Player or a BluRay Player. Now, I'd preferably like a BluRay player as it can upconvert regular dvd's but if it is too much than a DVD player will do. Bring on the suggestions, Crazysah
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    IMAX in NCR

    I know there isn't any IMAX theaters anywhere in North India right? I've heard though that one is coming up in Gurgaon at MGF Metropolis. Heard of it? It's called Aeren R or something. I'm searching for more information on this. Crazysah
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    Cloud Storage

    Hello guys, What's the best and cheapest cloud storage service for a small company of about 20 employes? The ones I've found so far are: 1. JustCloud 2. Dropbox 3. ADrive 4. ZipCloud 5. 6. LiveDrive 7. Google Drive 8. Microsoft SkyDrive I've heard Google Drive is pretty...
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    HTC Explorer

    Hello, So I just got an HTC Explorer the other day and it came with lots of pre-installed apps. The problem is, I cannot uninstall them or move them to the SD Card. Any suggestions for doing this? Also, what's the best Twitter App to use that can be put on the SD card? Thanks, Crazysah
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    Audio Best Earphones Under 2k?

    Hello, What are the best earphones I can buy in Delhi or online for less than 2k? Thanks, Crazysah
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    HTC Explorer Stuck on Boot Screen

    Hello, So I ordered the HTC Explorer online and got it on Satirday. Today, I opened it up, charged the battery and tried to turn it on. The problem is, it gets stuck on the green HTC with a white background screen and won't go past it. What should I do? Anything at all I can do? Or should I...
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    Car & Bike New Small Car Suggestions

    Hello guys, So me and my family currently own two cars. The Chevrolet Optra and the Hyundai Getz. The Optra has served us for almost ten years and we want to sell it/trade it in for another small the car (around the size of the Getz/Jazz). Which are the good small cars in the market now? We...
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    Video Editing?

    Hello, Is anybody here good at video editing? Might need help in editing a 2-4 minute video. Thanks, Crazysah
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    Sports Events in New Delhi

    Hello, Does anybody know any sporting events coming up in New Delhi? Whether it be something obscure and small or whether it is something that is popular, I want to know. Basically I'm looking at sporting events to cover for my internship. Thanks, Sahil
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    How is the Nokia Asha Series?

    Hello, So I'm most definitely buysing a HTC Explorer but I need to decide a phone for a friend now. He is looking at the Nokia Asha Series and I just read they are launching 3 new models and I saw the Asha 311 looks the most interesting. Is it any good? And has it launched? Thanks, Crazysah