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  1. Mr.J

    Looking to Buy Top Loading Washing Machine

    Mom is against front loading machines, so have to go with top loading one. Features looking for: Fully automatic Good after sales service As little water wastage as possible Other than this I don't have a freaking clue about features and how useful they are. :facepalm: Have looked at these...
  2. Mr.J

    Storage Solutions Hard Disk Not Detecting, PCB is Probably at Fault

    Hard disk in question is WD Black, with date 7 Feb 2013 printed on the label. Is there any place where I can get PCB of this hard Disk replaced? There's no clicking sound or anything so I guess disks aren't damaged. Also this is my second WD drive that failed the exact same way. I've had...
  3. Mr.J

    Looking for LGA 1155 Motherboard

    Need it for i5 3550 CPU, 2x4GB RAM sticks, and a GPU.
  4. Mr.J

    Official: IBM to gobble Red Hat for $34bn – yes, the enterprise Linux biz
  5. Mr.J

    Camera Looking to buy filters for Camera (Sony A6000)

    And I'm totally confused which brand's to buy. There are dozens of cheap 500rs filters on Amazon but I'm looking to buy something trustworthy. Photography forums also advise to stay away from cheap filters as they mess with the picture quality. Unfortunately, B+W offerings are few and far...
  6. Mr.J

    PC Peripherals Need UPS with Future proofing

    Current config: Intel i5 5500 GPU R9 270x Dual-X Dell U2312HM Seasonic S12 II 520 Looking at ~1KVA options but Amazon doesn't seem to have sine wave UPS. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  7. Mr.J

    Bharti Airtel Acquires Tata Teleservices
  8. Mr.J

    Weekend Certification Courses in Mumbai?

    Hey guys, Been working primarily as helpdesk for almost 2.5 years and I'm thinking of upgrading my skillset instead of handling laptops, desktops, Windows issues and resetting AD passwords on for foreseeable future. :angelic: Even though I know some of you will say certifications don't matter...
  9. Mr.J

    HMT Servicing in Mumbai

    Hi guys, since last 2 days my HMT Pilot is not ticking. I can wind it but nothing happens. And the crown can be rotated both ways which I'm sure wasn't happening before. Any suggestions? And if needs to be serviced, are there any service centers other than Kamdar in Dadar?
  10. Mr.J

    Storage Solutions Looking for SSD as OS Drive

    Hey guys, what are my options if I want to use and SSD as OS drive? As my system is now almost 3 years old so I am thinking of installing SSD. Might give it a bit of performance boost. Budget is around 8k for 120-200GB SSD. So, what companies are there with good products as well as after...
  11. Mr.J

    Chester Bennington, Linkin Park Singer, Dead at 41 Sharing with you guys because I think many of us grew up listening to them. I know I did. RIP :(
  12. Mr.J

    Android (Rumour/Leak)Motorola Moto X4 tipped to be unveiled on June 30
  13. Mr.J

    [From Reddit] I'm becoming scared of Facebook. I thought this deserves its own thread.
  14. Mr.J

    Monitors Black Spots on Monitor - Dell U2412HM

    And I'm quite sure they're not dead pixels. My system was offline due to mobo failure for more than a month. Now I just started it and noticed few black spots on display. Picture and screenshot for comparison: Any chance these will go away or do I have to do something?
  15. Mr.J

    Graphic Cards Occasional Issue With Display

    I have R9 270X installed in my system. Runs peachy. No issues even when I am playing Civ V, Tomb Raider 2013, Fallout 4 etc. But that's only when system boots without any issue. Sometimes, system starts and there's no display. At all. But the PC boots without any other issue. Only problem is...
  16. Mr.J

    Digital Marketing Job in Bangalore?

    Hey guys, Anyone knows if there a vacancy or two or available in Bangalore for digital marketing? Asking for a friend. I am from Mumbai so asking you peeps. Cheers!
  17. Mr.J

    Reporting Job Frauds

    How to do it? I received a mail from some scammer pretending to be working for L&T. I forwarded it to L&T people. What else we can do? Can we let the cops know?
  18. Mr.J

    Graphic Cards GPU Issue - Sapphire R9 270X

    Hi all, Since yesterday I have faced this weird issue where the screen goes blank (sleep mode which as you all know is when monitor doesn't have any input) and the fans of GPU starts spinning very fast. I was watching new BvS trailer and I had turn off the system from mains and turn it on...
  19. Mr.J

    Watches Cleaning Thread.

    Ask questions and share tips for cleaning watches, watchstraps etc. I had to clean my Maxima Ego today as it had that green stuff (verdigris) on the rim, under the straps. I used an old toothbrush and some Min cream to clean it and removed like 90% of that disgusting stuff. I'll try with...
  20. Mr.J

    Audio Need IEMs with mic for phone. (1.5k max)

    My SoundMagic MP21 are on their way out so I'm looking for a pair to replace them. As I use my phone (Moto G 1st gen.) I'm looking for IEMs with mic. Any suggestions?