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  1. raksrules

    Anyone using seat cushion for travel in company bus?

    It may seem like a weird query but I am looking for a good quality portable seat cushion to be used for my travel in company bus. My travel is long and company bus is worst. The ones where in the 3 seats only 2 people can sit and such. My bottom hurts a lot with the extended seating in the bus...
  2. raksrules

    iPhone 6S (Verizon) - Vodafone - Should I expect LTE / VOLTE ?

    I am using Vodafone SIM and iPhone 6S. I am in Mumbai. I am not very sure how old my SIM is but I reckon it is not yet old. I do get 4G signal on my phone and speedtest gives me upwards of 20Mbps in good network condition. I have enabled 4G for "Voice and Data" in cellular settings too. Now, I...
  3. raksrules

    Unable to register for ICICI iMobile

    I am unable to regjster for ICICI imobile no matter how many times I try. The mobile number is my registered number. I download the app and it sends the activation message and then tells me to choose from touch id, pin or I'd password. I select pin and put a 4 digit pin number and I get this...
  4. raksrules

    Anyone using "One Broadband" in Mumbai?

    So recently couple of people from One Broadband came to my home offering in home Fiber internet. They claim it is FTTH. My dad knew about this service that it was going to Come (few months back) and now seems they have started the service. I checked their website (
  5. raksrules

    Is this 3G USB Modem any useful today?

    I have this tmobile branded USB 3G Modem I bought several years back. I am sure many on TE also got this at same time. It is the UMG1831. Can anyone tell me if this thing is any relevant today or is there any use of it? I don't want to use for sake of it. I don't think this supports 4G at all right?
  6. raksrules

    Laser Printer with Scan and Xerox (All in One Kind) - B&W ok, low maintenance preferred

    I am in market to buy a new laser printer with scan and xerox facility. I have never used laser printers ever. I know most are black and white ones and I am ok with that. I would prefer one with low maintenance in terms of refilling the toner and such. Don't want any DRM like those inkjet...
  7. raksrules

    Laptops Lenovo Flex 6 - 14 Inch. Display stopped working, display on external monitor works, cannot claim warranty

    I bought a Lenovo Flex 6 - 14 Inch laptop just 3 months back when I was in US. Now I am in India and the Lenovo service center told me that they cannot service my laptop. I contacted US support and they told they cannot help unless I have a way to send laptop to US or something. I am out of...
  8. raksrules

    Are Inverter Washing Machine worth buying or its a sham? LG specifically

    We are in market for immediate need of a washing machine. Our old Videocon is giving recurring expenses. Two of the repair guys we know suggested LG or Panasonic. We went to reliance digital and Vijay sales near my home in Mumbai and saw that Panasonic has phased out all models and new ones...
  9. raksrules

    Budget 5-10K Android Big screen phone for only streaming and offline video watching

    1. Budget? A: Cheapest (but ideally under 10K) 2. Preferred display size, type and resolution? A: Big screen for video watching, FHD preferred 3. Preferred operating system? (Android (with version), iOS, Windows Phone etc). A: Android 4. Preferred connectivity options? (4G, 3G, 2G etc). A...
  10. raksrules

    PC Peripherals Experience dealing with Carpel Tunnel due to mouse usage. TL;DR: Trackball Mouse fixed it

    Being in IT and working on computers (laptops) for full day for last 13+ years and even before that, last year, I developed what is called as "Carpel Tunnel Syndrome" or "Repetitive stress Injury (RSI)". I didn't even know these terms before that and what I actually searched on google when It...
  11. raksrules

    Situation / Surrounding Aware Bluetooth Headphones for TV Watching

    So we recently got a bedroom TV in which we are using Fire TV Stick. The TV is Mi Pro 4A Pro 32" but we are not using the android tv part of the TV. My wife and kid are primary use of the TV and I need to get my wife some sort of audio accessory like headphone which allows her to watch TV but...
  12. raksrules

    Can Tata Sky App be installed on Fire Stick or Mi TV ?

    My In laws have Tata Sky service at their home and they only use it on TV. Now I have got a second TV at my home and I don't want to get new cable box (current provider is Incable) and instead use streaming on the new TV. I was wanting to use my in-laws account to login and watch TV over...
  13. raksrules

    Eros Now Free 1 Year Subscription (Movie / TV Show Streaming)

    Eros Now Free 1 Year Subscription Use Code "EROSVIJAY" while registering. I am in US and was able to register. Not sure if it will work in India but it should. Else use VPN. If you already have an account, try on it else create a new account.
  14. raksrules

    32" TV for Bedroom for use with Fire Stick, will be wall mounted

    1. Budget. - Cheaper the Better 2. Viewing distance. - 3-7 Feet (since it is in bedroom) 3. Sources/inputs such as HD DTH/consoles/stand-alone media players etc. - Will use Fire Stick with it, mostly 4K one (only due to it being better spec) 4. Preference for plasma TV/LCD TV/LED-LCD TV. -...
  15. raksrules

    No LTE when using iPhone 6S (Verizon) on Vodafone Mumbai

    I have iphone 6S bought in US which was originally Verizon. This phone last connected to any Indian Operator was back in Feb 2016. Now I am in India and using Vodafone in Mumbai. I am not getting LTE At all in my phone. I only see 3G and On a good day I get max 4Mbps but usually below 1Mbps. I...
  16. raksrules

    Pebble Smartwatch

    Is anyone on TE selling the Pebble Smart watch ? I would prefer the P2 or P2HR or Time or Steel. If anyone has one and is planning to sell, please PM me your offer. Shipping to Mumbai.
  17. raksrules

    Streaming Music Sharing Groups on TE ?

    I started the Netflix sharing thread which has gained lot of traction and we have been making groups here. Now can we try to create a Streaming Music sharing group ? I am not sure which app is best currently. My views on the apps I have used till now are.. Saavn - Excellent selection and sound...
  18. raksrules

    The Lego (and Knockoffs) Thread

    I have recently discovered Lego (yes I was probably living under a rock) and my son enjoys building them. I have personally started liking legos and like building them too. But as we know legos are crazy expensive and many a times out of reach for many people in India due to either non...
  19. raksrules

    Anyone here (or your wife, mom) using Instant Pot for Indian Cooking ?

    Is anyone here using Instant pot in India to cook regular Indian meals ? Want to know how are the experiences and where to buy from. I can get from USA but it would be 110v and I am not sure if it is ok to keep using with a step down transformer and instead get a 220v proper one.
  20. raksrules

    Looking for IT Job in Mumbai

    I am currently working in US at Client Location and work for one of the big IT companies in India. My base location is Pune but since last 3.5 years I am in US and have been to US before as well and couple of other geographies. I am planning to make my base in Mumbai as I have my home there and...