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    Thermal pads need 3mm and 2mm thick thermal pads

    if you have any good 3mm and 2mm thickness thermal pads let me know. Or know from where i can get some. need for my vega 64
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    Ryzen 5 2600 or 2600x or 1600

    looking to buy R5 2600 OR R5 2600X or 1600 please send your offers , shipped to mumbai
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    Mobile with Snapdragon 820 or Better

    need a phone with snapdragon 820 or better processor - screen should be in good condition - battery life must be decent Budget : UNDER Rs.8000
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    Looking for a GPU Between 10k-12k

    my GTX 960 died on me ... so looking for a decent GPU WITH warranty of minimum 6 months left .. Price : 10k-12k Location : Mumbai
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    Suggest PSU for my Config.

    so my old antec 650 watt PSU died on me.. i need a new psu for my pc please suggest .. my config is as blow i5 6500 GIGABYTE GA-H170-D3H LGA 1151 zotac gtx 960 4gb 2x8 gb corsair rams 3 x led lit case fans 1x ssd 2x mech hdd 1x dvd drive
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    LG V20

    looking for LG V20(with unlockable bootloader) PRICE : 20K-23K(send me your offers) preferred location : Mumbai
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    WTB Graphics Card Around 10k

    looking for graphics card for around Rs.10,000 (a bit flexible) -It should have At least 1 year INDIAN warranty remaining. -Mumbai Location is preferred
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    WTB I7 - 4th Gen CPU + Motherboard to go along it (Pref. Mumbai)

    i want to buy i7 cpu + a compatible mid range motherboard. it has to be in warranty it should not have been overclocked Location : Mumbai sellers preferred but please do send me your offer :)
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    WTB looking for a cheap Apple Macbook Pro anything after 2012

    looking for macbook pro for iOS development ,any model after 2012 and with min 8GB ram and should be upgradable :) Location: MUMBAI SELLERS HIGHLY PREFERRED. please quote your price here or through PM .
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    WTB Want to buy an Android phone for around 10k-13k

    looking for a good android phone for around 10k-13k. if it has warranty then it's better... should have memory card slot and replaceable battery.. it should have good DEV community support (XDA) Location: MUMBAI just throw your offer :) and please be reasonable.
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    FS: Mobile Phone 6 - 16GB Grey Color Few Days Old

    URGENT SALE It's a brand new phone.. just used for 2-3 days. Selling a brand new Iphone 6 16GB (Grey color). MUMBAI BUYERS HIGHLY PREFERRED. THE COST OF THE CASE ALONE IS Rs,700 WHICH IS BEING GIVEN FOR FREE HERE.
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    WTB Iphone Under Rs.5000

    i want an Iphone Around Rs.5000 preferably iPhone 4 or 4s... it should be in good working condition factory unlocked no scratches on SCREEN... don't care much about other things. MUMBAI sellers highly preferred
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    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Cooler Master Thunder 500W 500 Watts PSU

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    FS: Video Card Zotac GTX 550TI

    Local buyers are highly preferred
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    WTB Need a Decent 500Watt + Power Supply

    Need a Decent 500 watt + power supply for around Rs.3000 - Rs.3500 Location:Mumbai Has to power 3 HDD + 1 SSD +1 dvd drive + 2 Led case fans(might add 2 more in future) + will be buying a GPU which might need 2x6-pin connectors(something like r9 280x,7950..etc) Current PSU : Cooler Master...
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    PC Peripherals Suggest a Good PSU for 3k-3.5k

    need to change PSU, getting a new mid-range GPU... read reviews that my current PSU (CM Thunder 500WATT) has a notorious reputation of not handling things well.. and that it's a re-branded CM EXTREME series.. so please suggest a good 500watt+ SMPS under 3k-3.5k..can't go beyond that as i need...
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    WTB Want a decent Graphics Card for around 11K

    i am looking for a decent graphics card for around 11k.. should be in warranty at least 6months.. my location : POWAI, MUMBAI i already have a "Zotac GTX 550 ti" which has served me well...not its time to change it. my computer specs are: i3-3220 b75m d3h 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 CM Thunder...
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    PC Peripherals Need a good Cabinet for around 3k-3.5k

    i have been using the stock ZEBRONICS cabinet for the past 6 years.. and yesterday i added 1 SSD and 1 more HDD + 2 already remaining HDD to the cabinet.. and the cable mess is just too much.. and the old cabinet doesn't have any cable management options.... so thinking of getting a new...
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    Budget 41-50k Need a Decent 14inch and Light laptop for Programming

    Need a good 14inch laptop which has good screen and nothing fancy lots of ram and good CPU for programming What's your Budget? 35K-46K What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? : Programming,traveling, TV Shows, Dota 2 (its a plus point) What size and weight considerations do you...
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    WTB Need a Decent Gaming Mouse for Around Rs.1000+-

    as the title says.. need a gaming mouse for around 1k with warranty(it would be nice it it has some)..... i bought a CM storm devastator set a while back but the mouse started giving some problems so need to send it for repair... hence need a replacement... MAINLY FOR "DOTA 2" please be...