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  1. prabs

    Movies & TV Modern TV Viewing

    I am now nearing the end of my first week of complete dependency on streaming services for entertainment. In all honesty I don't miss a the Tata Sky at all. The alternatives to it are pretty good. I am using - VIP 365 on Hotstar + Amazon Prime + Netflix (4 screen share membership) + Youtube...
  2. prabs

    CRT TV 21 Inch

    HI As crazy as it sounds I am looking for a 21 Inch TV that is in good condition. Reason - Retro Consoles Should be in good condition and seller should be from Mumbai.
  3. prabs

    Storage Solutions WD Passport

    This the result of chkdsk on one of the drives of it I am able to read from it but the video files get corrupted while writing to it. The copying speeds are around 50-55 mbps instead of 90mbps or higher via USB 3. On the other partition I am able to copy data properly and use it. I am...
  4. prabs

    Linux Linux Mint on Netbook

    I am new to Linux. I decided to give my old netbook a new lease of life so I installed Linux Mint 18.3 XFCE on it. Though it appears to be faster than Windows 7 Starter Edition youtube videos at 480 still struggle. I also want to activate the function keys so that I can press Fn + Up/Down to...
  5. prabs

    Car & Bike Formula 1 2018 Discussion thread

    @Renegade , @rdst_1 , @bottle ,@Obi-Wan , @soggy316 ,@onlyravi , @hotshot05 , @sbhas2k , @Fenix ,@aZZu ,@Arjun ,@Crazy_Eddy, @dingodile_r89, @Sudarshan_SMD, @latino_ansari, @vishalrao, @Jakob, @xtremevicky, @su30mki117, @Chaos , @GPMlore , @rajan1311 , @RS4 , @Bugabear , @fleshfragger, @Vagabond...
  6. prabs

    Modern day gaming and everything that is wrong with it

    Rant Start I booted up my PS3 2 days back and started Gran Turismo 6. Went into news section and this is what I was greeted with. Seems like a good idea from their point of view. They have a new Gran Turismo game and they want people to buy that and play that but what about those who still...
  7. prabs

    WTB Playstation One

    Looking for a Playstation One preferably NTSC U/C. I bought a few original games but they won't run on my PS3 because PS3 is region locked for PS1 games. Would prefer the older model with revised gamepad that had analog sticks. PM me :)
  8. prabs

    Failtel Strikes again

    So Failtel has recently started advertising Upto 100 mbps for broadband all over the place. So I get a flier in the newspaper and finally decided to go for it. Called up Failtel and the first thing they tell me is - "Sorry only 40 mbps" is available at your place and I thought that is better...
  9. prabs

    There was a time...

    Not singing the Aerosmith Song Cryin' but literally crying looking at the modern day gaming scene. There was a time when games that were released were complete. There was a time when games that were released didn't need day one patches that were at times as big as the game itself. There was a...
  10. prabs

    A Tale of 2 Rupees

    Today I took a short trip and the amount was the minimum fare of Rs.18/- A common trick that the Mumbai Rickshawallahs have adopted is claiming they don't have 2 Rs or 1 Rupee change. Generally to counter this I give them 8 Rupees if they make that claim but thanks to that I ran out of all the...
  11. prabs

    Maggi Mixer Grinder

    My mother wants me to buy a Mixer Grinder but from Maggi Brand. She would like to get the 750W model because she is also a Jeremy Clarkson fan (Just Kidding). Some of the regular models that we bought get stuck wit cake batter etc., She had Maggi mixer that lasted for nearly a decade but this...
  12. prabs

    FS: Desktops Processor, Motherboard, RAM and GPU

    Looking for a quick sale as I have upgraded my PC. The PC was powerful enough for general computing but I wanted to go back to PC gaming. Hence,... Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 @2.53 GHz (Always used at stock speeds) - Rs.1000/- Motherboard - Asus P5G41C-M LX (Socket LGA775) compatible...
  13. prabs

    Vivaldi Browser

    Opera moved on from Presto to Chromium and I wasn't really fond of what I found. A bunch of features that I had got used to had gone missing (Tab Grouping being one of my favorite along with Visual Tabs). So the jump felt like going backwards and I stuck to Opera 12.17 till now but a bunch of...
  14. prabs

    PC Peripherals Suggest me a Monitor LCD Cleaner

    I have this stain on my screen which has been there for a while and I would like to remove it. I don't want to damage my monitor. Can you guys something to clean the monitor? The monitor is a Benq XL 2420Z with a non glossy surface. Please advice.
  15. prabs

    PS3 shutting itself off

    I have a PS3 Slim which I bought back in September/October 2012. I swapped the HDD that came with it a 320GB to 1 TB last year, My PS3 started turning itself off randomly today. It was working perfectly last week when I last played on it. The first time PS3 turned on normally and then...
  16. prabs

    My Video Games and Console

    Over the last few years I have been collecting games for a few console viz., PSP, Vita and PS3. Thought I would share them here. The overall PSP collection - Compilations of old classic games - 3D Platformers with campaigns - Pick up and play games - Games with Driving involved -...
  17. prabs

    Need help with Mumbai Foreign Post Office

    I ordered a Mi Gamepad and 90 Degree stereo cable from Gearbest both combined with gearbest's tracking cost and insurance was around 1.9K The last update on 2016-05-16 15:47 stated - "India, MUMBAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE, Record item customs information (Inb), Air, MUMBAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE...
  18. prabs

    Car & Bike Formula 1 2016 Discussion thread

    @Renegade , @rdst_1 , @bottle ,@Obi-Wan , @soggy316 ,@onlyravi , @hotshot05 , @sbhas2k , @Fenix ,@aZZu ,@Arjun ,@Crazy_Eddy, @dingodile_r89, @Sudarshan_SMD, @latino_ansari, @vishalrao, @Jakob, @xtremevicky, @su30mki117, @derp Finally some action instead of idle just news from the world of F1...
  19. prabs

    FS: Consoles PS Vita Memory Card

    Hi I would like to sell my Vita Memory Card Vita memory card 16 GB. Bought about a year back from Alfa. Have kept the original packing which was very carefully opened. Contains the documentation as well which came with the card. So can pack it as if new and send it. Reason for Sale - Upgraded...