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    Wifi network range enhancement options ?

    I have a TP link TL-WR740N wifi router ( at my home. Now the problems is that ever since I have shifted to a larger house, I do not get the signal all across the house. What are the options with me to "extend" the wifi range? 1...
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    Tikona users share your experience

    The reason being, I need to ascertain whether I am an idiot, or is it that Tikona actually cannot provide reliable services. My location is in Pune - but the issue is not about location, the issue appears to be with their roof top devices. (It seem to go to sleep intermittently and wake up when...
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    Suggest Wi-Fi solution for my home ...

    Current status: 1. I have Tikona broadband wire coming to my home. 2. I have a desktop PC with Win XP as well Ubuntu 12.04 (dual boot) 3. The Tikona wire is connected to the ethernet port of my PC, and I use the wired internet on both XP and Ubuntu 4. Tikona uses web login to start the session...
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    Monitors cost effective 24" - 23" LCD screen

    I am looking out for a 24" or 23" LCD screen. My preference is actually 4:3 screens, but I reckon these days 16:9 is in vogue. Also there are some 16:10 screens available! Anyway, I am on a lookout for an LCD monitor. Budget is typical Indian style - as low as possible. But I want considerable...
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    Mobile at 5K levels - best value for money

    1. Q: Budget? A: about 5k 2. Q: Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A: Bar, moving parts NOT preferred 3. Q: Preferred display type? A: I believe I don't really have much choice at this price. The larger - the better. 4. Q: Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name...
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    Very very WEIRD! Not able to open Demonoid

    This is very peculiar problem that I am facing. I use Sify broad band connection. What happens is that I am able to open Demonoid site when I use my desktop to surf the net. However, if I connect my laptop to sify, it doesnt open the demonoid site. On the other hand, using, I am able...
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    Speaker system: Rant!

    Why do most of the people I come across, sound so retarded when I ask about sound quality from their speakers? I mean, the only three (practically two) response I can get out of them is: 1. It has deeeeeeep BASS = it's boxy quality - good for dhin-chak dhin-chak stuff. 2. It has great high...
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    PC Peripherals CD-Drive causing boot/login problems

    This is a real wierd problem am facing. 1. Whenever I pop a CD into my comp and play it, my comp crash-shutsdown after a while. 2. If I start the comp with CD in the tray, the comp boots. But when I login, the comp crash-shuts down. 3. I burned one CD, during CD burning, there were no problems...
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    Windows Media Player blues :(

    Haha, though I dont use WMP (almost never, ever since MPlayer), however, I like to have things working properly on my comp. And this is a very peculiar problem. Whenever I play MP3 files, just at the begining (or whenver I slide te track forward/backward) the track playing speed fluctuates...
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    "C" Drive getting filled!!!

    My system: 3 drives, C drive is the drive housing Windows Windows XP SP2 (licenced) McAffee antivirus I dunno what exactly is the problem, but after a while, I see that my comp's C drive is getting filled up steadily. OK Lemme dig into a brief history too. Few months back, I had Adobe...
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    Battle of Video Codecs: x264 vs XviD vs DivX

    Which one of these you guys have found to be most effective? x264 or Xvid or DivX - Max compression (keeping teh Video bit rate as low as possible) - Least ditortion from original video - Fastest encoding. And yeah which container you guys prefer: Avi, mkv, ogm, ...... ?
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    This is ssslayer from India (LOL) Just cam across this site. Lemme see how much I can benefit from here ;)