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  1. princeoo7

    iOS Is my iPhone slow for some reason that I should look into ?

    Below is my iPhone XR Antutu benchmark score. Is way below then what I saw or found on internet. So what’s wrong with this device ? Any idea ?
  2. princeoo7

    CPU/Mobo Usb 3 hub below 1k in India required

    As the title says, I need a sub 3 hub for my laptop where I need to connect atleast 5 device. Laptop have 3 hubs from which 2 is usb 3 and 1 is usb 2. Please recommend me which usb hub will be good.
  3. princeoo7

    Budget 0-5K Is it worth buying tempered glass for iPhone XR ?

    Before iPhone XR I had and still own ASUS m1 max pro which is without screen protection and only one scratch not so big. In case of iPhone when I bought it, I also got a ₹120 tempered glass which was the only option. Recently it have got a crack for no reason as I remember I never dropped the...
  4. princeoo7

    All OS Charging iOS and Android over mi 18w 10000mah power bank on daily basis !

    Is their a problem to charge iPhone and Android device with mi power bank 2i 10000mah on daily basis instead of normal chargers ? Is it a good idea for phones and the power bank ?
  5. princeoo7

    Is my linksys router dying ?

    I have linksys route from 2016 and it’s always on. Only holiday it gets is the power cuts I have at my place. Now the issue is that from some time I am getting disconnection to wifi every now an then. On laptop it works fine but on mobile devices, I am facing this issue. I though my mobile...
  6. princeoo7

    Budget Above 25K Is it worth buying Reliance digital extended warranty with iPhone ?

    I was offered reliance digital extended warranty making iPhone warranty of 2 years. What is it about ? I was not provided specification of the plan but said RS. 1500 extra. So what is the deal. Is a good deal ? Or should I reject the offer ?
  7. princeoo7

    Budget Above 25K Apple iPhone for app development purpose to buy now or wait if necessary !

    I have been working one being a mobile app dev recently and was thinking if for developing iOS app requires a physical devices or not. I have a Hackintosh so that part is covered but should I buy a iPhone for testing purpose also ? If so the which iphone to buy ? It's August already now and in...
  8. princeoo7

    Security Software Dual boot Mac os Mojave and windows 10 on hp laptop help needed.

    I was trying to have a dual boot of Mac Mojave and windows 10 1903. The problem I am facing is if I have Mac installed first and w10 afterwords, only windows 10 boots and if w10 first and Mac os second the. MacOs only. I am trying it to boot on same ssd of 1tb. 500gb for each os. Where is...
  9. princeoo7

    Thermal Paste or Thermal Pad to buy for laptop and so then which one ?

    Well we recently bought the mx500 1tb SSD and installed it in a hp 7th gen i5 7200u laptop. At that time we noticed that the cpu was touching min 87 and max 94 - 98 degree in temp. So we cleaned it and did the normal jugad of Colgate which did bought down the them to min 53 but the max is still...
  10. princeoo7

    OC & Modding Logitech g413 or any other alternative to it in the price range ?

    I will be soon going for my Logitech g413 RMA. If they have a replacement the g413 it is. But if not the I will be refunded. So what keyboard am I suppose to go with in this case ? Any suggestions ?
  11. princeoo7

    CPU/Mobo Usb drive recommendation for OS Installer, MacOs and Windows

    Recently I have faced a boot failier and lucky enough I was able to get my data before formatting and also i had to first clean pc then reinstall a new updated windows from iso. This is kind of pain when I don't have data and just want to do a clean installation. So was thinking to get 2 usb...
  12. princeoo7

    Budget 21-30k X570 motherboard with all bells but don't cost a hole in pocket suggestions needed.

    Currently I was playing to upgrade my 2010 and phenom X ii 1055t system. Planning either ryzen 9 3900x or ryzen 3950x but depending on the budget I can make. What will be best x570 mobo I can get withing ₹30k at max for Mobo ? And which brand ? Also will it support ryzen 9 3950x if I wish to...
  13. princeoo7

    CPU/Mobo 1Tb SSD below 10k suggestion needed

    One of my friend have a requirement of upgrading from hhd to ssd. So we were going from now the issue js, today we have so many options which is like teamgroup, sp, cruxcil, Samsung etc. Now I personally have zotac, and recently crucial 1 TB which I bough for around 12k. Now...
  14. princeoo7

    Best setting for winrar for fastest / best zipping folders or files on laptop

    I ha e a hp i5-7200u with 20gb ram and 240gb SSD. What will be the best configuration in winrar for maximum perfomance. Till now I have only use rar option and not rar5 so have no idea about anything else in it. Please suggest.
  15. princeoo7

    Logictech g412 carbon keyboard key problem, please help

    I purchased the mechanical keyboard of logictech, model g412 carbon and recently I found that 2 of my keys on keyboard got damage. 1st Ctrl and the key next to fn key, i.e of for the menu in program and not the windows key. I mostly use Ctrl ( left side ) which is damage. The other one I have...
  16. princeoo7

    Need help in buying an Inverter - urgent

    I have an urgent requirement for buying an inverter. 3 fans, 4 led bulb, 2 led tubelight, 2 WiFi, 1 laptop, 1 32 inch IPS 2k monitor, 2-3 mobile charges. That's it for now. Majority of the time laptop, display and 1 fan will be running. 8 to 10 hrs of backup is what I am looking at. Will a...
  17. princeoo7

    Budget 41-50k AMD gaming Rig needed under 50k

    Questions 1. What is your budget? - 2. 50 - 55K max - What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) * None * (please mention the rest in above format) - Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) None *...
  18. princeoo7

    Budget 90k+ Machine Learning System needed

    What is your budget? No Limit decided yet What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel i7-9700k or equivalent to x299 Motherboard - Asus / MSI / Gigabyte ( i think its x299 series ) with 8 ram slot and 3 pci express slot GPU - RTX 2080...
  19. princeoo7

    New ssd need 512gb or 1tb

    Guys I already have a zotac 240gb ssd in my laptop but it's out of space now. Need to upgrade for the same reason. Please suggest me what can I go for in 512gb and 1tb ssd. Thank you.
  20. princeoo7

    Software that we can used to control laptop charging for HP.

    Hello everyone. I was thinking is their any software which we can get to control the charging when laptop is plugged in ? Reason I am asking is that my HP laptop battery is dead and i think it is because j have my laptop mostly plug in to power source. I wonder how to laptop in showrooms don't...