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    Hindi Series Discuss (neflix, amazon prime, youtube, etc.)

    when will mirzapur s02 will come?
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    FS: Headphone Apple Airpods

    whom did you sell and @what price
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    Reliance JIO Fibre (DTH 1 MONTH LATER) (what to bargain - Mumbai) - 2500 inr deposit first free for 3 months

    Yes we used get 10 X 1000 GB coupons + 100 GB Data @100Mbps @700rs per month but not sure about new plans
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    Do you re play games

    I liked mafia 2 over other mafia games
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    A-VO-ID: Do a minimum RC of Rs.35 per 28days or No outgoing calls (Even with Main Balance!)

    what is the cheapest plan for vodafone how to activate it via ussd from main balance?
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    i dont agree atmost i will give 6/10 visual effects looked dated too
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    CPU/Mobo Usb drive recommendation for OS Installer, MacOs and Windows

    May i know how were you able to backup your data after boot failure i had boot failure recently ans i lost all my data.
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    Online Game Deals - Steam, Amazon, Origin, GOG, Humble Bundles

    i was reffering to approximate matchmaking option
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    Online Game Deals - Steam, Amazon, Origin, GOG, Humble Bundles

    try in game setting make sure your connection is local not worldwide
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    FS: Laptop Apple Mac Book Pro

    really bad this happened looking forward to what will follow up
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    Captain Marvel - 7/10 As said by logistopath its first half was great for me well made second half is more likey other superhero movies dragged a little bit.
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    YouTube Premium & YouTube Music Premium

    no there is no option thats the problem with it
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    YouTube Premium & YouTube Music Premium

    use youtube++ I am using on ios it has background play
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    The Swimming Thread

    I am also learning swimming practicing 50 mins/day it has been 1.5 months I can swim but I find hard in long run in controlling breathing
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    Buy PS4 Pro now or wait for PS5?

    if you wanna play exclusive titles to ps4 then you should go with ps4 Mind you read some articles that ps5 and new consoles wont be cheap and cost as near compare to ps4 it is expected around 70-80k indian price.Although for 1080p gaming ps4 is good(even pro) but for 4k its not worth upscaled 4k...
  16. H - Feedback Thread

    thanks how do we know it is sent by india post after coming in india? Edit: Got it as mentioned in 17 track on top
  17. H - Feedback Thread

    How did you know india post tracking no.? usually i dont get to know for aliexpress orders when they come from china to india
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    New cable TV Tariffs to put a hole in your pocket!

    I only want to know how this new system is different from what we already had.We already had al carte channel packaging In airtel it was min 99rs/month for alcarte channels.Now we have to pay NCF + each channel price.Apart from transparency how is this different