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    Verbatim Pen Drives Cheap on Ebay

    found this while searching for pendrives on ebay :bleh: :bleh: eBay India: Verbatim 16Gb Pendrive USB 2.0 100% Original & Warranty (item 260321806578 end time 02-Dec-2008 15:06:20 IST) eBay India: Verbatim 8 Gb Mini Swivel Pendrive USB 2.0 (item 260322400998 end time 03-Dec-2008 11:46:02 IST)...
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    Scour: Search Engine that Pays

    Scour was founded by five students (Vince Busam, Michael Todd, Dan Rodriques, Jason Droege and Kevin Smilak) from the Computer Science Dept. of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1997 Scour has since relaunched in early 2008, as a metasearch engine combining the three most used...
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    indiaplaza no longer supporting Giftmate ?

    i see no payment option via Giftmate they have stopped ? :S
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    Suggest a Simple Router

    not happy with the router Given by Airtel,keeps resetting :( i am looking for a simple Wired Router which can replace it ... can u PLS suggest me on those line,dont need wireless as i connect only one machine pls indicate the market price as well :)
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    LBS in india ?

    was Searching Through Indian Scene in LBS (Location Based Search for mobile ),Found this article: LBS in India - : Beyond Internet!
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    WAMP Diagram

    searched around not find any good resource :( any idea where i can find good Class Diagram Representing how Wamp (Windows,Apache,Mysql,PHP) pls help out with this,looking for a Schematic Diagram as a Image file
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    Beetel 220BX ?

    I am Getting a Year Old Beetel 220BX Modem,which works Fine how much should i pay for it ? wats the cost of a new one ? :)
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    Iriver X20 ?

    Hey Guys how good is Iriver X20,thinking of getting this :D
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    WTB: Rapidshare Premium Account

    Looking for Rapidshare Premium Account with Some Validity :D
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    Trasnformation pack for XP ?

    Which is a Good Transformation Pack from XP to Vista :( ones i used So far dont seem to work,specially the themes :hap5: & folder Views :S
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    Storage Solutions Seagate RMA Help - Bangalore Help !!

    Guys need to RMA one of my 250 Gb Seagate Hard Disk can U the Contact Details of the RMA center @ bangalore ? Thnx in Advance
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    anybody coming back from US ?

    can anybody pls help me out in this regard - Western Digital My Book Home WDH1CS10000N 1TB USB 2.0 / IEEE 1394a / eSATA External Hard Drive - Retail i was looking for that,they dont ship to india :@
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    Suggest a good CC

    Guys need ur advice on a good Credit Card i am looking for a Card that will handle payment both internationally like Ebay & amazon & local Payments within india will be ordering stuff like books from ebay & Amazon so need the card mainly for that
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    Vtu Lab Programs ?

    Hey guys need ur Help i am looking for Vtu,Bangalore 7th Sem soft copy Java & CGI Lab programs ,lost my Lab Manual :( hope somebody can Help me out in this :ashamed:
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    Bond series ?

    is the James Bond series available on Dvd (2 dvd - Ultimate edition) in india ? DVD Verdict Review - James Bond Ultimate Edition (Volume 1) DVD Verdict Review - James Bond Ultimate Edition (Volume 2) anybody has any idea of them ? never seen these around :S
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    best Movie ?

    wats the best movie on a Plane Hijack ? seen both Air Force One & Executive Decision,any other better ones :bleh:
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    Storage Solutions 500Gb with Casing ?

    I need to Get a 2 * 500 Gb with Casing for my Dad,decided for a 500gb with Zippy casing :) now confused :S which 500 gb i should go for ? Seagate Hitachi or WD ? i want It to run Cool & quiet :ohyeah: Pls Indicate which ones are good :clap: also its 7200.10 i should go for right ?
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    Nfo Maker ?

    wats the best Tool for Making Nfo Files ?
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    Azureus Freezes Router :(

    I am Having this problem for a couple of days now,Azureus Locks up my Router when this happens i am not able to surf nor do torrent Downloads only on a system restart things get back to normal i get better speeds on Azureus than Utorrent I've tried the 50 tcp/ip connection patch and...
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    PC Peripherals New Ups help

    Looking to buy a new UPS,i am looking for the Smart Ups 750VA from Apc do they have 850Va Option ? wats the Likely Cost I want a Ups that Gives a Pure Sine Wave Backup Wats the Likely cost of this ?