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    Windows Reactivating Win 10 on new PC

    I had got a copy of windows 8.1 from the dreamsparks project long back. Which got a free upgrade to windows 10 pro. I had then linked my digital license to my m$ account. I've sold my old PC and formatted the boot drive. Now when I try to activate using the m$ account on my new PC it shows the...
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    FS: Desktops Haswell Build - 4670 (non-k), Gigabyte B85M D3H, Corsair Vengeance 2*8GB DDR3 1600MHZ

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: CPU- i5 4670(non-k), Motherboard - Gigabyte B85M-D3H, RAM - DDR3 Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz - 2*8GB Expected Price: Rs 14,000/- (open to offers) Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from SP Road, Bangalore 2014 Reason for Sale: Upgrade RMA/Servicing history...
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    FS: Headphone Superlux HD668B

    Hi All, Selling my not so used Superlux HD668B imported from Gearbest. Around 7-8months old (used even lesser 2-3 months tops) Price - Rs.2500 + shipping Also providing extra pair of velour ear pads PLEASE NOTE: The headphones feel a bit bass heavy on the right to me compared to the left...
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    Ram- Corsair vengeance 8gb Ddr 3 1600mhz

    Hi looking to buy a single stick of 8gb ram Only this specific model to match the existing ram. Not sure if mixing brands with same FSB will have any incompatibility, open to learn/buy if not.
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    Buying a Gaming Monitor from abroad

    Hey Guys, I'm soon to travel and planning to buy a Gaming Monitor there as I see more availability of stock and slightly better rates. Monitor's are seldom DOA so willing to take that risk on warranty. I'd be carrying it as Cabin...
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    Wtb: Intel i7 4770 or 4790

    hey guys, Looking to max out my 1150 socket. Looking for just CPU+cooler Interested sellers, do get in touch. Thanks.
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    FS: Video Card MSI Gaming X - RX 470 4GB - Rs.14k

    Hi All, Selling off my MSI Gaming X Twin Frozr - RX 470 - 4GB Barely used and wont be using in the near future, so planning to sell it off. Please note this card has only been used for moderate gaming and nothing else. No BIOS Flash for Cryptomining No OC for extra performance Running all...
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    FS: Headphone Tritton Ax Pro+ 5.1 Surround Sound PS4 PC Xbox1

    SOLD Hi Guys, This is the Tritton AX Pro+ 5.1 got it on a deal last year from Amazon UK. This is a refurbished model with 100% performance. I've used the older AX Pros and can tell you that much. Positional audio works like a charm. FPS gaming gets unfair advantage and you can feel fully...
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    i7 4770 / 4790 LGA 1150

    Hey Guys, Looking to max out my LGA 1150 socket. Let me know if you are planning to sell either of these CPUs. Thanks. Regards, Kunal.
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    FS: Video Card Sapphire 7970 Dualx 3GB OC With Boost

    Selling off my trusty 7970, which lasted me 3yrs and still strong. You can play all games until 2015 on the highest settings at 1080p, avg FPS - 45-55 2016 games are a bit of a stretch for this card unless you are ok with a combination of Medium to low - at 1080p avg FPS - 35-40 The card is a...
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    Storage Solutions Samsung 840 120GB SSD - Low Write Speeds

    Hey Guys, Yet another SSD optimization/installation thread. So I've been using this SSD for close to 2 full years now - and I bought this used but not too old back then. I recently came across the benchmarks for this particular drive and wanted to check my drive's performance against the...
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    FS: Mobile iPhone 4s - factory unlocked 16GB

    Hi friends Putting this up on behalf of a friend. He just wants one phone to keep and wants to sell the others. PS: Phone is chipped at one of the corners - pls refer the pix attached. Content: Box - charger et all Phone itself.
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    FS: Mobile Sony Xperia C - 40days old

    Hi friends, Selling this on bhelaf of a friend. Phone is in mint condition, He now likes the Nexus 5 and wants to upgrade - cash requiremrnt . Interested parties pls pm or reply here. Contents - Box-Charger et all Case Bill Insurance - 1yr
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    WTB Chromecast

    Hi guys, Anyone willing to let go off their Google Chromecast. This is the place to contact. Appreciate serious sellers.
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    Sync YouTube on Ipad and PC

    Hi I'm looking for a windows 8.1 app to sync YOUTUBE with iPad Similar to what I had on the PS3 and ipad.
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    FS: Consoles Xbox 360 Jasper Modded

    Hi friends I am selling my beloved Xbox 360 in urgency of cash. Package includes :: box contents Console - LT 3.0 1wireless controller 1 power supply 1 component cable 1 HDmi cable Indian legit Purchase - jan 2010, invoice available -- no warranty left. Item condition - slight signs of usage...
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    WTB Nexus 4 16gb black

    So a friend wants to buy a decent Android. Nexus 4 is the weapon of choice - item location preferably Mumbai. Price - 12-15k depending on condition/warranty/forthcoming price cuts in nexus 4 which will retail for 18k post Nexus5 launch. So considering the following factors the offer will be...
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    iPad 3 Case suggestions

    Hi I need some suggestions for iPad 3 cases. I'm confused between front and back or front Smart Cover or back shield like a barely there case with front Smart Cover -- pretty much all the options. I'm confused! So I need your help in deciding -- Please suggest cases for an iPad 3 with links...
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    WTB Guitar Processor Digitech Rp90

    Hi I am looking to purchase a guitar processor I saw a thread for guitars and came across some seasoned players so this thread is in hope of them upgrading and letting go off their older stuff. I am specifically looking for a Digitech Rp90 processor I am willing to offer 5k shipped for it...
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    WTB PS3 console with DS3

    Hi guys its vacation time and I want to get back at gaming -- looking for a decently used PS3 The following are my requirements -- -- PS3 console in decent condition -- DS3 also in good condition -- Power cable -- Indian purchase and must have bill and warranty card -- not yet jb'd -- not...