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    FS: Keyboard and Mice Corsair gaming mouse and mechanical keyboard

    For sale are some more unused PC gaming tech. 1. Corsair K63 mechanical, purchased in Nov 2018 from PrimeABGB, Cherry MX Red switches 2. Corsair M65 Elite Pro gaming mouse, purchased in Nov 2018 from BestBuy USA I don't game on my PC anymore, so these are lying idle. Expected prices: - K63...
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    FS: Others eGPU enclosure, Asus XG Station Pro @15k

    Hey guys, Selling this one after experimenting with a laptop + egpu combo for a while. History: I had a Dell XPS 9570 with which this egpu (with an nVidia 2070 RTX) worked just fine. I shifted over to a Lenovo X1 Extreme, and while it worked plug and play for a few weeks, some Windows update...
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    FS: Home Audio Video Elac Cinema 10, Elac Cinema 5, Wireless speaker kits

    Guys, this is what is left over of my upgrades of my entertainment room. Above photo is how the Elac Cinema 10 looked like! :D Elac Cinema 5 5 speaker set (no subwoofer) - I'm keeping the subwoofer from this set, but have upgraded all my satellites to larger speakers - Purchased from...
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    FS: Consoles Xbox One S

    Guys, am selling off this XBox One S that was being used only as a UHD Bluray player. I already have a PS4 Pro for all my gaming needs, so this one was only for the movies. I bought it in Aug 2018 from eBay of a local buyer, and it works just fine. Considering its a full console, am not...
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    FS: Headphone V Moda Crossfade Wireless V1 (RED) + XL Cushions

    Selling off a pair of VModa Crossfade Wireless (first version), barely used. I assumed I'd like a lack of noise cancelling and an "audiophile brand", but turns out I was wrong! :D I have the box and everything else for the headphones, including the original cushions. Selling them at INR 12,000...
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    FS: Desktops MSI Cubi HTPC, Razer Tartarus V2, CM PCIe 3.0 Riser Cable

    Hey guys, Selling off quite a few things today, here we go: MSI Cubi HTPC - SOLD to @soulweaver Purchased in Sep 2016 in the US, built with 8GB DDR3 RAM, 60GB SSD. It has a Pentium 3805U, and was barely used because I got the ShieldTV in 2017 Product link Pricing this one at INR 10,000, which...
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    FS: Home Audio Video LG 65" 4K HDR TV (65UJ632T); 7 months old

    Price drop to 80,000INR. Hey guys, it's been years since I've posted here. :) Lots of things have changed since then, but I've been regular lurker behind the scenes all this while. Here's a sale post for my LG 65" 4K HDR TV. Some details: Product Name: LG 65UJ632T 65" Expected Price...
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    FS: Desktops Upgraded Macs: iMac Mid 2011, iMac Late 2012, Mac Mini Late 2012

    Am selling three of our Macs from office since we are shifting our entire workflow to Windows/Premiere Pro. All three have been used for video editing of 720p footage. Looking for a fast sale Mac Mini Late 2012 10GB RAM, i7 2.3Ghz Model SOLD outside the forum iMac Late 2012 21.5", 8GB RAM...
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    Macbook Pro (2009-11) Core i editions (15" ideally, 13" will also do)

    Hi all, Am looking to pick up a used Macbook Pro in either Mumbai/Pune/Delhi/Hyderabad/Chennai within this month. Config: Core i5/i7, 15"/17" models (if you have a 13" model also, let me know) Budget: Rs.40-75k, flexible based on config and age This is on urgent priority for me, so if anyone...
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    Dell Streak | 24-26k

    Hey folks! So I've given up hunting for the "perfect smartphone" to upgrade from my G1. The G2 is facing root and unlocking issues, the Desire HD is delayed (yet again), and the Streak has launched at ridonculous prices here in India. Here's what I am looking for: - An unlocked Dell Streak...
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    Sony changes the DSLR game - the A55 and A33 are launched!

    I don't usually do this, and am not very excited about new SLR launches anymore. But today is a landmark day for digital photography - kinda like when Panasonic launched the G1 2 years back! :D Sony's launched the new A55/A33 "Single Lens Translucent mirror" cameras - SLTs as they call it...
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    eyeMac and Yay Two!

    Multiple show-off. :D - The 27" i5 Quadcore iMac which has been with me for 4 months now! - The Audioengine A2 which have been with me for 2 days now! :D Thank you mod_to_odd for the great little speakers. :) I love how they compliment the look of the Apple monster. :D Cheers! Payne
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    Happy Birthday BF1983!

    Happy Birthday Brendon! Have a ball of a time - at least after office! :D Here's to a great year ahead - photographically, virtually and really. :D Cheers! Joe
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    Storage Solutions Two Seagate 2TB Barracuda LPs DOA - 4TBs of sadness. :(

    Hey all, I don't know where to post this so here it is in the most generic forum: I purchased Two Seagate 2TB Barracuda LP hard-disks from TheITWares for Rs.6,700 each on July 21st which arrived on July 25th in Pune and delivered on July 28th due to courier delays. I finally got the...
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    OS setup for a NAS/CheapHTPC Build to use on network with OS X/Win 7 machines!

    Hi all, I am *trying* to build a Storage server & Part-time HTPC for the following tasks: - RAID 5 enabled storage. 3x2TB drives for 4TB usable storage. - Will be used to store back-ups of photos, movies, TV shows, music - Ideally recognized as ONE Network Drive from my iMac - Will be part of...
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    Inverter and International Shipping: 2 questions in ONE post!

    Hello peepuls. I have two big queries, but don't wanna crap up GT Forum with two threads, so here they are: 1. Inverter: How much does a decent one cost nowadays? I need it to power: 1 27" Quadcore iMac, 1 Ext. HDD, a fan and a tubelight. Bas. The smaller the better. :D The area I live in...
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    Photography school

    Hi folks, Its been a long while since I've joined TE and I've rarely given back to this community as much as it deserves. I've been asked to start a million threads on "Buying a DSLR" or "Choosing a P&S" to doing my best to further the work on - Indian Photography Forum. I've sadly...
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    PC Peripherals Config for 2D design/photo-editing - please help!

    Hey all, I need a config with 2 Display alternatives, one high-end 24" and one 22". This PC will be used 90% for design and photo-editing using applications like Adobe's Creative Suite and CorelDraw. An good quality and VFM IPS display is a must. Now standard template: 1. Q: What is your...
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    India vs Sri Lanka - 1st ODI; MADNESS

    254 in 29 overs! Guys are you seeing this???
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    It is big, black and takes BIG photos! My full-frame SLR!

    Hey all, The past 4 months have been very very busy months in terms of new photographic excursions, work and life in general. My time on TE has dropped substantially and I've mostly transitioned from regular member to regular lurker. :D But my time towards quality photography has actually...