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  1. mithun

    Graphic Cards Displayport to HDMI converters

    Hello, With most Pascal cards coming with a single HDMI port, I'll like to know if anyone uses a Displayport to HDMI adapter/cable which can transmit both video and audio. Does the generic ones suffice? As is, I need concurrent HDMI connections to two devices with both video and audio. Waiting...
  2. mithun

    OC & Modding PC cleaning suggestions

    Hello, Just wanted to ask TEians if it is ok to use this : or other expensive branded variants of the same to remove...
  3. mithun

    PC Peripherals Mid Tower case in ~7k INR

    Hello mates, Need to upgrade my aging( 7 years old) CM 690 cabinet. Looking at mid towers with side window and good provisions for cable management. Should accommodate my H80i as well as 3-4 HDDs and a couple of SSDs. Rest of the specs include an OCed 8350 on an Asus 990fx board and a Asus...
  4. mithun

    Best Point & Shoot in Rs.9,000

    Friends, as the title suggests, I'm looking to buy a P&S camera preferably with 10x zoom under 9k. Please suggest models and if possible source. Thanks
  5. mithun

    Car & Bike Pre-owned Diesel Hatchback within 4 lacs

    Hello friends, As the title suggests, I am looking to buy a pre owned diesel hatchback in 4 lac rupees, can extend by 20k max if it is worthy deal. Looking for opinions regarding which cars are the safest buy from the used car market. This car will replace a 60k run 2010 Chevy Beat petrol...
  6. mithun

    New outdoor CPE and indoor Wireless router upgrade suggestion

    Let me split my requirements into two : 1. Tired with the antics of my local cablewallah, I approached my ISP and a friend there suggested a way out by setting up a wimax type connection straight from the nearest NOC less that 1 kilometre away from home. For the purpose, I would have to buy and...
  7. mithun

    Graphic Cards Does 2xHD6850 in xfire fit the bill?

    Hello friends, During the last month or so, I have managed to upgrade my system partially. The components added till now includes an AMD FX 8350 doing 4.3Ghz under a Corsair H80i harboured on an Asus M5A99FX-PRO, 2x4 Gb GSkill Ripjaws X DDR3 memory modules, a Plextor 128gb SSD and other small...
  8. mithun

    Baggage Rules 1998 amended - excludes Flat Panels from duty free items

    Come August 26th 2013, Flat Panel Televisions cannot be brought in duty free, notifies CBEC! Will this effect the retails prices of LCD/LED TVs in India, given the share of Grey market in this particular...
  9. mithun

    Storage Solutions Suggestions required for a dual SSD setup

    Hello friends, At long last I've finally managed a partial upgrade replacing my almost 7 year old C2D rig with a FX8350 and Asus 990FX motherboard. It goes without saying that my Hard Drives are proving to be a bottleneck to my new system, hence I'm looking to upgrade to SSDs pronto. The...
  10. mithun

    Budget 41-50k CPU+Board+GPU in 50k

    Honestly, this is my third attempt at upgrading my 6+ year old C2D rig! Things did not materialize, as always some other more lucrative avenues of spending my money appeared out of the blue. Also, the fact that I get very little time to use the PC, it has dropped down significantly in the list...
  11. mithun

    Airtel 3G services discontinued in Kolkata?

    After wasting a couple of 100 rupees trying to renew my 3G data pack on my Airtel connection in vain, I finally decided to pay a visit to the nearest Airtel relationship centre today. I was told that Airtel has discontinued all 3G services in the Kolkata circle! Airtel has always been using...
  12. mithun

    Video Tata Sky HD - Policy change from 8.10.2012

    Hello, Just received a call from Tata Sky executive regarding an unpleasant change to their HD channel package policy which according to the executive will be put on effect from 8th of October. As per the new policy, to view HD channels, you will have to subscribe to the same SD channel. For...
  13. mithun

    Audio Suggestions required for 2.1 system(upgrade from Creative T6060 5.1)

    Hello, I've decided to finally upgrade my below par audio setup, consisting of creative inspire T6060 brought almost half a decade ago. As i have realized that it is pointless to buy another cheap 5.1 system, I'm currently only looking for decent 2.1 setups that would be audibly superior to my...
  14. mithun

    Video TV display goes blank momentarily-need stabilizer?

    The Bravia 32" in my bedroom is connected to STB, PC and media player (all via HDMI). The issue is, whenever i turn on the AC, whenever the UPS(for PC) goes into self discharge mode/trips, or even when i just turn on the tube-light, the TV goes blank momentarily. It happens irrespective of the...
  15. mithun

    Vaio E vs Inspiron 5050

    Got to get a lappy for my sister tomorrow. The budget is at 40k max, the lower the merrier. Usage pattern : Browsing, MS Office, Movies, other general usage. The search has been narrowed down to the following 2 models : 1.Sony Vaio E Series : Sony VAIO E Series VPCEH35EN Laptop:
  16. mithun

    Audio FiiO E6 or XONAR DG ?

    Well, I've been pondering over getting a headphone Amp(E6) and suddenly thought why not get a Xonar DG instead. Need to power my HD202 and EP630s, so it definitely doesn't call for mid/high-end stuff. Just a basic headfone amp would suffice. pros for E6 : Portable, can be used with multiple...
  17. mithun

    Car & Bike Vehicle: Chevrolet Beat 1.2 P (2010)

    Name: Chevrolet Beat 1.2 P (2010) Date Added: 26 January 2012 - 11:14 AM Owner: mithun Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  18. mithun

    Low Power consuming Gaming Rig - urgent

    First, the Template : Q: What is your budget? 35k Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel E6750 Motherboard - Asus P5G41T M LX stopgap arrangement after XFX 650i died GPU - Geforce GTX 260 C 216...
  19. mithun

    CPU/Mobo Hot plugging hdmi cable to gpu - consequences ?

    The config at a glance : E6750 - ASUS G41 - 4GB XMS2 - 2 HDDs - GTX260 C216 Display : AOC 22" + SONY 32NX500 I use the TV for games and movies, plugging it with a dvi-hdmi converter attached to the dvi port of my Graphics card. Now, i often tend to plug/unplug the HDMI cable to the card while...
  20. mithun

    Motherboard dead....confused whether to go for a total overhaul

    Hello friends, A couple of days back my old and trusty XFX 650i died on me. Here are the rest of the equipments i currently have with me in working condition : CPU : E6750 RAM : 4 X 1 GB XMS2 800MHz DDR2 GFX : XFX GTX260 C216 PSU : Corsair VX450w. CABBY : CM690 Screen : 22" full hd alongwith...