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    WTB Xbox 360 wired/wireless controller

    Need an XBOX 360 wired or wireless controller should be compatible with the PC. Controllers under warranty preferred. Mumbai sellers preferred.
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    GPU 5770/6770/5670/6670/gts 450 in warranty

    need a gpu in warranty.. open to both ati and nvidia.. preferred cards--5770/6770/5670/6670/gts 450 budget under 5k.. mumbai sellers preferred..:)
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    Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo

    Should i go for the sony ericsson xperia neo-16.7k :D....sealed pack...but no warranty :( or should i buy the defy for 14.5 k with a 1 year warranty :)... i cant exceed my budget beyond i ve to decide between the 2 only... is warranty all that necessary if i take care to avoid any...
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    Samsung Galaxy S I9000....MUMBAI ONLY

    Need a Samsung Galaxy S I9000 (not interested in Captivate/Fascinate as i am looking for manufacturer warranty :)) Conditions: 1.MUMBAI ONLY- as i want to see the cell in person before i buy it. 2.Should be in GOOD condition with minimum number of scratches.No scratches on the screen...