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    iPod Classic 160gb 7th Gen in pristine condition @ Rs 8500 shipped

    iPod classic 160gb 13 months old, purchased for Rs 15800 from Vijay Sales, Mumbai It is barely used and is in pristine condition as you can see from the pics. The shine on the back still has the mirror finish of a new iPod Reason for sale : Bought iPod Touch Contains: iPod Classic with...
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    Intel Dual Core E2140 1.6GHz OCable for sale

    Intel Dual Core E2140 LGA 775 socket Date of Purchase: Around January 10, 2008. Warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: 3 years warranty/~2 months left. Reason for Sale: Biostar TP35D2A7 motherboard died, and was beyond repair, could not RMA it because it was imported by Zebronics 3 years...
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    WDTV HD Media Player

    WDTV HD Media Player Time of Purchase: May 19, 2009 via KMD. Warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: 1 year warranty/Out of warranty now. Reason for Sale: Not using it any more. Purchase Invoice/Original Packing: NO. I don't remember if I received the bill or not. Mostly I didn't get it...
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    Transcend 2GB (1GBx2) 667 DDR2 RAM

    Transcend Ram 667 DDR2 2x1Gb DIMM 5-5-5 Time of Purchase: Both were purchased on 13 Nov 2007 at McCann, Lamington Road, Mumbai, with the intention of running on Dual Channel, hence ensured that the chip serial numbers are the same, as the ones we get in a kit. Warranty valid/Remaining Warranty...
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    PC Peripherals Te Dealer Theitwares On Lamington Road

    Was on the website and noticed the ADDRESS changed to this M/s. E-Lounge Shop No. 10 Ganga Building Tara Temple Lane Lamington Road Grant Road (East) Mumbai - 400007 from what i understand this is the first LEFT that comes from cassette world , ie the tara temple lane. now which is...
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    Almost Brand New CX400 - for 1100 shipped

    had my sis pick me cx400 and cx500 from the states streets :ohyeah: and both sound shit to me :@ god knows why :no:, putting of my cx400 here for sale , the white cx500 are too good to leave and coz of the color but am still thinking as even they sound shit to me :D . here are the pics of the...
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    IC : SENNHEISER MM 50-IP Stereo Headset -

    well was thinking of getting these - SENNHEISER MM 50-IP Stereo Headset for Apple iPhone - Cell Phone Accessories now they are 50$ there , in india they almost cost double, obviously they wont carry warranty, but the thing is are they any good over the ep630 ?? also any place to buy...
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    ASUS 24 incher for 20.8 k

    online deal ASUS VK246H - Rs.20,800.00 looks like a good buy ASUS VK246H [ASUS VK246H] - Rs.20,800.00 :
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    Laptops Leaving to pick up a DELL in 20 mins PLS HELP

    under 40k for a gal :ohyeah: , best option . i was thinking inspiron 1525 on phone their noida showroom said 39 k any idea. it was c2d . specs dont matter much , it should look good to the eyes. they have red blue n black no white :(
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    Canon Camera Go's - SX110 - 12.5K

    Was looking out for a camera for a fellow member came across this deal. This is an import. The box and stuff will come along. Canon - SX110 - 12.5 k need in 3 -4 Pcs to get this price. Any other canon camera can be can be combined in and will get u in quotes for that, depending on the...
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    IC: Apple Iphone 3G

    Hey this is an IC. for the Apple 8gb & 16gb Iphones. These are going to be import, minimum orders have been said to be 5 combined for both 8gb and 16gb , i will get in the pricing tomorrow. No need to pay advances but, the thing is if you confirm and the phone comes in you cant back out for...
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    IC: Corsair XMS2 2GB Modules : CM2X2048-6400C5

    CM2X2048-6400C5 - price around 1800 - 1900 Welcome to Corsair :: XMS2 Product Information i was looking in for good and cheap 2gb modules. came across this, my dealer offered me 1800 - 1900 bucks approx on 10 pcs . i am taking 2 , will need another 7 -8 people. ETA is around 10 days from the...
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    Corsair Voyagr 4gb@ 445 , Valid till today evening November 3rd

    Okay my last go there was a an issue and seems the lot will be ordered tomorrow by the dealer. Only one pendrive is coming to me tomororw and rest will be ordered tomorrow evening so i thought if any more people were interested can join in. Guys post only if your sure u want it. deal is simple...
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    Verbatim Pendrive Store N Go 16Gb@ 1800 Shipped

    01. Verbatim 2GB Pendrive - 325 Rs Shipped - Mini Swivel 02 Verbatim 4GB Pendrive - 525 Rs. Shipped - Mini Swivel 03 Verbatim 8GB Pendrive - 880 Rs. Shipped - Mini Swivel 04. Verbatim 16GB Pendrive - 1800 Rs. Shipped. - Retractable The Read speeds are : 31.8 MB for the 16gb...
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    Verbatim DVD +R @ 645 Shipped , DVD +RDL @ 295 Shipped

    01. Verbatim DVD +R 50 Pack Spindle (MCC004)- 645 Shipped , Within Delhi 625 Shipped. 02. Verbatim DVD +R Dual layer Made in Singapore - 3 Pack - 295 Rs. Shipped . 03. Verbatim DVD +R Dual layer Made in Singapore - 6 Pack - 550 Rs. Shipped. - 04. Verbatim DVD +R Dual layer Made in...
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    Corsair voyager 16gb @ 1650

    Not a GO. just a hot deal i came across corsair voyager 16gb @ 1650 Rs. IMO does not make sense to buy transcends any more unless they have become 1200 - 1300 bucks
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    Corsair Voyager 16GB GT @ 2K

    This is not a go from my side. this is just to inform all members that the Corsair voyager 16gb gt is there for 2k now.
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    Verbatim GO : DVD+R , DVD DL

    01. Verbatim DVD +R 50 Pack Spindle (MCC004)- 645 Shipped , Within Delhi 625 Shipped. 02. Verbatim DVD +R Dual layer Made in Singapore - 3 Pack - 295 Rs. Shipped . 03. Verbatim DVD +R Dual layer Made in Singapore - 6 Pack - 550 Rs. Shipped. - 04. Verbatim DVD +R Dual layer Made in...
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    Happy Bday SWITCH

    HAPPY bday dude :D may u live long and have a gr8 day today :ohyeah: . PS : I STILL HATE UR DOG :P
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    Corsair Pendrives @ 10 years warranty 4GB@445Rs 8GB@845

    Corsair Pendrives @ 10 years warranty ( I spoke and confirmed it my self) 4GB @450 Rs 8GB @845 Rs 50 Rs shipping across the country. Guys once confirm in can pay in and their stuff can be arranged in a weeks time approximately . The pieces are limited and the faster i block in the drives...