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  1. Sudarshan_SMD

    Graphic Cards AMD goes MANTLE!

    AMD has announced low level API for working with GCN(Graphic Core Next) GPUs. Traditionally high level API like OpenGL and Direct3D are used by developers, which provides abstraction from underneath hardware. So, code developed using high level API will work on all( AMD, intel, NVIDIA)...
  2. Sudarshan_SMD

    Happy Birthday Rahul++

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Rahul++ Many many happy returns of the day. I hope all your dreams, wishes, fantasies come true. Have a rocking year ahead.:fighting02: Now here's your gift: This is what you exactly wanted, isn't it?:bleh: :sign08:
  3. Sudarshan_SMD

    Camera Dust on camera sensor: What to do?

    Hi, A month back I went for an trek with my Panasonic Lumix LZ8. The environment was all moist as most of the trek was through forest and mountains. After I came back home from trek, I noticed some spots on images that were taken after trek. I tried to clean lens with cloth, but it didn't...
  4. Sudarshan_SMD

    Happy Birthday Blade_Runner & tommy_vercetti

    Many Many Happy returns of the day Bladey saar and tommy_vercetti I wish you have a rocking year ahead. :cheers: :food5: :party:
  5. Sudarshan_SMD

    Storage Solutions Gparted crashed. Whole HDD got unallocated.

    Hello, I had a 250GB single HDD in my system. Just got a 160GB HDD today. I installed XP on first parition(15GB) of 160GB HDD. I had all my stuff GAMES, WALLPIES, SETUPS,etc on 250GB HDD. 250GB HDD had first & second partition as 15GB & 25GB meant for OS (NTFS)& then were...
  6. Sudarshan_SMD

    Linux how to? : restore default settings in KDE4

    I want to restore graphics settings of KDE4 to default. my os: Mandriva 2009.0 What i did: in 'onscreen keyboard' we get a 'GOK' application. GOK has option to configure windows behaviour. seeing various effects available i selected almost all effects from it. next time, i restarted my computer...
  7. Sudarshan_SMD

    WTB: IDE Hard Disk

    hello, i need a used IDE Hard Disk for cheap. budget: 400shipped. HDD capacity: 20GB,40GB,80GB will do for me.(i don't mind if anybody is giving higher capacity HDD for cheap:ohyeah: ).
  8. Sudarshan_SMD

    How to take snapshots in Turbo C ?

    hello , i am working on my project for IV sem . project is in C++ & uses graphics in C++ . compiler used is Turbo C . so for Project report i need to take sanpshots of working program . how can i take snapshots ? i have tired using printscrn & alt+prntscrn but it does not work . if u say...
  9. Sudarshan_SMD

    Ever visited Gaming Tournament ?

    It was a week before when peeps from other college approached for advatisement of Gaming Tourney .I was happy to see it & in no time filled in my entry . it was for FIFA 08 & CS . firstly i made my entry for FIFA 08 (i am used to Pro Evolution Soccer , when i plat FIFA 08 Gameplay sucks )...
  10. Sudarshan_SMD

    WTB: A basic digicam

    i am in need for a digital camera . was thinking of buying new but ,what i want is not in my budget :no: so thinking of getting BASIC digi cam for cheap . resolution = 3.2 MP+ BATTERY TYPE = any ...if li-ion must be in good condition . PM ur prices
  11. Sudarshan_SMD

    Digicam : ~4k

    hi, suggest me a camera in price range ~4k basically i don't expect much frm. cam @4k is that currently i don't have any camera n want to get one . specs : good 3.2MP will also do ....3.2MP+ better :) battery :- Li ion or AA batteirs does not matters . also sugggest me if good...
  12. Sudarshan_SMD

    PC Peripherals Zebronics Pro Series Psu :real Power

    Products - Pro Series, Power Supplies, Computer Cabinets, Keyboards, Mouses, Speakers, Web Cameras, Jet, Hawk, Shivaji, Antibiotic i think many have see that ZEEBY'S PRO series . all PSU'S in PROS SERIES are rater for 80+ efficiency :cool2: so what do u think of it ? i haven't seen them...
  13. Sudarshan_SMD

    "break; " not working in c in MANDRIVA

    in programs of switch-case ,etc . break; is not executing . program does not give any errors .......but break command is not executed . case 5 : printf("array is :- "); for(i=0;i<n;i++) printf("%d",a[i]); break; ^ it's just a case for displaying array ..........when 5 is selected...
  14. Sudarshan_SMD

    Graphic Cards 9600gt Sli Beats 4870!!!

    here are VGA charts from guru3d in all those 9600GT SLI performs better than 4870 (not in benches but in games ) VGA Charts - Crysis & Call of Duty 4 so 9600GT SLI figures are very good........ now shall we believe guru3d ?:ashamed: if that are true then why opt for 4870 ~17k 9600GT SLI...
  15. Sudarshan_SMD

    Linux Colud not install NVIDIA drivers on MANDRIVA 2008.0

    i have downloaded NVIDIA drivers for LINUX . (its basically i want to enable compiz fusion) so when i try to install it in terminal on root then it says "X-SERVER is running " cannot install . when i logon using KNOSOLE n try to install it satarts after accepting...
  16. Sudarshan_SMD

    Crc Failed

    my system core2duo E6750 Asus P5N E-SLI G.SKILL 2GB 8800GTS & 8800GTX HITACHI 250GB SATA & SAMSUNG 80GB PATA whenever i extract any file it says "CRC FAILED " mu system got VIRUS so i was not able to any game.... today downloaded KASPERSKY 2009 ......installed FRESH COPY &...
  17. Sudarshan_SMD

    PC Peripherals need suggestion for RAM ....

    so now i have palnned to get new RAM modules. i can get CORSAIR XMS2 2X1GB modules for 3.4K here locally. searched for G.SKILL but not available here in KOLHAPUR:( also i can get 4GB Transcend RAM (@800MHZ)4gigs for 4 - 4.4k so which one should i prefer 2gb xms2 or 4GB Transcend ???? i...
  18. Sudarshan_SMD

    OC & Modding MY CASE MOD :in just 130 bucks!!!

    so i was boared seeing my plane silver cabby (local brand) . i saw varius cabby mods also of KMD .....and then decide to mod my cabby .with a transperent side panel. so ,firstly i took left side panel of my cabby and made design layout on it ,as per the transpernt side would be. then main...