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    Budget 20-25K Sturdy phone under 25K?

    Hi friends, I am looking for a phone under 25k for my elder brother. I have gone through several phones and at last I finalized on nokia 7 plus for him. Just want a last minute advice so please suggest if my choice is right and VFM or not. Regards Parag
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    Budget 0-20k Required Basic Config for Kids

    I need help in buying/building a new PC. My budget and requirements are as follows: Budget: 10-15k Please use forum template Before giving suggestions regarding the new config, I need to ask you guys should I really invest in Upgrading or go for a laptop by extending the budget (20k) as it...
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    PC Peripherals Suggestion needed for Laserjet Printer.

    Hi guys I need to purchase a Laserjet printer for my office work.Kindly suggest me which one to buy. Printer's that I have shortlisted after doing my research: 1. HP 1020 Plus Single-Function Laser Printer 2. Canon Lasershot Printer-LBP 2900B Tell which one would be more value for money and...
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    PC Peripherals Help!! Making my printer wireless

    Hi Friends, I have a DEN wireless broadband connection and I have a DLINK 2750U ADSL2+ modem lying idle. Now I want to my make newly purchased RICHO SP210 printer wireless. I am able to make it wireless using DLINK at a time but I have to disconnect my DEN modem then only this can happen. So If...
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    CPU/Mobo Please Suggest a MOBO

    I just need a MOBO (Biostar Tforce TA790GX 128M) for my PC as the current Motherboard got defective few days back. I have got my pc checked at two different places and got the same answer that my motherboard is faulty. The problem with my PC is the display its showing is all distorted. Pics...
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    CPU/Mobo Display is All Distorted..

    Hi friends, I am facing an issue with my desktop the display that my CPU is giving is all distorted.I tried connecting it through HDMI with my TV also but the problem persists. Today I went to the the local repair guys to get it repaired .He tried his SMPS & RAM but it didnt worked. At last he...
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    WTB Looking for a decent condition Nokia Lumia 720

    Hi guys, I am looking for a used lumia 720 in good condition preferable in warranty. Please send me your offers. Location Delhi
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    Android Please suggest me a Tab

    Hi guys please guide me the VFM tab according to my needs My Usage of the tab would be Surfing,reading mails and attachment files like pdf,excel and word. Main purpose is to maintain inventory of my shop using some useful app so it should not be very delicate as it will be used in not so...
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    WTB Iphone 4 8gb Factory Unlocked

    Hey guys I am Looking for an iphone 4 8gb FU for a friend .Waiting for your offers..
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    WTB Looking for a HTC explorer preferrable with warranty....

    HI guys looking for a neat and clean htc explorer if anybody is having one for sale pls PM me ASAP
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    Budget 21-30k Need Advice for a Laptop Budget Under 30k

    Hi guys I need ur advice for buying a laptop for my frnd.She basically needs this for all the basic things and to practice coral draw and photoshop.Her budget is under 30k and one thing she needs most is the best after sales service onsite warranty is what preferred she cant run to the...
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    Need a phone with good GPS

    Hi guys I am looking for a phone with a good gps.Budget is low arnd 7k.Nothing fancy needed even a symbian would do, only thing is it should have a good GPS.Please suggest!!!!
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    Iphone unlocking suggestion

    Need to know the listings mentioned below can really make iphones factory unlock for such a small price.Please enlighten me if there is something fishy in this as one of my frnds is coming from australia he can bring me an iphone. Factory Unlock Service for Australia Vodafone,Three & Telstra...
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    WTB Looking for a Iphone 3gs 8gb or 16 gb

    Hi guys I m looking for a Iphone 3gs 8gb or 16gb (Factory unlocked ) should be in a decent condition.Send me ur offers.
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    PC Peripherals Hp cartridge warranty issue.

    I bought a Hp cartridge from ebay about 7 months back now the cartridge is troubling me.I have got it checked its definately a hardware problem so the cartridge needs to be replaced Now the problem is that I have lost the bill and Hp service center guys say they can do nothing without the bill...
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    Need Suggestion about how to buy cheap iphone from US

    My cousin is coming from US in nov so guys pls tell me the cheapest way to get the iphone 4 or 3gs without much hassles .I have looked for this on google but didnt found anything worth.So guys u suggest me best possible ways.. Thanks Parag
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    Brand New Belkin Laptop Bag

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Belkin NE-07 Laptop Bag. Product Link Expected Price: 750 + shipping. Time of Purchase: 18/9/2011 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Lifetime Reason for Sale: Dad Got this for me but I didn't liked it so selling it...
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    Sealed Pack Corsair VX450

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Sealed Pack Corsair VX450 Expected Price: SOLD Time of Purchase: 08/08 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 23 Months Reason for Sale: Bought laptop so selling my desktop items Product Condition: Sealed Pack and...
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    Help me in finalizing my first laptop

    From quite some time I m looking for a decent laptop which I m going to use for next 4-5 yrs.So got few deals time to time but didnt finalize anything yet.This time I was going through a deal and i m very much intrested in it just need few suggestions.Deal for the link is mentioned below.Please...
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    Brand New sealed 8gb Micro Sd Card Class 4 @425 shipped per piece

    Product Brand New sealed 8gb Micro Sd Card Class 4 x 2 piece Condition Brand New Sealed Date Of Purchase May 2011 Price 400 shipped per piece [attachment=8314:14658.attach] Thanks for looking