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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    You need to get a proper volume control for these and also some desktop stands
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    Amazon India - Feedback Thread

    Zero issues with Amazon deliveries. Flipkart on the other hand - less said the better.
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    Budget 0-20k Home PC (HTPC) on Budget

    For me these stupid android boxes don't work. They have very poor upscaling quality. I use madvr to upscale to 2160p and even with basic filters, the 1050 ti in my htpc is completely maxed out.
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    Budget 51-70k Server(Xeon) based Processor or High end Desktop Processor

    Does he have any application that requires ECC or AVX512? If not, don't bother with Xeons.
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    Budget 51-70k New Gaming PC (@1080P, 144hz )

    Intel 660p is really slow with low endurance. You'd do well to spend a bit more on Samsung 970 evo for a much better experience. Rest looks awesome!
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    Video My 3 years experience in Tata Sky

    I have cut the DTH cord 3 years ago. Don't care or need it anymore. 1568600967 Surprising - what is the issue here? Too much downtime?
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    Suggest a Front Load washer for 20-25K

    Yes exactly - the Whirlpool was deeper.
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    The 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    How much is an EVGA 980 ti with hybrid cooler worth right now?
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    SBI sent wrong credit card

    Yep cashing them out for vouchers. It ain't as lucrative now as before though. The tiers for bonus points have gone up.
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    Suggest a Front Load washer for 20-25K

    Don't know in terms of volume but the amount of clothes it fits is definitely less since the same laundry basket would get into the whirlpool easily while in the bosch it is a tight fit. The old whirlpool was like 14 years old though so maybe standards were different then.
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    Suggest a Front Load washer for 20-25K

    This KG nonsense needs to end. Someone should force the WM manufacturers to post the volume of the drum. My new Bosch 8KG has a drum smaller than the previous Whirlpool with a 6.5KG drum.
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    SBI sent wrong credit card

    Was that the first year? They won't waive for the first year but they'll definitely waive from second year onwards.
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    SBI sent wrong credit card

    Might be the case - I haven't followed things so precisely. I haven't been charged a single rupee after the initial 5000.
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    SBI sent wrong credit card

    That's quite possibly because they have 2x the number of cards in circulation compared to their nearest competitor. Signature/Elite card is pretty awesome btw - I have it since last 7-8 years and have gotten lots of benefits thanks to their bonus points. My PS4 was free, a 1070 GPU was free, a...
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    Are you okay with someone occupying your flight seat?

    It is easier to get rid of annoying folks that way - the less I speak with them, the better.
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    Are you okay with someone occupying your flight seat?

    These days I simply say I paid extra for the seat (normally I do and get the exit row) so please move. Pretty much everyone obliges.
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    LED TV vs projectors

    These are a joke if you care about picture quality or color reproduction. Even midrange stuff like epson aren't that great. To get really good quality projection, what you need is a Christie's or a Sony ES. Neither are cheap.
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Its a really old model. You are better off buying an HX series PSU or even better an antec HCG PSU.
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    Suggest a router

    I use three of these in Wifi AP mode where all of them are connected to a cisco SG350-28P switch - I do not see any issues with security when doing this. All of them run the same ssid and have WPA2 enabled. Maybe the issue exists only in repeater mode. Have you tried connecting both with a cable?
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    The New Flagship: Ryzen 9 3950X

    What voltages does ryzen master show you? Maybe it is a case of very high volts.