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  1. Abhinav Rakesh

    FS: Photography Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Cam in Warranty

    For Sale - Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Cam with Remote! Expected Price:*8500/- Adding bluetooth remote shutter in price although got it for 1000/- from Aliexpress. Source and Time of Purchase:Bought from flipkart Reason for Sale:*Not using RMA/Servicing history:*Never serviced/RMA'd Product...
  2. Abhinav Rakesh

    FS: Others Invicta Automatic 9094OB - Seiko NH35A Movement

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Invicta 9094OB Automatic Watch - Movement NH35A Seiko Expected Price: Rs 5,000/- Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from Amazon on 16 November 2017 Reason for Sale: Moving towards light weight watches/smartwatches. RMA/Servicing...
  3. Abhinav Rakesh

    FS: Photography Nikon D5100 with Nikon 35mm F1.8G Lens

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Expected Price: Rs SOLD Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from Snapdeal in Jan - 2016 Reason for Sale: Selling as Lying unused. I Prefer Phone Camera as it is easy to carry and always with me.. RMA/Servicing history: Never...
  4. Abhinav Rakesh

    FS: Photography Nikon D5100 DSLR

    Expected Price: Rs 25,000/- I am open for reasonable offers, The offer will be cross checked with help of Site Moderators and Market 1. All Accessories/Box Available. 2. Invoice Available. 3. Nikon 35mm F1.8G Lens. 4. Nikon 18-55mm Kit Lens. 5. Nikon Camera Bag 6. Nikon Flash - SB400 - Extra...
  5. Abhinav Rakesh

    FS: MP3 Player Sandisk Sansa Clip+ and KZ ZS5 (4 Driver Earphone)

    Sandisk Sansa Clip+ (Rockboxed) and KZ ZS5 (4 Driver Earphones): Expected Price: Rs 4000/- Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from Global Ebay. Reason for Sale: Phone is my primary device and I normally listen to Podcast rather than Music nowadays. RMA/Servicing history: Never...
  6. Abhinav Rakesh

    FS: Mobile Samsung Note 4

    Perfect working, few paint chipping on mid frame. Rooted with TWRP recovery installed. Running stock Marshmallow. Jio VoLTE working perfectly fine. New original battery with extra wall charger. Have some Amzer cases costing around 1000/- and Flip Cover around 400/- Battery Wall Charger alone...
  7. Abhinav Rakesh

    Seiko Sea Urchin, Orient Ray 2, Invicta 8926 or Invicta 9094

    Hello All, I would like to buy anyone of above said models, Seiko Sea Urchin SNZF17 Orient Ray 2 Invicta 8926OB or 9094 Basically I would like to buy a Rolex Submariner Homage. Requirement : - 1. Look Alike submariner Homage 2. Automatic MovementBump
  8. Abhinav Rakesh

    Want to buy Samsung Note 4 or Note 5

    Want to buy Samsung Note 4 or Note 5
  9. Abhinav Rakesh

    FS: Others Garmin Vivofit

    This is a gift, I don't use fitness bands hence no use, Opened to check the package and put it back. expected price - 4500/- including shipping. Don't have invoice, however i think you can claim it with serial number. package contains - fitness tracker with large and small band, usb ant+...
  10. Abhinav Rakesh

    FS: Others Xiaomi Mi Band 1s with heart rate sensor

    Would like to sell out Mi Bands 1s with heart rate sensor, bought from Expected - 1000/- Price is including shipping. Working 10/10 Cosmetics 10/10
  11. Abhinav Rakesh

    FS: Home Audio Video Electric Avenues PA2V2 Headphone Amplifier

    Bought this headphone amplifier from Gary via Ebay, Very nice warm sounding earphone, Plenty of Power .. Runs on 2 AA batteries with more than 100 hours of playback. You can check reviews on head fi for this amp. Got it for around 4000/- .. Expected - Now 2500 /- ... Warranty - Lifetime.
  12. Abhinav Rakesh

    FS: Home Audio Video Fiio K1 DAC and Headphone Amp

    Bought this DAC on 24th august from proaudiohome via ebay to use with my phone. However it didn't work with my phone. Hence selling, Other than that it is a beautiful sounding DAC at this price. I have Bought Fiio Q1 for my phone now. Expected Price - 2300/- Warranty left - 11 months
  13. Abhinav Rakesh

    FS: Others OnePlus Power Bank 10000mAH

    Looking for smaller more portable 5000mAH
  14. Abhinav Rakesh

    FS: RAM Hynix 4GB 1333mhz × 2 modules from Laptop

    Hynix 4GB 1333mhz × 2 modules from Laptop Reason - Upgrading RAM modules. Price - Price 2500/- shipped. Warranty - No .. May be with laptop but alone ram modules NO.. Let me know if you have any question.
  15. Abhinav Rakesh

    FS: Office Hardware Jinhao 250 Fountain Pen

    The nib itself is a little smaller than what I’m used to using on the Jinhao model pens, it appears to be a #5 in size. Like with most of my Jinhao pens with the open nib, the nib itself is pretty smooth on the paper, but it’s a unique kind of smoothness. On some paper like Rhodia it can be a...
  16. Abhinav Rakesh

    FS: Office Hardware Jinhao x450 Fountain Pen (Nibmiester Edition)

    This is a Nibmeister edition, Hence the nib is fine tuned before shipping pen. Ink flow is perfect. Moderate wet and very smooth with Camlin Ink, Other Inks may give better results. However Parker Ink and chelpark ink are too dry for any Pen. Expected - 400/- Shipped. This is Matt Black pen...
  17. Abhinav Rakesh

    FS: Photography Toshiba FlashAir III Wireless SD Card

    Wireless SD Card, Compatible with all memory cards which can support SDHC cards. Working Absolutely fine. Selling as I am not using it much, I thought to copy pictures wirelessly, however my phone has OTG support and I use that more often.
  18. Abhinav Rakesh

    FS: Others Xiaomi Mi Band 1S (Heart Rate Sensor)

    Bought from MeriMobiles for around 1800/-, Received package 2 days ago after a wait of 40 Days. Band is 100% Genuine as you can see it is paired with Official Xiaomi Mi Fit App, Ash from C4ETECH also bought from the same website who has well known Youtube Channel. Mint 10/10 Cosmetically and...