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    System Restart wihtout any BEEP.. what's the cause?

    Everytime I have faced this king of "random restart" problems - it has been rectified by replacing the SMPS power supply box.
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    Bank account or any other mode of savings for a group of friends

    History and common sense tells us that trust no one when money is involved. Best is to ask each family to individually act responsibly and save money (in recurring deposit, SIP, etc) based on their own means and aspirations. And if everything runs good then we shall meet for so and so holidays.
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    Suggest Air Fryer brands and experience

    From the pricinples, I can see it no different from what you get as convection mode (heater + fan) in an ordinary oven.
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    No more Likes counter on FB , Instagram soon

    What will happen to the "Like"-whores so prevalent on social media?
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    Demonetisation and its Aftermath

    Hush, are you even patriotic? Go to Pakistan you traitor.
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    Time to ditch Chrome Browser ?

    These days on Ubuntu I have found a weird problem with Firefox. Whenever I open Firefox fresh it takes forever to load the first page. Also if I open more than 4-5 tabs of youtube in background (with no video running) Firefox hangs causing the entire PC to freeze. Not finding the same problem...
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    New cable TV Tariffs to put a hole in your pocket!

    The idiots have woken up after pandering to the TV Channel houses in Feb 2019 ...
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    Bitcoin at 6k USD

    Bitcoin and other Cyrptocurrencies can never become mainstream - as long as we have concepts of nation states. No govt will ever allow a shadow currency and parallel economy to become the mainstay of their public expediture.
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    How are Midea Air Conditioners

    1. Which city? 2. Is the area cold (to touch) where the condensation is present?
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    TRAI planning to screw with OTT services next

    So here lies the crux. It is the DTH and Cable operators who are unhappy that the Channels are directly reaching the customer using internet rather than the satellite / cable route. Which makes sense since I did not switch to the new TRAI dictated Cable pricing and or a few weeks was relying on...
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    BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

    The last part of the movie - Guide.
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    Demonetisation and its Aftermath

    Looks like you have forgotten / haven't seen the American dollar yet:
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    Demonetisation and its Aftermath

    In my opinion the new currency notes are seriously good thing to happen to the plain and drab currency notes of the previous generations. This is bolstered after exposure to currency notes of multiple other countries.
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    Temporary Accomodation in Kanpur

    Is this some kind of summer project / internship? Why don't you ask the IIT Kanpur guys to allot a temporary hostel room. Most rooms are empty during the summer break. Or perhaps they can help with a subsidized guest house inside IIT campus.
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    Security Software Worst security software you have used

    Don't worry, most jobs in this world are about this aspect only. Especially the high paying ones.
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    Ericsson Teaches Anil Ambani – and India – a Lesson

    Sir can you please tell me which bank will you trust. Based on which document? Or shall we start burying money in our yards once again ...
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    The Swimming Thread

    Check out Total Immersion. Absolutely essential before you start thrashing in the pool and learn wrong techniques. Some on the things may be different from what your trainer teaches you. Practice both and choose the one that allows you to glide in water easily and feel at complete ease.
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    US 7th grader battling climate change

    Let us understand that EVERYTHING that we use today in our modern lives has something in the whole value chain that pollutes the earth and makes it slightly more unlivable for the next generation of all living creatures.
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    Went on a date with a femisnist, things went downhill. Lol

    LOL, this is indeed the soap opera thread. Son, there is no equality between men and women. There is a reason why you went on a date, otherwise you already have plenty of male friends ... right? A woman who talks about chivalry, and gifts and favors from men knows this. No matter what they...
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    New cable TV Tariffs to put a hole in your pocket!

    Here is what I can make of the situation: the bastards called channel houses saw that the local cable operators (not DTH) are solving common man's problem of selective channels at effective price. They invoked this regulation to increase their monopolistic share of bundling. HAHA, so much for...