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    Deskjet/Inkjet printer for around 10K or less

    Looking out to buy a printer for around 10K or less. I will be printing around 35 to 50 sheets per month and also need color prints. I'm confused with so much of options and looking for any printer that is cheap in consumables. Does it make sense buying ink advantage printer or ink-tank refill...
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    I am getting BSOD error in my desktop system for the past couple of days and the frequency has now increased so much that I have kept that system aside. I have also done all basic preliminary checks but could not identify the problem. To see if the RAM is at fault checked using memtest on each...
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    ACT Broadband speed with netgear wireless router

    I have an old Netgear JNR1010v2 model wireless router which is working well. Since I am on ACT 175Mbps connection I noticed that this router does not give the required output speed of 175Mbps when I check with speed test. I get a maximum of 100Mbps speed only. However, when I connect the fibre...
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    Echo dot 3rd Gen

    Looking to buy echo dot 3rd Gen. Anyone selling?
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    Video card for old rig

    Looking to buy a video card for a old rig which was lying unused for couple of years. This one already has a Radeon HD5450 card which is not working now. Please let me know if there is any card that is similar to Radeon 5450 for sale.
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    Water Pressure pump

    Due to severe water scarcity the piped water has been restricted to all the flats in our society. I have installed a 500 liters loft tank to store the water from the overhead tank as and when it comes. My problem now is I am not able to use my Bosch front loading washing machine due to water...
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    What PSU

    I'm fixing up an old system which has a core2duo 3.16ghz processor with old intel board for my cousin bro's son. Everything seems to work fine but the PSU is dead. It also has a AMD Radeon HD 5450 Graphics card. What kind of PSU should I look for? Earlier power supply was 450 Watts with some...
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    Onkyo - HTS - 3300 - Increasing HDMI Port

    I recently gave my Onkyo 3300 Receiver to my friend. This receiver has 3 HDMI input and 1 HDMI output. The 3 ports have already been connected to a gaming console, DTH box, Nvidea box. He now needs to connect a blu-ray player but since he is out of HDMI port, is there any way the Blu-ray player...
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    A Gift Parcel from France - Charged customs duty

    One of my friend from Paris sent me a parcel containing some boxes of chocolates and some perfumes a watch and some makeup kit. It was clearly mentioned as Gift and was sent through Colissimo/Chronopost which is equivalent to our speed post. The parcel weighing 6kgs was delivered today through...
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    Video Ghosting and image burn on LG LED 47 inch TV

    I had bought this 47 inch LG LED 3D TV around 4 years back and have used it extensively. No complaints regarding it's performance. However from couple of months back I can see ghosting and image impression (logo). As of now it does not affect the watching of the TV but I am sure it will become...
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    Dual Boot - Without restartiing

    I have a dual boot with windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Is there any way we can just move to either of these OS without restarting the machine. Not sure if that would be possible but just wanted to know.
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    Dubai's melting economy

    Many of my friends and relatives have returned back from Dubai due to the pending salaries that the companies there have withheld or not paid. Seems like the below article written by a Pakistani investment banker makes some sense...
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    Not able to access 2TB Hard disk

    I have a 2TB Seagate internal hard disk. Sometime back when I started the system I got the read error and was not able to boot into the OS. The hard disk is visible in the bios but will not boot to OS. I am not sure how to run a chkdsk from bios. I removed the hard disk and connected it through...
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    Storage Solutions Hard disk cheaper in stores

    When trying to buy a hard disk for a friend I noticed that it is much more cheaper in Delta Peripherals shop than buying through Amazon or Flipkart. The WD blue 1 TB internal hard disk is Rs.2950/- in Delta but costs more than Rs.3200/- in Amazon and Flipkart. The same goes for a 600VA UPS which...
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    WTB: 3.5 inch SATA 1 TB internal Hard disk

    Need a 3.5 inch 1 TB or more internal SATA Hard disk preferably WD.
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    Fake Products with Huge discounts - Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues...

    Seems like all the online shopping portals are selling fakes with huge discounts. Even Amazon and Flipkart are selling mostly 60% fakes with huge discount margin of 60% to 80%. I personally myself have returned some of the product, mostly branded Jeans and shirts which were duplicates. Online...
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    UM Bikes - Are they worth for the price

    I test drove this UM commando model bike. I should say it is impressive but little tough negotiating in traffic but maybe it is due to me riding this bike for the first time. The price seems to be on the higher side at Rs. 2 lakhs on road for the 300CC bikes. Comparatively RE bikes are cheaper...
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    ACT Fibernet upgrades and Extra bonus 2019

    ACT has offered an incremental 1000 GB of data over and above the FUP. This is valid for 5 months from Nov'17 to March'18 with a limit of 200 GB per month over and above the FUP limit. They have offered this for the continuous patronage to those who have been with them for more than one year...
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    Desktop not connecting to Android box

    I have an android media box which I used to connect to my desktop for watching media files stored in my desktop. I have used the TP-Link 500Mbps powerline adapter to connect with the media box. It was working well for couple of months but suddenly the connection is not working and says server...
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    Cheated by

    My wife working in a big IT company for 10 years recently was given notice to leave as they did not have any billing Project. While searching for another job she got a call from They had promised her jobs and interviews and that she needs to pay various fees to line...