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  1. W@rrier

    A Facebook Privacy Query!

    Hi guys, A friend of mine recently changed her Profile pic, which got a large no. of likes on Facebook. The problem is , somehow, a Friend of her friend was able to share that pic of hers. She got a notification from fb too, that "XYZ shared your picture". We took down the pic, but how can we...
  2. W@rrier

    What to buy From China (Shenzhen)?

    Hey guys, I have a friend who is goin to Shenzhen, china for a week . What are those "not to miss " stuff i should get from china? My friend who is goin is not so techsavvy,(gal) so i am a bit apprehensive of asking her tech stuff . and from what i have read, there is no point in buying Orig...
  3. W@rrier

    Thinking of getting a tattoo

    Hey guys.. I have been thinking of getting ink'd for a few weeks now... But cant make myself decide on a design . First thing which came to me was a catchy slogan on biking, but then what if i lose the interest on biking after a few years, then it would look rather stupid, wouldnt it ...
  4. W@rrier

    Audio Replace Clip+ battery ?

    Hey guys! I have an old clip+ lying around , its battery hardly last more than an hour usage these days :( so , i wanted to know how can i replace its battery here ? I searched the internet and found a DIY for the older clip, but none for the clip+ ! If anyone has an old clip/clip+( i...
  5. W@rrier

    Laptops Laptop goes off intermittently

    Hey guys, I have a lenovo ideapad z560 , its 2 years old now. The problem i face is that, the laptop gets overheated very fast these days, and switches itself off ! 3 months back, i could easily play heavy games on this, now it shuts down in a matter of 10-15mins of gaming! and an hour of...
  6. W@rrier

    WTB WP/ Android Phone under 9k

    Hi, I am looking to buy a phone on a 9k budget. WP/ Android any is fine. Android should be atleast 1ghz Ones with warranty preferred . Location : Pune/ Kolkata. Pm me your offers :)
  7. W@rrier

    WTB Blackberry Curve 8520

    Hey guys ! I am looking for a standby phone, Would like a BB curve 8520 or any other QWERTY phone. The physical/ Condition of the phone doesnt matter as long as, there are no issues with the phone. Send me your offers.
  8. W@rrier

    FS: Mobile Scratchless 5 month old Nokia Asha 302

    Product Name: Nokia Asha 302 Expected Price: Rs 4,700 (Negotiable) Shipping : Not too keen on this, Will give preference to local buyers . Manufacturer page URL: Nokia Asha 302 Description if any: The phone is barely used, bought in july 2012, it has 7 full months of warranty left. I...
  9. W@rrier

    WTB Phone under 4k!

    I am looking for a cheap phone for a friend, Preferably a nokia or a blackberry. His budget is 4k MAX. location Pune lemme know guys :)
  10. W@rrier

    Help me in Identifying the Sunglasses

    Hey guys, I recently noticed the Sunglasses worn by SRK on Jab tak Hai jaan And i searched , searched and searched on the net trying to identify the sunglasses :( even cut out the sunglasses and did a reverse image search and nothing turned up So if anyone recognizes the brand and model of...
  11. W@rrier

    WTB Entry Level Tablet 7'

    Hey fellas, Next up on my shopping list is an entry level 7' tab. No resistive touch.:no2: location Pune Pm Me your offers ASAP :)
  12. W@rrier

    WTB Cheap Phone with Whatsapp

    Hi ! Now that i have bought the Pantech burst, Looking for a cheap phone for my messaging . The phone needs to have whatsapp compatibility. Physical keyboard a MUST. Warranty not an issue. Budget upto 3k. Lesser the merrier :D Location: Pune/Mumbai, Shipping is fine !
  13. W@rrier

    WTB HTC Cha Cha

    Hey i am looking to buy a htc cha cha under 6-7k preferably send me your offers :)
  14. W@rrier

    WTB 7" Tablet With Telephony

    Guys!! Another WTB from my side!! I am looking out for a 7" tablet! Preferably in warranty . One with telephony is preferred, But one with 3g is also ok!! PM me with your offers Location: Bangalore/Pune
  15. W@rrier

    WTB Android Phone Under 7k!

    Hey fellas! lost my phone a few days back! So looking for a secondary phone , Preferably Android . Max budget is 7k. Warranty not an issue. Location : Pune / Banglore/ Cochin Do let me know your offers :)
  16. W@rrier

    What to do at Kolkata ??

    Hey fellas!! I was having a well earned month of vacation at cochin till last week ,and thats when my dad got transferred :| to Kolkata So now i am here and have nothing to do at home, dont even have my pc , no Broadband,and its hot! In short, "Bored" I have around 10-12 days in my hands...
  17. W@rrier

    PC Peripherals A cheap Gaming controller for all types of games

    Ok guys, Need some help here ! I am a noob when it comes to gaming and accessories And now i have this sudden interest in gaming ( which had stopped around the NFSMW times :P) So i was playing NFS Shift 2 on my laptop and reached Drifting level, which i find impossible to play with my...
  18. W@rrier

    FS: Mobile HTC Desire HD

    For Sale HTC Desire HD Expected Price: Rs 13000/- Price is Negotiable Manufacturer page URL: HTC Desire HD Product Overview - HTC Smartphones Reason for Sale: Bought Tab Product condition: 9 of 10 Purchase Date: Feb, 2011 Remaining Warranty: None Location: At cochin now, will be at Pune /...
  19. W@rrier

    FS: Laptop Toshiba N305-N410BL

    For Sale ! Toshiba N305-N410BL Toshiba mini notebook NB305-N410BL 10.1" widescreen Laptop | Laptops | Computers | Expected Price: Rs 9000/- Open to negotiations via PM Time of Purchase: May, 2010 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period...
  20. W@rrier

    Where can i get Armin , Tiesto, etc Tshirts in india

    Hi all! As the title suggests, where can i get these type of t-shirts? I have searched online but never found any which is delivered in india! If anyone knows of any site from where i can get these, please let me know :) In case if any one knows of a shop at Pune, Mumbai Or Kolkata from...