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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Checkout Wirecutter's budget options
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    This is my new rig after 8 years.Its main purpose is to game and little bit of photoshop.Budget 75K CPU:Intell i5 4430 MB:Asroch H87 PRo4 GPU:Asus R9 270X Direct CUii RAM:Corsair Vengance 4GBX2 1600Mhz SSD:Kingston V300 120GB HDD:Seagate 1TB CASE: Cooler Master ......(i dont remember) PSU...
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    is it 280x
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    Budget 51-70k Suggest me a new gaming rig

    I think that is a GTX 760
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    Price updates from S.P. Road (Bangalore)

    corsair 200r price?can anyone giv the email ids of the good computer shops in sp road?
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    Budget 51-70k Gaming rig under 60k

    I don't need dvd drive and can you suggest a case less than 3 k so I can send the extra money and add little more and get a 760
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    Budget 51-70k Gaming rig under 60k

    I'll run it at stock for now in the future I might upgarde.
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    Budget 51-70k Gaming rig under 60k

    4 to 4.2 ghz
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    Budget 51-70k Gaming rig under 60k

    What is your budget? 60k. What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel p4 Motherboard - intel something GPU - no RAM - Transcend 1gb Monitor - samsung 15" PSU - oem HDD-seagate Which hardware will you be keeping (component name -...
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    Budget 51-70k Rig for designing
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    Storage Solutions Storage Centralization

    Hi guys i wanted all my media to be centralized because i hav to acess all my media from an device phone, tablet,comp etc.My compostion will be mainly of movies i hav a comp in my living room so i can stream media.So wht do u suggest guys suggest a nas , net work drive or anything else. I hav...
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    USB Wireless adapter to stream media

    Tp link wr841n . 1.5 mega byte 3 to 4 Xbmc
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    USB Wireless adapter to stream media

    Hi Guys, I live in 2 floored house. I have my router(300 Mbps ,single band) in 2nd floor and i hav htpc in the 1st floor.I want to stream media(Full HD) from my WD My Book Live to the htpc. I have tried streaming full hd content to laptop in 1st floor just check whether my router can handle...
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    Nas and HTPC - required software ?

    hi guys, I have an old pc (pentium d) i would like to convert into an NAS and a media center pc(everthing in one).Any good softwares you would suggest.
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    Budget 41-50k Mac mini - is it worth it ?

    Hi guys, In a few weeks ill be buyin a new pc as i was searchin then i thought why not a mac. I m windows user for the past 8yrs i hav never tried the mac eco system but i do own a iphone4 which is good. So should i go for a mac or stay with windows. My usage browsing,watchin movies,listenin to...
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    Storage Solutions Streaming device?

    Excluding hdd
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    Storage Solutions Streaming device?

    Hi guys, I hav lot of movies, music n videos on main pc. so if i want stream then to my lappy or phone or tablet i hav to keep my pc which is a waste of power plus i download lot of torrents. So suggest me nas or some storage solutions which can stream content n support torrent downloadin...