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    Xiaomi Product launch India - SmarterLiving 2020

    I just fail to understand why people keep saying that the cost of maintaining an RO is high. I have a zero-B under the sink type RO system with pressured tank. It uses some pre filters (3 I think) and the RO membrane. I get a local RO mechanic (a former employee of ION exchange, the company that...
  2. S - Feedback Thread

    Do not accept the proposal. At time they will offer 50% refund. Reject and ask for full refund.
  3. S - Feedback Thread

    I generally ensure that all my AE shipments are sent by SingPost. If the seller does not offer SingPost I either find another seller or message the seller asking for SingPost and pay additional shipping charges. My experience has been that most shipment via SingPost arrive within 15 days...
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    Xiaomi Product launch India - SmarterLiving 2020

    I had my bore water tested at Institute of Preventive Medicine. Even at 400 PPM it was considered safe except for the marginal traces of Flouride which was higher than what is safe of human consumption. Hence, I had to go for RO, else I would have gone for a UV filter. I suggest you get the...
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    Xiaomi Product launch India - SmarterLiving 2020 has some good information on how it differs.
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    Budget 0-20k Home PC (HTPC) on Budget

    Then clearly you have not seen nvidia Shield in action ( I had an extra one that I got from US that I sold at cost to one of the forum members. It just works ALL the time just like any electronic device should. Simple, plug and play. @vivek.krishnan too has...
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    Budget 0-20k Home PC (HTPC) on Budget

    Why do you even need a powerful HTPC in the first place? I used to dabble with HTPC since 1999 until a few years ago. Now both my HTPCs are lying idle. I really see not much use of a HTPC. If all that you do from a media consumption point of view is to watch OTT content then why not go for a...
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    Are you okay with someone occupying your flight seat?

    Yes. The simplest way is to say that you paid Rs 1,000 extra for that seat. If they can pay that amount you will move.
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    Are Inverter Washing Machine worth buying or its a sham? LG specifically

    What has inverter got to do with repelling moisture? Maybe they are nano coated to repel moisture to some extent. As far as Panasonic service is concerned I have a Panasonic AC. Just like any other consumer durable electronic company Panasonic too has outsourced service to 3rd parties. So, far...
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    Are Inverter Washing Machine worth buying or its a sham? LG specifically

    Inverter models are worth the extra money. The are less noisy and vibrations is very minimal. As the number of moving parts are less the need for maintenance is supposed to be lesser. I had a IFB washing machine for around 6 years and it was always troublesome. I had to replace the drum bearings...
  11. S - Feedback Thread

    Generally whenever there's a mistake from the postal department I demand to see the post master of that post office and ask for a complaint book to register my complaint. The very threat of a complaint in the complaint book is enough for the post master to discipline his staff.
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    Water purifier (non ro) with cheap maintenance?

    @6pack Where are you from? If you are from Hyderabad then I can connect you with an excellent technician who used to work for ION Exchange (the Zero-B company). He can give you good TCO - Total Cost of Ownership.
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    Water purifier (non ro) with cheap maintenance?

    If you are just using a UV + charcoal filter I wouldn't expect any change in TDS. None of these would remove the dissolved solids unless you are using an RO membrane.
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    Does Privacy Policy of Apps and Services Bother You ?

    I am even more worried when the GoI says that they sold all of the driving license details to 100+ entities including 87 private entities for Rs. 65 Cr. Clearly shows how little the govt cares about data privacy. Sabke saath sabka vikaas with our data...
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    Airtel v-fiber: Slow broadband speed from non CDN servers

    WoW!!! I didn't know that. So, if I get 80 mpbs up to airtel servers then Airtel is covered. Even if I get 10 mbps beyond Airtel servers there is nothing the consumer can do!!! Great going TRAI.
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    Airtel v-fiber: Slow broadband speed from non CDN servers

    The problem certainly is not with the last mile as in router to my PC. It is the same even if I directly connect to the LAN port of the router. The problem for me is that my router is in the first floor and my Fire Stick is in the ground floor. Due to the walls etc the signal strength drops...
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    Airtel v-fiber: Slow broadband speed from non CDN servers

    Hello All, I am using Airtel v-fiber for the last 6+ months on 100 mpbs plan in Hyderabad. I get >100 mbps speed with most video streaming services such as Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hotstar etc for regular shows. The challenge is with live streaming, example live sports on Hotstar...
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    Budget 15-20K Need Good Camera with Dual VoLTE

    Hello All, I am looking for a suggestion for a phone with the following basic requirement. Decent Front and Rear Camera (need not be the best as they will seldom be used for printing). Dual VoLTE mandatory Gorilla Glass 5 or 6 Stock Android (no skinning, no bloatware) Smooth UI user experience...
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    Is ordering food after 3 AM legal in India?

    Do you have a list of random questions to ask!!!
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    How's Paradise Restaurant in your city?

    We in Hyderabad generally ask for Double Masala when we get our Biryani if we want it spicy. Trust me it really is spicy and hot too.