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  1. dottedindian

    WTB: ATI HD 4000 series graphics card

    I plan to repair and use by old XP pc.. Anyone with any ATI HD 4000 series cards please let me know
  2. dottedindian

    FS: Games Vintage Original PC games sealed

    Hi Selling some duplicates and imports from my collection: Please check Ebay before you low ball the prices all games are sealed and rare to find in india Wizards Warriors Limited collectors Edition has poster and maps inside ( Rs 2000) Half Life generation compilation release (Rs 1200) Rainbow...
  3. dottedindian

    FS: Games Original PC games sealed from collection

    Deus Ex (2004 release)-Open DVD case unused mint condition Rs 300 Hidden and Dangerous 2(2007 release) - open case 3 cds unused code mint condition Rs 200 ================================================================= New Additions to the listing Rs 8150 Duke Nukem 3D(original...
  4. dottedindian

    WTB PC games used/New in original boxes

    Hi All, I would like to buy PC games in original boxes/cases .....I am also ok to buy used games too if sold cheap as I have my own CD collection which I want to put in boxes in a case... I am also ok to buy older retro PC games too. Thanks!
  5. dottedindian

    Street Fighter 5 online Anyone??

    Hi..Anyone interested to join me for online games on SFV pc or PS4 please post IDS here. My profile Id: DESIDUDE
  6. dottedindian


    Hi stalker fans...please check out survarium open beta.. have been playing over weekend..very good concept and immersive just like stalker its currently only MP and yes its free to play :)
  7. dottedindian

    Suggest Wi-fi Router for streaming to TV for Airtel broadband

    Hi peeps, Please suggest a compatible wifi router for using wifi LAN/internet with TV to stream content and also for Nexus 7 tab. Connection: Airtel Broadband 4Mbps Currently using with PC : Beetel ADSL2+(given by airtel) Range needed: 3 bedroom apartment. Budget preferrred to be below 4k...
  8. dottedindian

    FS: Consoles Xbox 360 Controller Black 1500 (With Thief Game Key)

    Expected Price (Rs):1500+Shipping(With Thief Steam Key) Purchase Date:29-03-2014 Remaining Warranty Period:Standard warranty from manufacturer Invoice Available?:Yes Reason for Sale: Bought For PC gaming but now using PS2 controller with USB adapter